How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


44. Why just one?


    Liam’s light brown eyes caught mine as he slowly walked around the bed, kicking off his shoes. My hear raced in my chest as I watched him crawl over the bed towards me. Zayn’s hands continued their magic as Liam tilted my head up with one finger, his hot breath washing over my face before a gentle kiss was placed on my lips. My fingers clutched at the blankets beneath me as he deepened the kiss, his hand knotting in the back of my hair as he tugged me up onto my knees. 


    My skin tingled as I felt fingers slid the straps to my tank top off my shoulders, light kisses sprinkled across my skin accompanied by sparks. My front was pulled into Liam’s body, his hands gripping my arms to wrap them around his neck. Movement was made behind me and then my back was lined up to Zayn’s front, his hands squeezing my hips as he pushed against me. I willed myself not to make a sound, not sure if I wanted to go through with this or not.


    All doubts and fears were defeated as hand slid under my shirt, my back support gone as sharp teeth nipped at the exposed skin on my side. My heart could be felt in my chest as my shirt was pulled up and over my head, Liam’s hungry eyes tracing over the newly bared skin before ducking down, his lips finding the hot flesh over my chest. His teeth nipped, making me flinch back.


    “It’s okay. I promise it’ll only hurt for a second. It’ll make it better. Here. You can go first.” Liam said, his voice husky as he yanked his own shirt over his head and throwing it across the room. 


    My heavy eyes watched closely as his finger drug over the skin on his right pectoral, making a thin line of blood appear over the skin. I frowned, slowly shaking my head in fear. What if I don’t like it and get sick?


    “Your body won’t reject my blood. I promise, it’ll be okay.” He said gently, grabbing my face to make me look at him.


    “You’ll be fine.” He said. I nodded my head at him, leaning as he guided me to the bloody line slowly making its way down his chest. 


    I hesitantly stuck my tongue out, catching the rolling drop on the tip of my tongue.  My mouth filled with a sweet taste, sweeter than before. I looked up at him through my eyelashes, getting a nod of permission before my mouth covered the scratch. I felt his breathing change as my tongue caressed the mark, his heart beating fast under his burning skin.


    “Bite me.” He rasped, knotting his hands in my hair once more as I instantly followed his directions, my teeth sinking into his skin with ease.


    Light moans slipped out of his mouth as his free hand found my waist. I felt a stinging pain on the back of my shoulder, making me whimper. Soft shushes were made as the pain faded, replaced with an intense pleasure. My knees began to shake as I felt my pulse echo through out my body. I leaned into Liam for support as his nails raked down my sides, for sure drawing blood to the surface but I didn’t really care.


    Butterflies erupted in my stomach as I felt a hand slip in between my joggers form behind, lightly teasing the top of my panties. I released my hold on Liam as he pulled me back. I went to wipe the extra liquid from my face but Liam swatted my hands away, his mouth taking in my bottom lips, sucking on it. I let a moan slip out as a hand crept up to my chest, lightly squeezing. 


    My breath caught in my throat as teasing fingers slipped into my underwear, smooth skin brushing over sensitive flesh, making me jerk. Teeth left from my shoulder as pleasure began to flood faster through my body. Liam placed one last kiss on my lips before making his way down to my neck, tilting my head to the side. Instead of pain this time, his bite only made my body pulse harder. On shaky knees, I gripped at his sides for support has he drank from me. I bit hard on the closet skin I could find to muffle my sounds as fingers teased my center, rubbing light circles as his kissed around the sensitive skin of my new bite mark. 


    One finger pushed in, his moan approving of my reaction to everything so far. He pumped his finger in and out slowly, teasing me as I silently begged for more. After a few minutes he added a second finger, his speed slowly increasing as Liam’s hands slid in between my back and Zayn’s front, my bra coming undone. The piece of cloth was removed from my body as hands replace it, thumbs rubbing over tender areas.


    Cool air replaced the hands as Liam leaned back, trying to get a look at my bare chest. I instantly placed my arm over my breasts, my cheeks heating up. Liam tilted my chin up, his dark eyes holding mine. His pupils dilated before his lips began to move, capturing the last of my attention.


