One Less Lonely Girl

Zara is a massive belieber and for the first time she is seeing Justin live! What she doesn't know is that she is being set up. Read more to find out


2. School

"Hey Zara!"

I turned around and saw Drew.

"Hi drew" i said smiling.

"guess what i heard this morning?" drew said

"What?" i said

"Justin Bieber is coming downunder!" he said

"WHAT??!?!?!?!!?!?!?" I screamed

I started jumping up and down screaming.

"And do you know whats even better?" drew said
"what?" i shouted

"I got tickets!"

my eyes grew wide

"But i only got two" drew said "I wasn't sure who i could take with me.. that girl in our science class likes justin bieber right?".

"Take me or you die" i said

"chill out i was going to take you anyway lol" drew laughed..

*Bell Rings*

"C'mon lets go to maths" drew said.






hi guys do you have any ideas on what i could do next?

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