How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


2. Little Morning Scares

The shrilling of my alarm clock woke me up, making me groan. It feels like i had just fallen asleep. I sighed, slipping from my warm bed. After the light was flipped on i dug through my dresser, locating clean knickers and a random bra. Like anybody was going to be seeing me half naked any time soon. I grabbed a towel and made my way into the shower. After bathing,shaving, brushing my teeth and washing my hair i was out, quickly drying off and putting on my undergarments. Wrapping my wet hair up in the towel, i walked back out into my room, rummaging through my closet for clothes.
Selecting a pair of dark denim skinny jeans and a low cut black shirt, i snagged my flat heeled knee high boots from the bottom. I towel dried my hair before yanking a brush through the knots, letting it hang in loose curls around my waist. I outlined my dark brown eyes in a thin line of black eyeliner before applying a coat of mascara to my eyelashes.
Feeling satisfied with my makeup, i slipped my legs into my jeans, hopping around my room as i wiggled into the tight fabric, successfully buttoning and zipping them. Locating a white tank top with white lace decorating the chest, i slipped it on before putting the black shirt on, making sure my tank top covered what the regular shirt didn’t. I sighed, grabbing my clear deodorant and applying, glad it wouldn’t show on my shirt.
I stuffed my small feet into a random pair of socks before sliding my boots on over them. I stood, examining my reflection. I looked great, though i felt as if something was missing. I checked my pockets before spotting my watermelon chap stick, thickly applying it on my lips. I rubbed them together, making a popping sound at the end. I checked my clock, relieved to see i still had time to make it to school early.
Butterflies erupted in my stomach. I was starting a new school today. I moved from U.S to the U.K. I lived alone, as i have been doing for a while now. My parents ran out on me and i don’t have any siblings. Sure, it gets lonely, but i wouldn’t change anything. I’ve never been good at making friends, so i was always the loner at school. I shook of the nervousness and grabbed my keys and cellphone, stuffing my phone into the first pocket of my book bag. I snatched a gray jacket off a hanger and yanked it on. Shutting off all the lights, i grabbed my bag and was out the door, locking it behind me.
The wind was a little cold as i headed towards the school, living about a fifteen minute walk from it. The streets were empty, seeming vacant and old at this time in the morning. Very few cars passed by, the dim light of the waking sun lighting my path. A few leaves ran around my feet, the wind making the dance as they crossed over the damp ground. A cool wind blew past me, making me shiver and clutch my jacket around me tighter. I ignored the uneasy feeling i had and walked through the school gates.
I made my way around the mostly empty halls, quietly passing my half asleep kids who had arrived early, like me. I finally found the office, walking through the glass door to the front desk.
“Name please.” The lady said from her chair, her light red hair spiked has she chewed on her gum, smacking rather loudly.
“Um, Anna McKinley. I just transferred here from the U.S.” I said, looking around nervously. She typed loudly on her keyboard, clicking around the screen until the printer started. She snatched the paper up, scribbling numbers on it before placing the warm sheet in my hand.
“There’s your schedule, your locker and it’s combination. Your first class will begin soon, i suggest you get going. I will not write you a late pass.” She said, waving me off as she studied her computer screen. I nodded once, going out the way i came in. I really hope they are nicer than the receptionist here. I made my way through the halls, watching them slowly fill up with kids. I searched for my locker number while dodging people, earning a couple of dirty looks along the way.
Finally spotting it, i sighed in relief, seeing it was a middle locker. I quickly put in the combination, shoving my extra books in hastily after checking my schedule. Art comes first. I slam my locker shut, folding my schedule up and stuffing it into my back pocket after memorizing my first class room number. I searched the halls for the room number but came up empty handed. I turned a corner, feeling completely lost as i found it was a dead end. My head dropped back, looking up at the ceiling as i quietly cursed myself. I sighed, retrieving my schedule from my pocket, checking the room number. I turned around and my heart stopped.
Green eyes stared down at me, studying my every action. His lips were pulled up into a smirk,his large hand pushing his chocolate curls back from his eyes. He was so close i could feel his body heat. My breath hitched up as his familiar features pushed the nightmare back into my head.
“Can I be of assistance?” He offered, his voice deep and raspy. I stared up at him in shock, not able to speak. He stared back, eyes seeming to know all of my fears, my worries.
“N-no. Thanks.” I stuttered, making my heavy feet unglue from the floor, pushing past him. I glanced over my shoulder to see his face blank, glittering eyes staring at my retreating form. Maybe this is just coincidence. Maybe i had seem him before somewhere else, no way he can be anyway related to the guy in my dreams. Shaking off the scary thoughts i continued my search for my first lesson.

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