Steal a Kiss

Charlotte has a past.

Hadley doesn't quite know what to do with her future.

But the two friends since middle school always seem to know how to get through everything.

Charlotte takes a leap and takes a job as One Direction's stylist that will bring her face-to-face with a past lover, while Hadley decides to leave college altogether and join her best friend on tour, despite the secret she's harboring that could ultimately ruin their friendship.

Will the girls be able survive the strain and struggle of broken trust and instant fame, or is all that will remain stolen kisses?

*Hadley written by Lexie Spencer (Official1DLuv), Charlotte written by Haley Randolph. Check out the story, here:*


2. Prologue- Charlotte







The room came to life around me as my eyes adjusted to the daylight. Sun twinkled off the snow outside, casting a much brighter light inside than the average day. It didn’t take but a moment for me to realize I was lying in a hospital bed, the green and blue walls of St. Gregory Memorial Hospital surrounding me.

The small silhouette of a nurse materialized in the doorway. “Good morning, Miss Parker. How did you sleep?”

“All right, thank you,” I mumbled through a yawn.

“Baby Evangeline Grace is getting along well, which I’m sure you’re happy to hear,” she said softly. “I can take you to see her if you’re ready.”

Energy suddenly filled me. “Yes, one moment.” I swung my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up. The gradual walk down the slightly crowded hallway seemed to be the longest walk I’d ever taken. But it all was made up for when I stared through the clear window of the nursery.

Harry next to me. My mother on my other side. This moment - nothing could beat it. Everything was in place. Everything was how it should be.

“She’s so perfect,” Harry’s voice barely managed a whisper. “So innocent and perfect.”

“I can’t believe it.” The tips of my fingers found the glass of the window, almost like I was reaching out to touch her infallible little cheek.


The both of us spun around to face Anne. “The paps - they found you,” she said, struggling to catch her breath.

“How?” my mother, Alice, asked. Her voice cracked.

“They’re at every entrance.”

“They can’t know why he’s here,” Mum stated. “I am in no way letting my grandchild be exploited on the day of her birth.”

“Harry, you have to go now-”

“No,” I said, just as Harry turned to go without second thought. “Harry, no...please don’t. We’ll find a way but please don’t leave me here.”

Cherie.” Mum gave me a hard look. “He has to.”

Everything was ideal before this. And then Harry’s stupid fame had to come in and mess it all up.Tears were already brimming in my eyes.

“Don’t cry, Char,” Harry said, cupping my face in his hands.

“I can’t believe you're leaving. I won’t see you again after this because you’ll be traveling and…”

“It’s either this or our baby girl being shown to the public. You don’t want that.” His voice was stern.

I turned away from everyone as a tear slid down my cheek. He may be right, but he was still needed much more here than he was to be famous. He was so much more than just Harry Styles. He was a father now to an innocent baby girl.

Harry touched my shoulder, and I twisted away from him.


All I heard after that was his feet as they padded down the hallway.

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