How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


38. The First Dream


    I roll over onto my tummy and bury my face into my pillow. I love playing hide and seek. I count out loud to ten before squirming off of my bed to tip toe towards my bedroom door. I brush my curls away from my face, pulling up the legs of my care bear jammies. My tiny hand reaches towards it before I heard a floorboard creak from behind me. 


    I look over my shoulder, grinning as I quickly tip toed back over to my bed. I kneeled down on the floor, my hands bracing my upper body from hitting the floor. My face it parallel with the hardwood floor, making me bite my lip from laughing. I yank up the ends of my blanket that was falling off of my bed to look underneath. I frown as I find  it empty, the thing I was looking for not hidden in the darkness of the space in front of me. I sit back on my knees, huffing in frustration. Where could it be? 


    My eyes wonder over my room, the walls painted pink with little dancing care bear stickers stuck in random places around my height. I had originally wanted Barbies but then I saw the little pink bear and wanted it. I couldn’t have both, sadly. My sights landed on the white door that lead to my closet. I grin and stumble to my feet trying to get to the door. It has to be in here! 


    I yank the door open, looking straight ahead. My eyes catch something out of place and slowly follow the tall object up until I meet ruby colored eyes sparkling down at me. I stare up at the thing, my mouth dropping. I take a step back as it takes a step forward. It continues to stalk me as I run back to my bed and bury myself underneath my covers. It can’t get me if I’m under my blanket, right?


    “Anna.” It whispers softly to me, catching my attention. 


    I stay still, hoping it would just go away.


    “Anna, I found what you were looking for. Come out and let me give it to you.” It whispered again, making me frown. I considered stay put until I heard a squeaky meow, making me throw my covers off.


    “Mittens!” I say, taking the small kitten from the mysterious thing sitting on the edge of my bed.


    The kitten purrs as I hug it, making me smile against its soft fur. I was looking for this silly cat.


    “It’s a cute cat.” The creature rumbles at me. 


    My eyes squint through the darkness at it, trying to figure out just exactly what it was. It sounded like me, normal. Like a person.


    “Who are you?” I ask, pulling my blanket over my cat.


    “Nobody important at this very moment.” It answers me quickly.


    “Are you supposed to be the boogie man?” I ask, fear sneaking into my belly.


    “No, no. I’m not the boogie man. Nothing like him, I can promise you that.” It replies, making me frown.


    “Then why was you in my closet?” I ask, making it sigh.


    “I was watching over you. Keeping you safe.” It says, making me nod my head.


    “Like a guardian angel?” I ask, a smile creeping onto my face. 


    “Something like that, I suppose.” The rumbly voice spoke.


    “What are you?” I ask, gripping my kitten tighter as it tried to escape.


    “I’m like you. I’m a person. A special person with special abilities.” He replies.


    “I’m not special. I’m normal.” I state, setting him straight. I doubt being able to color inside the lines of my coloring book would be special in any way.


    “You are far from normal, Anna. You just don’t know it yet.” He relies quickly.


    He seems friendly. Nice even. Someone who just wants to talk. Like a friend. He seems to be definite friend material.


    “How long are you going to stay?” I ask, hugging my squirming cat to my chest in my attempts to get it to be still.


    “Until you wake up. Then I will leave.” He answers, reaching over to take my kitten. I didn’t struggle, just handed him the animal. The fur ball instantly calmed under his touch, making me jealous. Why couldn’t the stupid thing do that for me? He must teach me this.


    “But, I am awake.” I say, frowning at his words. I am awake, aren’t I?


    “No, Anna. This is all a dream. This is how I was over you. Make sure you are okay. This is the only way I can see you.” He explains as the kitten purrs louder.


    “Why can’t you see me when I’m awake?” I ask, reaching for my cat as he offered it to me.


    “I live far away, in England.” He responds, sighing.


    “I wanna go.” I say, petting my kitty’s soft fur.


    “You will, one day. Just not any time soon. Promise me that you’ll come to me?” He asks, his voice low and soft as he spoke. 


    “ I promise.”

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