Story Of My Life

Ever wish you could go back in time and change something? Like you wanna go back in time and change how you handled something? That's how I feel. I would change 1 thing. That'd be telling him how I felt. It would have changed my life!


11. Chapter 10.

Niall ran into the kitchen to find me sitting at the kitchen table, my cheeks stained red.

"Hey Skylar...are you okay? What happened?" Niall asked standing up straight.

I stood up and turned to him. I walked over to him and practically fell into him. I burrowed my head into his chest and began crying once again. Niall was silent, and didn't say anything, but he did hug me, and pat my back.

I don't know if Niall knows that Harry broke up with me, but I do think that Harry told somebody.  He probably told Louis or something. 

"Niall, Harry....he...he broke up with me this morning." I paused a second, "Over a text." I stopped crying. My sadness was quickly replaced with anger. "It was over a freaking text!!"

Niall took a step backwards, clearly not expecting my sudden change in mood.

"Look Sky,"Niall began speaking, but I cut him off.

"How could he freakin do this to me!!! I cannot believe him! Why can't I ever a guy not brake up with me over a stinkin' text! I wish I never said yes to hi-"

Niall cut my off this time, but not with words. He pressed his lips up against mine for a second then pulled away, "Maybe I can be the guy that treats you like a princess."

The kiss made me forget about all of my problems with Harry. What Niall just said...does that mean that he- that he wants to be my boyfriend?  I did have a huge crush on him when I was like ten. And after I moved, I just began to like him more then ever. But, then in high school, I got my first boyfriend and forgot about all of the feelings I had for Niall. My feelings...all of them came back when I realized Niall was in One Direction.

Finally, I replied to him, "You mean wanna be my boyfriend?"

"Yes Skylar. I want you to be my girlfriend. I've had feelings for you ever since the day you left Ireland. Seeing you again just made them even stronger," he smiled at me.

Niall still had his arms wrapped around me, and I was still up against him. I really like Niall. Plus, I've known him my whole life. I know he won't ever hurt me.  I smiled at him and nodded my head yes, "I like you Niall...a lot. I will go out with you."

He smiled and kissed my forehead, "So are you okay then?"

"Yeah, if you referring to the whole Harry thing. It's all good," I replied and then rested my head on his shoulder. 



A/N: Hey guys! Sorry it's been soo long and sorry it's so short! This just a filler the next chapter is going to be really long, and I'm warning you, it has a lot of drama!!! Just a heads up!! Anyway, did you expect Niall to ask her out? Especially right after her break up with Harry??? Comment, Like, and Favorite!! Bye guys!

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