One Less Lonely Girl

Zara is a massive belieber and for the first time she is seeing Justin live! What she doesn't know is that she is being set up. Read more to find out


4. Its happening

"Finally!" Drew exclaimed. "what?!" i said cluelessly, "i have been looking for you everywhere" drew said "Why?" i said "We're leaving for sydney tomorrow" drew said "Why" i said surprised "the justin bieber concert duh!" drew exclaimed "Is it tomorrow" i said. "Yesss!" drew huffed I started screaming and jumping up and down again. "Jeez louise calm your farm" drew said ***************AT HOTEL ROOM************************** "OMG its so pwetty" "look at the bed!" "we've got austar" "the bathroom!" The hotel room was exquisite. Huge king bed, 20 inch screen TV, 3 metre mirror in the bathroom, bubble bath, balcony overlooking the sydney harbour bridge and room service. "I can't believe this is our room" i said "I know!" drew said "But are you sure we're allowed to share the room" i asked "yeah my cousin owns the place, don't worry your parents will never find out" he said. "im hungry" i stated. "lets get food" drew said. We walked down toward the lift and pressed the button. The lift was on level 3 and we were on............ level 15. "Mase well sit down" drew said and wandered to the couch opposite the lift. "So she's coming? cos if she's not this ruins the whole plan and coming to australia would've been a waste of time" I heard a voice down the hall to my left. "Who's that?" drew mouthed. A boy turned the corner and walked toward the lift. He was on his phone. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and looked strangely like... My eyes grew wide. The boy looked at me and smiled and said "Hi, I'm Justin Bieber". I stood there frozen as Justin extended his arm out as if to shake my hand. "Um h-h-hi" i stuttered. The lift dinged. The doors opened. "See you around" justin said and walked into the lift. When the doors closed i turned around and looked at drew. To my surprise he was frowning. "Whats wrong?" i asked. "Didn't you hear what he was saying" drew asked.

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