How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


47. Important Information

To all my lovely readers, I have important information for you. I will not be able to update any of my stories this summer. I won’t be able to work on or post new chapters to any of my stories. I have been working off of a school laptop all this school year and the school I go to is getting ready for the summer by taking up the laptops first. I do not have a laptop or computer at home that I can work off of through the summer. I hope that my stories have made you interested long enough to wait until August to receive the updates. I’m sorry, I wish I could continue the stories through the summer. I will try to update IF I can but I don’t see that happening. I hope you all have a great summer and I will hope to still have you as readers when August rolls around. I love all of you and I can’t wait to hear about your summers :)

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