    “You are beautiful. You are confident and strong. Don’t let little insecurities stop you from reaching your full potential.” His voice rasped as a different image formed in my head.


    Dark hair was a wavy mess around face and shoulder as Zayn took it into one hand, exposing the middle of my back. My dark eyes were wide and child like as new sensations coursed through out my body with his every touch. 


    I felt something change in me. I dropped my arms to my side and raised my chin, my worries of imperfection gone at his few encouraging words. Lustful eyes trailed over my front, connecting to the hand that had stilled in my joggers. Silently, Zayn removed himself from my back, putting space between us. I frowned but followed the gentle hands that guided me to lay on my back. Butterflies swarmed in circles in my stomach as my joggers were slipped down my legs, leaving me in just my knickers. 


    Zayn appeared over me, placing a soft kiss on my lips. I nipped at his lips, earning a new kiss. It deepened, the gesture building in need of contact with another’s flesh. His lips created a trial from my mouth to my neck and rested on my chest. I gasped as his teeth sunk into the sensitive skin of my right breast as his hand fondled the other.


    Light kisses were made down my stomach, the soft fabric of my panties pulled down with a light growl. I fisted the dark locks of Zayn as Liam teased my center with the tip of his tongue. My legs were placed on his shoulders, his face between my thighs as he reached up. I grasped his wrist with my free hand, not hesitating as I bit into him. He hummed against me, the warmth of his tongue darting into my entrance once making my back arch slightly. 


    My mind felt fuzzy as I heard the sound of zippers being undone though neither boy removed themselves from their stations. Zayn loosened my hold on his hair to bring my hand above my head. My fingers were wrapped around his length, his hand giving mine an encouraging squeeze before letting go. I slowly squeezed, barely moving my wrist back and forth as Liam took his wrist back. I looked up at him as his presence left my legs on the bed with him sitting between my ankles. My cheeks felt hot as he ran his gaze over me, the simple words from earlier repeating themselves in my head.

    His right eye winked at me as he stood on his knees, his toned body bare with the exception of a few small tattoos scattered over unscarred skin. I managed to wink back, a satisfying giggle escaping my lips as Zayn moved to cover my nip with his mouth, drawing my attention back to him. I took the opportunity to playfully nip at the shoulder Zayn had positioned over my face, earning a pleasurable moan in response to my teeth as my pace grew faster.


    I stilled my actions as Liam slowly pushed in, his length filling me. My free hand gripped the back of Zayn’s neck, pulling harshly on his hair as Liam moved against me. My moans were muffled as I let Zayn’s blood fill my mouth, not caring as the extra rolled down the side of my face. My own blood tickled down my side as he drank, our scents mixing as red substance was smeared against sweaty skin.


    It felt like hours were spent in my bed, teasing touches and pleasuring bites exchanged between the three of us. My body felt alive and buzzing with a new kind of high as I straddled Zayn’s lap, my hips swirling against him as he drug his nails down my back. I felt the blood rush to the surface to meet an eager Liam as he licked a hot streak up my side before marking my neck with the indention of his teeth.


    After the toll of midnight echoed through the building, we finally cooled off. My head resting on Zayn’s hip as my legs were wrapped around Liam, my hands playing with the soaking wet head of hair that laid on my stomach, the sheets of my bed tangled and linking us together. My eyelids felt heavy as I fought sleep, trying to will myself into being wide awake when something occurred to me.


    “Where are Louis and Harry?” I asked, suddenly worried. 


    “They left the house together and won’t be home until two days from now. Harry is trying to locate another hybrid and Louis is looking for any rare things that can happen to both species. Niall is being Niall, locked up in a room full of women to keep him company. We basically have the whole place to ourselves.” Liam mumbled against the skin of my tummy.


    I hummed in response, not having the energy to make my lips move. We laid there in silence for a while before Zayn spoke up.


    “Don’t worry about what they would think. They would just be jealous that we got here first. Who needs just one person to sleep with anyway? Where’s the fun in that?” Zayn rumbled as his own eyes drifted close. My mind drifted off, barely touching different subjects until one question became clear in my head. 


    Why have one when I can have them all?

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