Lies, Boybands, and Instagram


1. Finally

 Its hard being a teenage girl in a small town. With no cell phone, computer, and hardly any friends all there is are books, paper, and homework.I mean what teenager doesn't have a phone?

                      ~Flash Forward~

My 15th birthday was arriving soon and i still had no phone.I unfortunalty had school on my birthday.

"Ashlee! Get up you don't wanna be late for school." My mom yelled up the stairs. I ran downstairs and jumped into  the shower. After 1 hour i was finally ready for school. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a muffin and plopped down on the living room couch.My mom walked in with a box in her hand.

"Happy Birthday, Honey." My mom said while handing me my present. I opened my present to find an Iphone5. When I got my phone activated I immediatly made an Instagram. I really just wanted to stalk my favorite bands on there. I left for school and was on Instagram all day. At lunchtime I got a notification from Instagram and then one from twitter.


Instagram : harrystyles and luke_is_a_pengiun are now following you.

Twitter : HarryStyles and NiallOfficial are now following you.


I was so excited about them following me I started crying. I DMed Harry and thanked him for following me. He DMed me back and I just about lost it.

H - No problem babe. Your really pretty and you seem funny and my mates think your pretty. xx

M - I'm really not funny or pretty and your probably really busy cause your on tour so i'll let you go.

H - No babe. Im not going to lie. I stalked all of your pictures on twitter and instagram.xx

M - Really? You stalked me.? Harold Edward Styles. Thats not very nice.( In a singsongy voice) You know you want me.You want my body. You think I'm sexy you wanna sex me.

H -  Thats not nice babe.It's true but not nice.xx

M - Harry i have to go.. gotta do homework.sorry text me later. 315-764-9752 xx

Harry texted me everyday for the next few months and we started getting really close. We Facetimed everyday we could for a couple hours and i had met all of the boys.


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