Story Of My Life

Ever wish you could go back in time and change something? Like you wanna go back in time and change how you handled something? That's how I feel. I would change 1 thing. That'd be telling him how I felt. It would have changed my life!


3. Chapter 2.

There is no possible way that's Niall. He has a great voice in all, but I never in a million years though he wanted to be in famous.  Wow. I can't believe that's actually him! We can do so much catching up! It'll be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, he gave me a weird look. "Uh yea? Can I help you with something?" I sighed. Guess he doesn't remember me. I can't believe he forgot about me. This is the worst day ever. "Never mind. Just seeing which one is which...forgot already." He faked a laugh. Harry walked up next to me and pulled me over a bit. "Guys, we'll be right back." They all nodded as Harry pulled me into a room down the hall. "Truth. Now." I sighed. "Truth about what?" He rolled his eyes. "Why'd you say Niall, then not say what you were going to say?" I felt tears forming in my eyes. I didn't want to talk about it. Niall doesn't remember me. The Niall I had a major crush on, doesn't even remember me. I though we had been best friends? Guess I was wrong.  

"Okay...fine I'll tell you." I started. I felt a tear fall from my eye. Harry moved closer, so he was right up against me. It's weird, I didn't push him away and tell him he's a pervert of something. Instead, I pushed myself into his warm sweaty body. My head resting on his shoulder. I felt more tears escape from eyes. Now trailing off onto his shoulder. "So? You going to explain?" He asked after I finished nuzzling myself into him. I nodded. " Okay...I don't know where to start...I used to live in Ireland. I moved when I was 12. Before I moved...Niall and I were the best of friends. I had a major crush on him by the time I was like 10. We had done everything together. Now...I guess he doesn't remember me." Harry shot up causing me to fall over a bit. "You and Niall were friends?!?!" He whisper shouted. I nodded.  His reaction was different than I thought it'd be. I don't exactly know what I thought It'd be though...

Harry called down a bit than re-sat down next to me. " I'm sorry, I'm sure he didn't forget you per say, but maybe you look very different from when you were younger...just a thought." I sighed. He's right, I mean I didn't realize that Niall was himself, until I was told their names. "You're right...I didn't even realize it was him at first, I only realized that when you told me everybody's names." His mouth dropped in surprise."Wait, you didn't know our names before I told you? You hadn't seen us anywhere?" I shook my head. "Nope, sorry. I normally tuned Hailey and Cait out when they started talking about you." He nodded. "Oh, I see." I laughed.

"Hazza? Is that what fans call you?" I asked. He nodded and turned so he was looking straight into my eyes. His eyes were so easy to get lost in, they were the most prettiest shade of green, I'd ever seen before. I wish I had cool eyes like him. "Not just fans. You will too." I smirked. "And what are you going to do about it if I don't?" He grinned and lifted up his hands. "This." I was confused. What? He took his hands and started tickling my stomach. I burst into laughter. Which is weird, because I'm normally not ticklish. How is he doing all this stuff to me? "Harry stop!" I laughed. He kept tickling me. "Please! I'm dying." He chuckled, but kept tickling me. "Hazza!" And with that, he stopped. "Now, was that so hard?" I laughed and playfully punched his arm. "Yes, and now if you don't mind, I should be leaving." I stood up. He quickly stood up next to me. Harry at least 2 or 3 inches taller than me. Wow. 

I headed for the door, but Harry grabbed my arm. "Wait, After I clean myself up, you want go get some Starbucks?" I smiled. "Sure Har-Hazza" He laughed, and followed me out of the room and back to everybody else. "Guys, I'm going to go get cleaned up and head out for an hour or 2." They all nodded, but Liam spoke. "Where you going?" He looked to me. "For a drink with Sky." He nodded. "Be back by midnight." I laughed. He really does act like the dad.  They were all too cute. Right now, especially Hazz.

Hailey walked over to me. "Oh my gosh, you have a date with Harry??That's so cool!" I smiled and nodded. "Yea, I suppose." I tried to make it seem as though I don't really care. I hope it worked. Because, remember early today when I didn't said I didn't like and all that? Yeah... and now, I think I may be starting to actually like one of them. Not going to names or anything... I looked over to the 4 boys. Liam and Niall were talking and Louis and Zayn were talking.  I wonder if it's possible for me to trigger his memories of me. Maybe he remembers me, just not my looks? Or...maybe he knows its me, but he's mad at me for some reason. Oh I don't know. I give up.

I waited like 35 minutes for Harry to clean himself up,he probably took a quick shower. Harry walked back out wearing black jeans, a plain black tee-shirt, zip hoodie, beanie, and sunglasses. I giggled when I saw him wearing sunglasses. "You know it's like 10 at night. You probably won't need sun glasses." He laughed, "I'm bringing them just in case. I nodded. "Oh...gotcha, my bad." We both laughed. Harry walked over to me. "Bye guys!" He escorted me out of the place we were. Before we left the concert area, Harry turned to me. "Want to go on the stage?" I laughed. "Uh...sure?" He chuckled and grabbed my hand, showing me the way onto the stage. We walked onto the stage. I looked around amazed. It's cool looking at everything for the stage... "Hazz? Does it ever bother  you?" He looked confused. "Does what ever bother me?"   I pointed to the now empty seats, that were once full of screaming fan girls. ", most of the time, I love meeting my fans." I smiled. "You're sweet Harry . I like you a lot." He smiled. "Like like? Or as a friend?" I laughed at his little remark. "You tell me." He laughed. "Does that mean I get to decide?" I giggled.

I just want Harry to wrap his arms around me, and love me. I really wish he was mine right now. His curly brown hair, his emerald green eyes, his cute little dimples when he smiles. Its all so cute. I really wish he was mine. Niall doesn't remember me, and I never told Hail or Cait about Niall and I being friends, so its just me Harry, and Niall that know. 

"Does it?" He nudged my side playfully. I smiled. "I suppose. If you make the right choice, I'll give you something." He smiled. "Oh...your bribing me? Very well, guess I have to make the correct choice." I laughed. "So pick, do I like like you, or do I only like you as a friend." He thought a second. "If I were you... I'd like me as in like like." I laughed. He was right. Time to give him his surprise. I moved closer to him staring him down. Then, when he least expected it, I kissed his cheek. When I moved away, I saw a smiling Harry. He blushed a bit. "You like like me?" I blushed a little, but nodded. " seem like the kind of guy who actually cares." He smiled. "How bout some Starbucks now?" I smiled back at him. We walked to the edge of the stage. He jumped off, then offered me his hand. I giggled and took it.

We started walking away from the concert area, when his phone went off, I sighed and motioned for him to answer it. He answered. I waited 5 minutes for him to get off the phone. He turned to me and frowned. "We got to go back. Simon's orders." We slowly walked back to the place where everybody else was back stage. 

The first person I saw was Niall. For a second, we made eye contact, but then he quickly looked away. Weird... I turned to Hailey. "Hail, we should go. I never told my mom I was going to e gone so long. Its already almost 10." She sighed. "Okay okay...fine." She picked up her stuff, and gave everybody a hug before leaving and walking out the door after me.

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