Steal a Kiss

Charlotte has a past.

Hadley doesn't quite know what to do with her future.

But the two friends since middle school always seem to know how to get through everything.

Charlotte takes a leap and takes a job as One Direction's stylist that will bring her face-to-face with a past lover, while Hadley decides to leave college altogether and join her best friend on tour, despite the secret she's harboring that could ultimately ruin their friendship.

Will the girls be able survive the strain and struggle of broken trust and instant fame, or is all that will remain stolen kisses?

*Hadley written by Lexie Spencer (Official1DLuv), Charlotte written by Haley Randolph. Check out the story, here:*


7. Four- Hadley





H a d l e y

It was sunny, a rare occasion in gloomy England. The sun might have been out and shining, but the frosty winter air was still amongst us as I prepared to head out. I was going to be searching around London for a flat, since I could no longer live in my dorm. Originally, I was planning on inviting Roxanne to join me, but she was still in her bedroom with Liam, and I did not want to disturb them more than I already had.        

Things had been awkward since I first arrived here, a few days ago. Liam was always wandering around shirtless, which would have normally been fine if he were not dating my best friend, and if I were not engaged. Overall, I decided that while Roxanne was a close friend of mine whom I loved dearly, living with an overly-affectionate couple was not exactly an ideal situation.

That was why I decided that, that day, I would find my new home.

Hastily, I wrote a short note to Roxanne, informing her that I would be popping out for a bit and probably not returning until late. Wrapping a scarf around my neck, I grabbed my purse and exited the flat complex into the crisp morning air.

"Where to begin..." I mumbled quietly to myself, settling into my car and staring at the road in front of me. Disliking the silence consuming me, I turned on the radio as I fiddled with my mobile, trying to look at my bank account and determine my budget.

The mobile slipped out of my hand and onto the floor of the car as I saw my balance.

Half of my savings had gone since the day I dropped out of Cambridge.

I could nearly hear my parent's voices scolding me in the distance, "Hadley, you need to cut back on frivolous spending. We're so disappointed in you." And they wouldn't deposit more money until the end of the month. How could I afford rent on a decent flat now? How could I live on my own? I couldn't.

Missed Call (2)

At the sound of my mobile vibrating, I shook myself out of my reverie and picked up my mobile, noticing two calls and a voice mail from a very familiar number.

"Hey, Hattie. It's Char. Umm, just call me back whenever. Okay, goodbye, I guess."

The voice mail was short, her voice sounding tired and desolate. I knew I had to contact her immediately. The two of us hadn't spoken much lately - she had a two-year-old at home and a full-time job, and I as a full-time student. I missed her.  Before I could begin to dwell on the fact that my immediate future was most likely hopeless, I was phoning Charlotte.

"Hey, Char, it's Hadley. What's up?" I greeted once she answered.

She wasted no time with formalities. "Do you remember the job offer I told you about a while ago? The One Direction thing?"


"Harry's in One Direction," Charlotte sighed.

"Trust me, I am well aware of the fact," I replied, rolling my eyes at the mention of the lad from our childhood.

"Well, I kind of didn't tell Alex and my mum about it until last night, and today...I met with the group and…”

"Char, what's wrong?"

"I just- I don't know what to do," she confessed, sounding weak and uncertain. “Harry and I didn’t even talk.”

"Don't worry, that's what I'm here for." I sighed. “It looks like we’re both in a bad spot right now,” I mumbled under my breath.

“What was that?”

“Charlotte, I left university,” I blurted out, squeezing my eyes shut as I awaited her response. She had always wanted me to do such amazing things with the opportunities that came my way.

“It wasn’t right for you?”

I heaved a sigh of relief. She understands. “Exactly.”

“I’ll always support you,” Char assured me. “Unless you become a stripper. Then I will tell you to get it together.”

“What a good friend you are.” I covered my mouth as I laughed.

“Hadley, come stay with me. At me and my mother’s flat,” she said, hopefulness filling her voice.

"What?" I choked.

"I could really use you here, Hattie. With Alex, my mum, the tour, Harry; it's all so overwhelming. Plus, you haven't seen Evie Grace in a while, I'm sure she'd love your company. Please, Hadley," Char pleaded, her voice raw with emotion.

