How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


3. Two out of Five

Finally locating the correct room i stumbled through the open door, my face shooting up in flames as everybody turned to look at me. I ignored the staring eyes as i made my way to the teachers desk, feeling abnormally self conscious about my looks.
“You’re late. But since it’s the first day back, i’ll ignore it. No more late passes, Ms. McKinley.” She teacher said, looking up at me over the rim of her glasses. I nodded as she stood, looking over the class room. I kept my eyes on the floor, becoming interested in the condition of my boots.
“Mr.Styles, please raise your hand. You will be helping Ms. McKinley until she is accustomed to where everything is.” She said, looking over my shoulder. I glanced back and my eyes widened. He sat back in his chair, staring straight at me. My heart pounded in my chest as his green eyes studied my reaction. He slowly raised his left arm, showing the star tat he has under his arm. A small smirk played on his plump lips as i reluctantly made my way over to the seat beside him. I placed my bag by my chair, sliding it closer to the table. I stared at the blank piece of paper before me, ignoring the holes burning through the side of my face. I snuck a glance at the strange boy beside me, my cheeks burning as i find him staring at me.
“What are we supposed to be doing, exactly?” I asked, not meeting his pressuring gaze.
“We draw what ever we want for the first week or so, getting used to everything. So just draw what ever comes into your head. Use your imagination.” He said, his voice smooth and low. I nodded once, picking up a special pencil and stared at my paper. My mind started to drift off, naturally going back to the dream. I thought about how his eyes glittered even in the dark,the way his teeth looked as they were exposed has his full lips were pulled back. How his hair was dark and messy, constantly in his eyes. His wide shoulders and narrow cheek bones, his face smooth and cold.
“That’s very good, McKinley. You are doing an excellent job, especially with the shading.” My teacher said, drawing my attention back to the present. I stared up at her confused before looking down at my paper. She walked off, leaving me alone to study my art. Dark eyes glared at me form my paper, his lips pulled violently back from his teeth, baring his fangs at me. Shadows danced over his face, hiding most of it with a couple of curls poking out here and there. I stared at my paper, wondering when i had started sketching. I snuck a glance at the boy next to me, seeing his face had lost its color, looking pale as he stared blankly at my drawing.
I glanced back down at the picture, studying it. The eyes were shaped in a familiar way, though over half of his face was shadowed, you could tell he was attractive. I shook my head, stuffing the paper into my binder has the bell rang. I looked over beside me, surprised to see the seat next to me empty. I didn’t even see him leave. I yanked my bag up and headed to my locker...
Exchanging out my text books, i grabbed my math and english books making sure i had them in case i couldn’t come back until later. I slammed my locker shut, turning around to ram right into someone.
“Oh, gosh i’m sorry i didn’t see you there.” I said, quickly stuffing my schedule into my back pocket before looking up. My mouth fell slack as i took in the sight before me.
His blue-green eyes watched me, a small smile playing on his pink lips. He flipped his light brown hair out of his eyes, shooting me a wink and a smile. My heart thumped hard in my chest, i was pretty sure he could here it. As if knowing my reaction to him he grinned.
“Hi, i’m Louis Tomlinson. I don’t think i’ve ever seen you around here. Anna McKinley, right?” He said, holding his hand out for me to shake. I shifted my book bag over, awkwardly shaking his hand once.
“Um, yeah, that’s me. How did you know my name?” I asked, trying to calm my breathing as his eyes met mine.
“Oh, you are news around here. An American girl attending a mostly British school. We don’t have many of those around here. Do you need help finding your next class? Let me see.” He said, his hand snaking into my back pocket quickly grasping my schedule. I jumped a little at the rough contact, not expecting him to be so touchy. He barely glanced at my schedule before looking back down at me.
“We have the next lesson together, so just follow me.” He said, holding out his hand. I hesitantly took it, ducking behind him as he weaved us through the crowd. A low hiss made its way to my ears, freezing me in mid step. I glanced around nervously, looking for something resembling my monster. A gently tug was made on my arm, my attention returning to the boy in front of me. Well, boys. The boy i had met earlier was standing in front of Louis, standing a couple of inches taller.
“Hello, Harry. I was just showing my new little friend to our next class.” Louis said, not hesitating to walk around him, dragging me behind him. Harry eyed where we connected before his eyes locking in on mine. I could have swore they changed colors, going from a light green to a dark reddish brown. I blinked and he was gone.
“Here we are.” Louis said, pulling me through the door. We sat by the window, the teacher eyeing Louis before starting the lesson. I flipped through my english book, locating the correct page before starting my work. A few minutes passed by quietly, the only sounds was low murmurs from different parts of the room and pencils scratching against paper.
“So why did you move here?” Louis asked, making me glance up. I smiled shyly, butterflies fluttering around in my stomach.
“I just needed a very dramatic change in scenery and the United Kingdom seem to be dramatic enough.” I said, shrugging a shoulder.
“Okay, then but why here.” He said, pointing at the table, his eyes studying me again. The way he was staring at me made me feel a little uncomfortable,making me shift in my seat.
“Well, um, i’m not really sure. I was looking at the houses around here and this little place screamed at me, so i got it.” I said, actually trying to come up with a legit reason. To be honest, i never thought twice about moving into this little neighborhood. After seeing its location, i stopped looking any where else. He nodded his head, returning his attention to his work. I did the same, sitting in complete silence has i concentrated. Soon the bell rang, making us pack up and head out.
“Would you like me to escort you to your neck class?” He asked, turning to face me as we exited the door.
“No, i can take it from here, Lou.” Harry said, again popping up out of thin air. They made eye contact for a second before Louis took a deep breath, huffing it out before facing me.
“It was lovely meeting you Anna. I hope to see you soon.” Louis said, lightly grasping my right hand and raised his to his face, lightly kissing the top. I felt my face blush, smiling as Louis dropped me a wink before eyeing Harry as he past him. Harry stared after him for a second before turning his attention to me.
“May i ask you a question?” He said, his lips smirking at me. I nodded, seeing that he was probably going to do it anyway. I wonder what he would want to know from me.

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