Steal a Kiss

Charlotte has a past.

Hadley doesn't quite know what to do with her future.

But the two friends since middle school always seem to know how to get through everything.

Charlotte takes a leap and takes a job as One Direction's stylist that will bring her face-to-face with a past lover, while Hadley decides to leave college altogether and join her best friend on tour, despite the secret she's harboring that could ultimately ruin their friendship.

Will the girls be able survive the strain and struggle of broken trust and instant fame, or is all that will remain stolen kisses?

*Hadley written by Lexie Spencer (Official1DLuv), Charlotte written by Haley Randolph. Check out the story, here:*


1. Introduction






Charlotte was only a teenager when she was given a daughter. Harry was competing on the X Factor, leaving Charlotte confused and extremely stressed with how to raise a baby without him. It wasn’t until the first tour that Charlotte began to lose trust in him. She stopped returning his calls and compiled all his letters into a box. As confused as Harry was, he stopped trying after a year, assuming he’d done something wrong and Char didn’t want him in the child’s life. But then, two years later when Charlotte was nearing her twentieth birthday, a job offer came up via her design teacher at the university. After interviewing numerous times, she was given the job of One Direction’s head stylist. Of course, she had only been thinking of her daughter - putting good food on the table for the two of them - but she hadn’t thought over the Harry situation. She assumed that all she’d do was ignore him. But things turned out much differently than either of them had expected. 

Hadley Anabelle Charmaine has never been one to follow the rules, and is no stranger to having a good time. This is why she decides to suddenly drop out of law school, unannounced and against her parent’s wishes, and intends to operate her own charity instead. There’s a bump in Hadley’s path to helping the greater kind, however, and that is her hidden, rocky past; and her best friend’s boyfriend (who just so happens to be part of the most famous boy band at the moment) intends to never let her forget it. Despite the secrets, lies, and betrayals that have now become part of Hadley’s life, she manages to find love— for the first time— in the most unlikely of partners; a responsible, level-headed pop-star. But can their relationship survive the strain and struggle of broken trust and instant fame, or is all that will remain stolen kisses?

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