I thought back to my dwindling bank account and the couple I was currently intruding on.

"Okay," I agreed, sighing in suspense of what was to come.

* * *

Suitcases littered the floor around me, most filled to the brim with my possessions. I was due at the train station in half an hour; today was the day I would meet up with Charlotte and return home to Cheshire. After being away at uni for ages, I would finally be reunited with my best friend again. I couldn't wait.

"Hadley!" Roxanne called, her voice echoing around the flat.

"Coming," I yelled back, closing my final bag and struggling to carry them all to the living room.

"You ready to head out?" Liam asked, swinging his car keys around his index finger and glancing at me cooly.

"Yup," I chirped, excited to to get a move on and go back to where I belong. Luckily, my parents rarely occupied their estate at Cheshire nowadays, so I didn't have to worry about running into them. One less problem to think about.

As I sat in the train, I stared down at the ring on my finger. Roxanne obviously knew the basic details of my engagement, but Charlotte and everyone else were clueless. I thought about telling her countless times over our phone conversations, but I simply could not manage to get the words out. Maybe I was fearful of her reaction. Or maybe I just had yet to fully comprehend the matter myself. Either way, I was keeping the arrangement secret, for better or worse.

The train came to a stop at our destination, and I knew what I had to do. I slipped the ring off my finger and shoved it into my cardigan pocket, prepared to go out and face my best friend as if nothing was wrong.


The station was packed as I entered, looking around for a trace of the familiar white-blonde hair I grew up with.

"Charlotte!" I yelled, finally recognizing the figure standing a few feet away from me.

She whirled around in confusion, her face lighting up at the sight of me. Before either of us could comprehend our actions, we were hugging tightly.


Having already greeted Charlotte, I barely acknowledged her hello, my eyes searching for my favorite two year old instead.

"Aww, haven't you grown so much," I cooed at Evie, bending to down to tickle her before picking her up and setting her on my hip, smoothing down her blonde hair. I walked with Evie as we went to gather my luggage and soon enough, we were in the car and then at Char's house. I glanced around quickly, taking in the natural beauty of Cheshire.

Evie pulled at my coat sleeve as Charlotte headed to get my bags. I smiled down at the young girl.

It feels good to be home, I reminisced, before walking into the cozy flat.

The aroma of a home-cooked meal and the love of a family was something that I had greatly missed while away at uni. Luckily for me, I was immediately bombarded by both as I stepped into the Parker household.

Char's mum was hugging me the second I walked through the door, and I was more than happy to return the gesture. She was like my second mum growing up, and sometimes it seemed as if she cared about me and supported my decisions more than my own mother ever could.

"It's so great to see you again, Alice," I gushed while receiving yet another warm embrace. "I missed being around such loving people.” I took a step back to admire the house I had spent just as much time in as my own, if not more.

"You know our house to always open to you, Hadley dear. You can stay here as long as you want; I'll need company when Char heads off."

"That is so sweet of you," I smiled, despite the pang I felt in my chest as I was reminded that Charlotte would be leaving in a matter of days. We had just been reconnected, and I was going to be separated from her again so soon.

After her mum dismissed us to return to preparing dinner, Char and I went to unpack my things and get settled.

"Aww, come here," I said lovingly to Evie as I spotted her tumbling down while trying to pull one of my suitcases to my room. I scooped her up and bounced her gently in the air before holding her close to me and running up the stairs to my bedroom. She sat on the floor and handed me random objects as we began to unpack my belongings, pop hits blaring in the background.

When a song I was more than familiar with came on, I wasted no time in dancing like a hooligan and singing at the top of my lungs with Charlotte. Evie stared up at us with bright eyes, clapping her hands as loud giggles escaped her. She rolled around the floor in laughter.

Charlotte simply picked her and spun her around the room, the biggest grin on both of their faces as they danced. Alice walked in to see what all the noise was about, and soon joined our little festivities.

It was the most fun I had had in ages, and there was no where else I would rather be, than right here with my best friend and her family.

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