How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


10. Invitations

I woke up a full thirty minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, feeling rested and wide awake. I sat up, giving up on going back to sleep, raising my arms way above my head as i stretched. Sighing i got up and flipped on my light, shutting my alarm off before it scared the crap out of me. A cold chill ran down my spine so i grabbed a small blanket, wrapping it around my shoulders I trudged down stairs, humming a random song that was stuck in my head. I stopped at my thermometer and turned the heat on, smiling as i headed to the kitchen. Two bagels was popped into the toaster as i grabbed the cream cheese and the milk jug out of the fridge.
Minutes later i was warm without my blanket, my mess was cleaned up and i was munching down on my bagels and sipping on a glass of milk. When i was done my plate and cup was washed and i was heading back up stairs to get dressed, oddly happy. I can’t put my finger on it but i was in a better mood. I felt.....attractive. Happy.
I looked through my closet and got out this, smiling happily as i looked at myself in the mirror. I looked great. I brushed my teeth and curled the ends of my hair into loose curls, running my fingers through them to separate them. I applied light make up and clear lip gloss. I smiled happily at my reflection and grabbed my bag.

************************************************************************************************I felt great as i walked through my first class, smiling at anyone that made eye contact. What’s with me today. I plopped down next to Harry, receiving an amusing smile from him. What’s he up to? I grabbed my sketchbook out, flipping to a clear page before i started drawing. I felt Harry’s breath against my cheek, making me freeze a i stared down at my paper.
“You look beautiful today.” He said, his hand brushing my curls back over to reveal my shoulder. A chill ran down my back as his finger tips brushed lightly across my smooth skin.
“Um, thanks. That’s what i was aiming for.” I said, shifting out from under his touch.
“Oh, someones a little feisty today. What’s the occasion?” He asked, leaning back in his chair to stare at me.
“I don’t know. I woke up this morning and i feel wonderful.” I said, shrugging a shoulder has i started sketching again. His chuckle made me stop and look ever at him, squinting at him in suspicion.
“What do you know that i don’t?” i asked, laying my pencil down to turn in my chair and look at him. He grinned at me, raising his hands up in surrender.
“You know you just can’t remember.” He said, smirking at me. I scooted my chair closer to his, resting my chin on my hand as i stared at him. He sighed, smiling at me.
“You don’t remember?? So, you don’t remember something that made you feel so good?” He said, winking as he said “so good.” I shook my head at him.
“Can you help me remember? You can do that, right?” I asked quietly, studying his face. He looked adorable today, his curls a little messy as he ran hi fingers through them.
“Yeah, i can.” He said, smirking at me. I sighed. Well, i want to remember, I thought, not bothering to say it out loud.
“So you want me to help you remember?” He asked lowly, leaning closer to my face he spoke. I nodded my head, my breath hitching up a notch as he drew close to my face.
“Alright. I will. My house at eight?” He asked. I raised an eyebrow. Did he really expect me to go to his house, alone? He nodded his head in response. I sighed. Might as well.
“Alright. It’s settled then. I’ll pick you up at eight. See you then.” He said, winking as the bell rang. I blinked and he was gone, leaving me a little dazed. I stuffed my book into my bag. I turned around a nearly died of a heart attack. Louis grinned a tme, catching my elbow so i wouldn’t fall backwards.
“You alright, love?” Louis asked, giving me a concerned look. I caught my breath and nodded smiling up at him.
“Yeah, i’m fine. Is this your next class?” I asked, not remembering him ever having this class. He shook his head, holding out his arm for me to loop mine through. I did so, walking with him out of the room and into the hallway.
“No, i was waiting on you to come out and you never did so i figured i would have to drag you out of there.” He said, chuckling a little.
“Ha, nah, i was just caught up in a conversation and ended up packing up late.” I said, my mind wondering off to the said conversation. Or,rather, to the person who i was having the conversation with.
“Oh, that makes sense. So, do you wanna do something tonight? You can come to my place and we can eat and watch a couple of films. We can make this a weekly thing, to hang out.” Louis said, looking down at me hopefully.
“Oh, um, I would love to but i can’t tonight. We can tomorrow night, though, if you still want to.” I said, smiling apologetically up at him. He sighed, nodding his head.
“It’s a date then. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing tonight?” He asked, curiosity covering his face.
“Oh, no, i don’t mind. I’m going over to Harry’s place. He wants to hang out and wants to talk to me about something important. No biggie.” I say, shrugging a shoulder. He frowned at me, lightly grabbing the tops of my arms to stop me. He looked me square in the eyes, demanding my full attention.
“Please, please be careful. Harry can be dangerous. Please, for me?” He said, his voice sounding concerned as his face was determined to get the warning through my head. I nodded my head, smiling assuringly up at him.
“I’ll be careful. I promise.” I said, giving him a quick hug. He hesitated a second before wrapping his arms around me, giving my shoulders a gentle squeeze.
“And, just in case anything goes wrong, here. I want you to call me if you need me to come get you or something.” He said, pulling out a folded piece of paper and put in my hand. I nodded, stuffing it in my pocket.
“I will. Let’s go before we are late.” I said, accepting his hand as we walked quickly to our next lesson.
I sat nervously on my couch, my heel tapping rapidly on the hardwood floor beneath my feet. I was a nervous wreck. Harry would be here any minute. I mean, i was ready and i looked cute. What i wasn’t ready for was the thing he was going to unclog in my head. Was it bad? It couldn’t be bad if it made me feel this good, right? I jumped when i heard a knock on the door, making my heart flutter.

