How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


41. Lou

    I sigh and roll onto my stomach, my tummy killing me. Ugh, being part werewolf is disgusting and painful. My stomach rolls, making me groan. This is awful. If I would have known better, I would think I started my period. That would be worse with this. It would also be my luck. My attention is drawn to my bedroom door as a light knock was made. 


    “It’s open.” I groan, focusing on breathing so I don’t throw up. Maybe that’s what needs to happen. I need to get rid of this mess in my stomach.


    “You don’t look so good, Anna.” A familiar voice drawled, making me forget my tummy for a second to look up.


    Louis stood in my doorway, his hands shoved into his front pockets as he looked at me. His jeans were tight though his shirt was loose, his dark hair spiked into a quiff. His blue-green eyes inspected me.


    “Nice to see you too, Lou.” I say, curling into a ball. 


    “You need to get it out of your system.” Louis answered, not giving me the reply I had expected.


    I hear his foot steps cross over to my side of the bed. The mattress dipped down from his weight, the palm of his hand cool to the burning skin on my forehead. 


    “Come with me.” He cooed, gently lifting me into a sitting position. 


    That did it. I hopped off of the bed and darted across the room. The bathroom door was shoved open and I slide across the bathroom tile on my knees to come to a stop in front of the potty. Vomit and chunks of raw meat spilled from my mouth into the toilet bowl, my stomach coughing up the gunk. It felt like hours until it finally came to an end. By then my eyes had teared up and spilt over, my stomach and head hurting from the sudden illness. My hands shook as I took a cold damp rag that was handed to me, Louis bringing my hair back away from my face once more as I wiped my mouth.


    I flushed the potty and stood up, leaning against Louis for support as I made my way back to my bed. The covers were pulled back and a pair of fresh night clothes were laid out for me. Harry sat perched on the end of my bed, his curls wild. He must have been asleep before I decided to binge on raw meat. 


    I felt my cheeks redden as I took in the rest of him. His bare torso was tan, showing off his bird tattoos on his bare chest. A large butterfly had its wings spread out as if in mid-flight on his stomach, right below the center of his chest. Multiple other tats decorated his skin, some making me wonder what made him get that inked forever onto his body.


    “How do you feel?” He asked carefully, his voice soft.


    “Better, I think.” I answer, gently crawling past him onto my bed.


    “I thought you would want to change out of those.” He said, motioning towards my previous set of night clothes. 


    “I will in a minute. Let me kinda rest for a minute.” I mutter as I bury my face into the comforter on my bed.


    “You can leave now.” Harry rasped. At first I thought he was talking to me. I turned over, about to bitch at him for kicking me out of my own room when I realize that Louis was still standing there.


    “I can take care of her. I’ve been through this before, you haven’t. I can handle it from here.” Louis answered cooly, motioning towards me.


    “I understand that but I need to talk to her about it. A lot of things actually and none of it requires your attendance.” Harry nearly growled, shifting in his spot on my bed.


    “She is tired. Her body and mind are going through a lot right now. She’s both physically and mentally tired. It can wait till tomorrow.” Louis retorted.


    “Why don’t you fuck off. I’m sure there’s a nice bone somewhere in the kitchen that you can chew on.” Harry snapped, standing to his feet.


    “Oh, why don’t you go suck on a d-” Louis began but I jumped up, rushing to get in between them as I interrupted.


    “Hey! Stop it. Both of you. Louis is right. I’m tired. I just want to go to bed. I don’t feel like being interrogated. Can it wait until tomorrow?” I say, pressing my hands on bother of their chests and pushing them away from each other as I look up at Harry.


    “No.” Harry growled, his eyes locked on the figure behind me. I reach up, gripping his face with both hands and physically make him look down at me.


    “Can it wait until tomorrow? Please?” I say softly, hoping he would see how tired I am. I feel like I’m about to fall to the floor any second now. 


    Harry’s emerald eyes softened, one large hand pressing its warmth onto the back of one of my hands as he nodded his head at me. I send him a small smile, happy that I can get to sleep.


    “I’ll wake you when breakfast is ready.” Harry mummers before letting me go. He stand tall as he looks at Louis, his eyes hard ad rock again.


    “Don’t keep her up.” He said stiffly. He gave me one last lingering look before turning his back on me and walking out of my room, shutting the door behind him.


    “What’s his problem?” Louis asked, his voice back to normal.


    I turn around and send him a sharp look to just earn a cheeky smile as he tried to look innocent. I end up cracking a smile as I stripped down and slid my body into a new pair of joggers and a tank top. Louis kicks off his shoes and follows my lead as I crawl into bed, settling under the covers with me. I curl up next to him, happy that something familiar as finally found its way to me.


    “So, what happened?” Louis asked after a few minutes of silence.


    “I don’t know. I woke up a few hours ago wide awake. I was pouring sweat and I felt like I hadn’t eaten anything in days. I felt myself kick off the cover but I wasn’t moving. It was like I couldn’t control my own body. Like I was locked inside while something else controlled me. I didn’t even realize I was out of my room until I pulled the fridge door open.” I answer honestly, sleep drifting into my voice as I spoke.


    “It’s going to be okay. That was the worst of it, I think. I’m not sure because of the hybrid thing. I hope it was the worst of it.” Louis mumbled as he played with my hair. I hummed in response.


    “With this much power, Anna, it comes with a price. You have to be careful. You’re going to go through a very dark phase with the werewolf side and as far as I know, the vampire side isn’t much better. And, with you being part of each, it’s just going to be worse for you. Please be careful with what you do and make sure you think every decision through. Please.” Louis said as he rolled onto his side to face me. I smile at him.


    “I promise.”

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