How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


27. Venturing Out

Days past in what seemed like decades.  Every day was the same as before. I was stuck in my room with absolutely no company to entertain me. The only time I had with any type of species was with my helper when it was nearing dinner time. Niall avoided my eyes and each night was silent. After supper, I changed into my regular clothes and was sent to bed, no matter what time. I’m getting tired of this. 


    The only thing that really changed was what I ate each morning and evening and the dresses, ranging in different styles, colors and fabrics. They seem to like my hair pulled back and curled, that stayed the same. 


    I kept myself from going crazy by trying to read one of the many books they had in my room. I found a large collection of them on a medium sized bookcase in my room. I would try to read them, but they are extremely old, the pages yellowed and the letters blurred. If that wasn’t it, they used so many big words that I couldn’t comprehend that it made my head hurt. So I go back to straightening my clothes for the hundredth time or hanging upside down on my bed. Sometimes I just wished the blood rushing to my head would make it explode just because I was bored. Ugh, I hate this.


    I sigh and sit up, closing my eyes as my head began to throb and my sight blurred from the sudden movement. Once everything was back to normal, I opened my eyes and looked around. Nothing, at all. Out of all the land that must be surrounding this place and I’m stuck in a room. I want a shower, or a long, hot bubble bath.


    That’s it. I’m done being locked in this room. I need to get some air or I just might go crazy. I slid off my bed and tip toed to my door, lightly jiggling the handle. I mentally groaned after finding it locked. I look around the room, thinking. How hard would it be to get it unlocked without drawing attention to it? I quickly search all of the room, frowning. Why would they have a knife in here anyways? Shaking my head I sigh. 


    I glance over the room one more time before my eyes landed on a desk in one of the corners. I smile and search the drawers, the smile turning into a grin as I find a letter opener. Not that I get mail anyways. I squat by the door, listening for any sound of commotion on the other side. After finding nothing, I slide the thin knife looking thing in between the door and its frame, wiggling it around until I find what I was looking for. I lightly jiggle it into place before pushing against it, trying to be careful not to make so much noise. The door finally popped open, making me nearly shout with happiness. Ah, free to roam around!


    I place the letter opener in the back pocket of my skinny jeans before tip toeing out of my room. I leave the door cracked, small enough to look closed but open enough just in case I need to make a quick return. I place light steps as I walk down the hallway, looking around me. No eery flames were flickering around the paintings, making them look alive and trapped. Instead, natural sunlight filtered through the high windows, leaving them to glow.


    I exited the hallway to the top of the stairs, the large floor beneath me looking empty. Shaking my head, I moved away from the stairs, not ready to go that far. I moved to my left, following another hallway. More exotic and strange paintings lined the walls, making me nod my head in appreciation of their taste in art. I didn’t open any of the doors, though, afraid that the one door I do open would be one of their bedrooms. I’m sure I’d be in real trouble then. 


    At the end of the hallway was an opening, like another large room was in the very end without a door. I hesitantly poked my head around the corner, my eyes widening. The room was filled with books, the cases stopping almost at the tall ceiling. Two large ladders were placed against the book cases, allowing easier access to the ones at the top. 


    I walked further into the room, finding a comfortable looking set up. A massive fireplace was on the far right wall, the fire in the bottom giving off a warm glow. Two large leather chairs were placed about three feet from the wooden coffee table that was in between them with a matching couch facing the blaze. A few books were scattered on the table, catching my curiosity. I picked up the thickest one, running my hand over its dusty cover. Strange lettering decorated the cover, fading here and there. I tried to make out the wording but it was to exotic for me to try to decode. I placed it back in its original place and moved on to the cases.


    I ran my hands over the books, looking around the room as I walked. I’ve never seen so many books in my life. Not even in the biggest library I’ve been to, and that was pretty big. I wonder how they got so many books. Did they collect them or just buy them from people? Something tells me collecting. Taking one last look around the room, I go back out the way I came.


    The rest of the house was locked up in different doors that I was to scared to venture into. What if one of them was some sort of torture room or something along those lines? How do they get blood anyway? Do they own a blood bank or something? Or do they have some sort of room that you can take people in there and drain them? My question was answered by an ear-piercing scream.


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