I opened the door and my mouth began to water. Harry looked amazing. He smiled at me, my face blushing has he probably heard what i was thinking. I turned off the hallway light before walking out, locking the door. My stomach erupted in butterflies as he placed a large warm hand on the small of my back, leading me forward to the driveway. Parked behind my truck was a black suburban, just as shiny as my truck. The headlights was off but as we neared the vehicle, i could hear it idling.
“I thought you would be a little cold so i left the heat on.” Harry said as he opened the passenger door for me. I mutter a thank you as i climbed into the car, cursing my body for making my cheeks red at the sweet thought. What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve had plenty of guys flirt and do sweet things for me and i’ve never blushed or anything related to it. What’s so different about him?
I sat back into the warm leather seat, watching him walk around the front of the vehicle. Seconds later we was pulling out of my driveway and making our way out of town.
“So, where exactly do you live?” I asked, noticing we was getting further away from town, passing more trees than houses.
“I don’t exactly live in town. I live about an hour away from town actually. I like being alone. It’s peaceful.” He said, his voice rasping. I nodded my head, returning to stare back out my window.
About thirty minutes later was pulled into a gravel driveway, my tummy turning as i realized it was a long, long driveway. I couldn’t even see the top of the house yet. We drove a little more until the trees parted and we came into an open field where a miniature castle looking house nestled into the tall grass, the lights glowing from the windows making it look warm and cozy. He followed the driveway around back, shifting into park and turning the car off. I heard the door shut and felt mine open at the same time, making me jump. He smirked a little before helping me out of the vehicle. I stared up in awe at the house. It looked like something out of a fairytale book.
He lead me through the back door, going straight into the kitchen. I looked around, delighted with his taste. The tops of the counters, including the large one in the middle, was a tannish brown marble, going fabulously with the dark wooden cabinets and drawers. The walls was a light tan with a dark brown trim and the floors were a light brown hardwood type. All in all, i loved it.
“Nice place.” I said, shrugging off my coat. He took it from me, laying it across a chair in the dining room.
“Glad you approve.” He said, smiling at me. I nodded, slapping my hands together once.
“So. Where are we going to do this?” I asked, turning to look at him. He smiled, shaking his head.
“Eat first then i’ll do it. You’re gonna need something in your tummy before i do it because if you don’t you’ll get sick and feel weaker than you already will.” He explained as he walked to the stainless steel fridge.
“Why would i feel weak of you unclogging my memory?” I asked, leaning up against the counter.
“It works out your brain. You’ll also get a headache. Just to let you know.” Harry said as he pulled out multiple things from the fridge.
I watched has he cooked, an awkward silence settling over us. He pulled out the meat from the oven, cutting it up into strips before placing a few pieces on two plates, laying a leaf looking thing beside it and shoveling something from a pot on the stove onto the plate as well. He nodded to the dinner table, his face a little focused. I sat down, watching him place my plate in front of me and his beside mine. He rattled around in the kitchen before i heard glasses clink together and a popping sound. seconds later he was sitting beside me, handing me a champaign glass filled with a dark reddish liquid. I eyed it, glancing up at him.
“Oh, it’s not what you think. Taste it. It’ll help later.” Harry said, sipping his own glass. I hesitantly put my lips to the smooth glass, taking a small sip. It was sweet at first but then turned bitter, making me scrunch my nose a little. Definitely champaign. I took another sip and started on my food, ignoring the eyes on em as i cut into my first strip of meat. I popped it into my mouth and moaned. Oh my gosh it was great.
“Mm, what is this?” I asked, popping something else into my mouth. Harry smiled at me.
“You like it? It’s Filet Mignon with Mushroom and Rosemary sauce.” He said, taking a bite out of his as well.
“Oh my gosh, i love it.” I said, taking a rather large bite. I must look like a little piglet with the way i’m scarfing this down.
“You are a wonderful cook.” I said around bites, making him chuckle. My plate was quickly cleared and my glass was empty.
