How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


17. Marked

Harry finally allowed me to leave after making the mistake that it was almost four in the morning. I hadn’t realized I was out that late. I’m never out that late. Louis stopped in front of my house, parking and shutting off the car. We sat quietly for a moment, not sure of what we were supposed to say. I turned in my seat, facing him. He copied my action, his blue-green eyes watching me. “Thanks for tonight. I really appreciate all your help. I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.” I admit, looking at my hands. I’m not used to this, apologizing. I’ve never really had anybody to apologize to. He nodded his head, clearing his throat. “No problem. I would do it all over again if I have to. Please be careful tonight. Make sure everything is locked and closed. I can stay if you want me to.” He offer, flipping his hair out of his eyes as a small grin played on his lips. I chuckled at the idea, knowing exactly what would probably happen. “I need some time to myself. Today has been a very long, dramatic and surprising day. I need peace so I can let my mind work through all of this. I promise I’ll call if I need anything. Thanks, Lou.” I say, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek. He gave me a small smile, nodding his head. “Goodnight, Anna.” Louis said softly has I got out of the car. I loved the way my name sounded in his british accent. I felt beautiful by just the way his lips pronounced the one word. I smiled at him before shutting the door and walking away. Once I was inside, I kicked off my shoes, locking the door in the process. I walked through the house, flipping on the lights as I went. I wound up in the kitchen, digging through the fridge for something to eat. Settling for some left over mac and cheese, I placed it in the microwave and turn it on. While that was going, milk was in a glass and I had a fork ready and waiting. I stuffed my face with the simple food, satisfying my growling tummy bit by bit. When the bowl was empty and my stomach was settled, it was placed in the sink along with the empty glass I once had milk in. Shutting off all the lights downstairs, I headed up to my room. I flipped on the light, shutting the door behind me. Something caught my eye, a yellowish white color by my window. My head snapped towards it, finding that my imagination was just over reacting. Shrugging it off, I took a shower and climbed into bed after shutting off the light. My head hit the pillow and minutes later I was asleep. For once in my life, I had a dreamless sleep. ********************************** Someone poked my in my side, bringing me from my slumber. I groaned and rolled over, swatting them away. I shifted, not remembering my bed being so hard. The action was repeated again, automatically making me roll over and glare at the person who was bothering me. I made eye contact with the blonde from the club, her blue eyes glaring at me even though she was smirking. “Well, hello.” She said, her accent american. Where did she come from? I sat up and looked around, realizing why I couldn't get comfortable. I was on the floor. The more I looked around at the expensively furnished room, the more I realized I wasn’t on MY floor. I was sitting on my comforter but nothing else in this room belonged to me. “Um, where am I?” I asked, looking back at the blonde. She stood up from where she had been crouching beside me. “You are at my place. Get up.” She said, offering me her hand. I took it, grateful for the help. I was yanked up off the floor quickly before my back slammed into a hard surface. I yelped in back, finding her small hand on my throat. “You can’t have him.” She snarled at me, her voice deeper and meaner. She slammed me into the wall again, giving me an instant headache. “What are you talking about? Who is yours?” I asked, completely confused. This bitch is crazy! “Harry. He is mine. I don’t need you snooping around and messing it all up for me. He doesn’t want you. Why would he? Your a human, and not a very pretty one at that.” She snapped, her blue eyes hard as she glared at me. Her grip tightened around my throat, making me gasp for air as she did so. “I don’t want him. He came to me, not the other way around.” I choke out, clawing at her hand. This girl is going to kill me all over a guy. Soooooomeone needs to get their priorities straight. “Then you need to tell him to go away. To leave you alone. I’ve been searching fro him for over a hundred years and a stupid human will NOT take him from me. Do I make myself clear?” She growled, her eyes dilating a little. I began to register her words. She keeps calling me human. She isn’t a human. Why am I just now figuring this out? “Just to be sure that you understand what I’m telling you, I will leave a reminder o this visit.” She growled, yanking my shirt up with her free hand to reveal my side. Keeping her hand on my throat, she leaned down, quickly biting into my flesh. A piercing scream made its way out of my throat as pain shot through my side, my fingers knotting in her hair as I tried to get her off of me. She bit harder and I felt the blood run down my side. Her teeth unlatched from my side and she blew onto the mark. I felt the skin mend instantly though the pain was still there. It was hot, like burning my skin hot. I kicked up, kneeing her in her gut while she was bent over. She jerked up, holding her, her eyes glowing with hatred. A quick movement was made as I was on the floor, pain throbbing in my cheek. I held in the tears that wanted to over flow, not wanting to seem anymore weak than I already was. I stood back up only for her to back hand me into a wall, ending with my vision blackening and my consciousness disappearing.
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