Story Of My Life

Ever wish you could go back in time and change something? Like you wanna go back in time and change how you handled something? That's how I feel. I would change 1 thing. That'd be telling him how I felt. It would have changed my life!


1. Memories Of Him


"Just do it Sky! It'll be fun! I promise" His blue eyes gleamed at me. He had a huge grinned plastered on his face. 

I shivered. "Please don't make me." The thought of actually jumping in to the freezing cold water sent shivers down my spine. I'm not the daring type. "I can't. What if I drown?" He laughed. "You won't drown! What kind of non-sense are you thinking up???" 

I looked to my feet. "I'm scared." I barely mumbled. But, as always he heard me. 

"Come on!" I'll jump with you" He grabbed my hand. I sighed looking him in the eyes. "Fine...but only if you jump with me." He smiled. "Ready?" I shook my head violently. He laughed. "On the count of three. 1....2..." He jumped in, dragging me with him. 

I swam up gasping for air. "That wasn't 3!!!" He laughed and splashed me in the face. I glared coldly at him. "NOT funny Nialler!" I splashed him back. This caused a splash fight. I had more powerful splashes. I was by far wining. That was until he realized my weakness. I'm extremely ticklish! He swam closer to me, and started tickling me. I burst into laughter. "Nialleeeeeeeeeeeer! Stop! I beg you!!" I said in between laughter. He chuckled and stopped. "Come on, lets go home. I got what I wanted out of you" I laughed. "Mmmh...and what exactly did want from me?" He shook his head. "Well to start off, I wanted you to jump into the lake. And second, after you rudely started that splash fight, I wanted you to admit that I was the winner" I laughed. Guys and their pride.


Flashback #2

"I wasted time and money honey treatin' you like a queen, I might as well have just thrown matches at a tank of gasoline. Well it all went up in a ball of flames yeah girl you torched me good. Yeah I got burned and learned that I loved you more than I should" I sang along to the radio in my room. Niall laughed and continued to watch me sing and dance around my room like a drunk hobo. I stopped singing and sat down next to him. "Nialler?" I started. He looked at me. "Yes Sky?" I sighed. "Ever wonder what its like to have a duck on your head?" He gave me an extremely confused look. "Uh. No. ...Why?" I laughed. "Because you have one on your head" I giggled as I placed a stuff animal duck on his head. He just laughed. "I will probably never understand you Sky." 

I giggled. "Wanna go get some food?" I asked jumping to my feet. He jumped up too. "Sure." We walked out of my room and downstairs to the kitchen where I found my older brother Chip on his phone texting somebody. I want a phone...but my mom and dad say I'm to young for phone. An 8 year old is old enough for a phone...right?  I looked up at Chip. He's 16. I walked up to him. "Chippers?" I asked. He looked down at me and laughed. "Yea Sky?" I stood on my tippy toes to try and make myself taller to see his phone. I'm just short. "You busy? Can you take Nialler and I to Nandos?" I nodded. " I suppose I can take you." "Yay!" I shrieked and ran back over to Niall. "We get to go to Nandos" A grin appeared on Nialler's face.

The 3 of us walked outside to Chip's car. Niall and I sat in the back. It was a silent car ride. Until I accidentally let out a loud burp. Then we all burst into laughter. "That was quite a burp sis" Chip laughed. "It was something." Niall laughed. I laughed along with them. "This is why your my best friend Nialler." He smiled. "Thanks Skylar" I smiled and hugged him.


Flashback #3 

I don't like being 10. I feel like I can't do anything! My parents will go off and do things with Chip, but never me. Because " I'm too young". Yeah right. 

I heard a loud knock at my door. I jump up to answer it. Seeing it's Niall, I quickly let him in. 

"Nialler. Do you ever feel like your parents don't want anything to do with you?" I asked as soon as he walked into my room. He sighed. "I don't know...sometimes. Why? Whats wrong?" I shook my head lightly. "Nothing really. I just sometimes think they love Chip more than they love me. Ya know?" He smiled. "They love you just as much as they love Chip." I sighed. "I guess your right."  He laughed. "Duh I'm right. Aren't I always?" I shook my head. "Not always." We both laughed. 

For the first time since I've known Niall, and I've known him since we were babies, I realized how cute he was. With his deep blue eyes, the way he styles his dark brown hair. His smile, his laugh, everything about him. "It's all adorable." Niall gave me a strange look. "Uhh....Sky? You okay?" I gave him a confused look. "What do you mean?" He looked puzzled. "You just said its all adorable?" I said that out loud? Oops. What do I tell him. "Oh, just thinking of my brother and his new girlfriend." He nodded. "Oh." His eyes went back to the TV screen.

I looked at him. Just think. In a few years, we could date! But isn't it a little weird to date your best friend? I sighed. Oh well. I have a major crush on Nialler.



~A little about me~

Hey! My names Skylar Brookes. I'm now 17 years old, and I live in L.A. Cali. I was born in Ireland and I lived there for 12 years of my life. I will admit I miss living in Ireland, but I love it here in L.A. too. It amazing here! I have 2 best friends, Hailey and Cait. They're the best best friends I could ever ask for!  I would't change anything about my life now! I have everything I need! A family, and amazing friends. Who needs anything more? 

I have naturally a dirty blonde hair color, but I dye it a light brown with neon color tips. My eyes are a really rare shade of light baby blue. They almost glow in the sunlight as my friends say. My hair is normally waving, but I usually, I straighten it unless I'm going somewhere fancy, then I curl it.  I'm fit because I love to run. It clears my mind.  I weigh 110pounds. Which some people say is under weight...right well, it's not like I don't eat. Believe me, I eat like a pig!  If I didn't run, I'd probably weigh more than Santa Claus on the 26th of December.  Well, thats a little about me. 


~~~Authors Note~~~

Thanks for reading:) Hope you liked. If you have any ideas on how I should actually start the story, Comment it! I will look into doing it! I take all suggestions in and think about using them!  like, Comment, add to your favorites. Or whatever you want! If you want me to check out your guys stories too, comment! I'm always looking for new stories to read!! Byess

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