“Wait, before you get up i want you to try something else i’ve made for tonight. It’s a chocolate mousse mud cake dessert with pecan nuts and cream.” He said, wiping his hands together over his used plate and picked up mine, leaving me alone at the table as he returned to the kitchen. The fridge door was opened and closed and Harry appeared before me, placing a new plate on front of me.
“Oh, chocolate. My favorite.” I said, eagerly taking the first bite. Oh my goooooosh. I think i’ve fallen in love.
“You are now doing all of my cooking and baking.” I said, taking another large bite. He nodded in agreement, refilling my glass. I took a gulp, helping the chocolate go down. After we were done and the used dishes were cleaned he grabbed my hand and lead me through the living room and to the very back of the house.
“Don’t make fun of me. I kinda have a thing for fairytales.” Harry said as he opened the wooden door. My jaw dropped as we entered the room. It was fabulous, just like the rest of the house. And, i had to admit, a little girlish.
The floor was a beautiful white tile with a striped rug in the middle of the room consisting of different shades of tan and brown. The walls were a tan color and the trim was also a dark brown. A huge bed sat in the middle of the room. White curtains were suspended beside the bed, tide up with special ties. Glass doors were beside the bed, hinting that there was a patio or something outside. The lamp beside the bed gave off a magical glow, making me feel all weird inside. What. Is. Wrong. With. Me.
“I told you not to make fun of me.” He mumbled, watching me take everything in.
“I’m not making fun of you. I love it. I wish my room would look like this.” I muttered, shocking myself as i looked up at him. The light glow from the lamp gave him some sort of halo around his curls, his eyes sparkling at down at me as he spoke in a low raspy voice.
“Maybe one day you can.” He said, stepping close to me. My heart picked up in speed, my breath shallowing out. Butterflies swirled in my stomach, making me feel a little sick. His fingers were soft as he brushed my bangs out of my eyes, his large hand cupping my cheek.
“Are you ready?” He asked quietly, the tip of his nose brushing mine. I nodded slowly, not sure what to do. He nodded once, grabbing my hand and tugging me towards the bed.
“Take your shoes off.” He said, taking off his shoes before climbing across the dark brown comforter that was spread out neatly on the bed. He propped two pillows up against the head board, leaning back on them. I did as i was told, kicking off my heels before climbing onto the bed to sit criss cross next to him.
“Come here.” He said, patting his lap. I looked at him, a little confused. He reached for me, grabbing my sides and lifted me up, placing me in his lap. I wiggled a little bit, feeling awkward as he waited for me to get comfortable.
“Here. Straddle me.” He said, attempting to turn me around. I hesitated before turning towards him, placing my legs on either side of him. He grinned up at me, making my cheeks burn as he shifted beneath me.
“Close your eyes.” He demanded, grabbing my hands and making me lock my fingers together, setting them where our tummies met. I tried really hard not to notice the muscle that tensed and flexed has he shifted again. I did so, closing my eyes and tried to ignore the feeling of his eyes staring at my face.
I jumped a little when i felt him rest his hands on my hips as he leaned forward pressing his forehead to mine. It was quiet except for our breathing, his warm breath fanning over my lips. I absentmindedly licked my lips, not thinking. He froze as my tongue brushed against his lip. I held my breath, expecting him to throw me off of him and claim i was coming onto him.
Instead i found myself lying on the bed on my back, his weight pinning me to the bed as my hands for secured above my head. His eyes were closed and his breathing was coming in pants. I wiggled around, trying to find a way out.
“Stop moving. You’re just making it worse if you continue to mix our scents.” He said, his voice raspier than usual but his eyes were still closed. I complied, instantly stilling my body as i waited.

An itch started on my side, making me wiggle my toes to try to get my mind off of it. It got worse making me whimper a little. I wiggled my fingers, wishing my hands were free so i could scratch the growing itch on my side. I finally couldn’t take it any longer, my body jerking up, not being able to sit still any longer. Harry’s eyes flashed open and i instantly stilled, itch forgotten. His eyes were a bright red, the pupil nearly turning his eyes black. His mouth opened and i spotted the lengthened canines, fear settling into my stomach.    
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