How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


55. Hidden

    Harry’s POV

I lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling as I let my mind wonder, going through the new events from the past couple of hours. Anna had disappeared into her room, locking all of us out for the night. I haven’t seen Liam or Zayn since Anna revealed to me what they had done behind my back, and I am glad. I’m still not able to even think about it without breaking something. 


I sigh and roll over onto my back, closing my eyes. Immediately Anna’s face appeared, her brown eyes dark with mischief as her full lips pulled into a teasing smile. My mind tugged up a recent event, making my heart beat faster. When she came onto me earlier, it was hard to resist her.


She may not have done much but her willingly offering herself to me makes it hard to get out of my head. We started something we didn’t get to finish and part of me is currently kicking myself for not taking her up on it. Images flash through my mind, causing my member to harden as I try to get my mind out of the gutter but it was no use.  It had already begun. 


A flash of her under me, her bare skin smooth a silky against my touch caused me to jerk, my hips rocking up slightly. Her sweet voice rasped my name, her eyes closed as I remember how well I my body had fit between her knees just a few hours ago. Her soft lips made contact with my shoulder, sharp nails digging into my back as I pushed into her, her plump lips making a small ‘o’ shape.


With a groan, I gave in. Sliding my hand between my blanket and my boxers, I pressed my palm against myself as I rocked my hips up against it. I tilted my head back, grinding my palm against my member at a slow pace.


Anna’s POV


With a small smile I watched Harry from the dark corner I was hiding in, my jaw dropping a little bit as he groaned, a hand disappearing under the blanket. The small fire  place barely gave off enough light to see what was happening but my new eyes could see just fine. I watched in fascination as he touched himself, his head tilting back as ragged breaths were drawn, his eyes closed as he continued to slow thrust his hips against his hand.


The process was slow but his breathing grew shallow, light moans growing in pitch before I intervened, quickly tossing back the covers to straddle his legs and replacing his hand with mine. His eyes widened, shock taking over as he stilled, his face slightly glistening from a think layer of sweat.


“Let me help.” I coo, giving him a gentle squeeze. His eyes shut for a few seconds, his bottom lip taken between his teeth before he reopened them.


“No, Anna. I can’t. You’re not you.” He rasped, his voice deep and strained.


“I’m me with confidence.” I gently argue, slowly pumping my hand as I rolled my fingers.


Another groan was made, his hands sliding up my thighs as he gave them a hard squeeze, his hips jerking underneath mine. With a satisfying smile I kept a slow pace, watching his face with each movement, his nails biting into the bare skin of my legs.


“Stop teasing me.” He moaned, his warm hands moving up to my hips as he shifted his up, pulling mine down against him.


I picked up my pace with on hand, leaning forward to his up his chest as my other hand raked my nails down his side. His chest vibrated as he bit his lip, holding in any sound he was about to make. His breathing got faster, heavy as he rocked his hips into my hand more urgently. I sat back and watched his face has he released, his body jerking as his heat spilled over onto my hand, my pace slowed down to a stop. 


Harry’s breathing was heavy and slow, sweat glistening as I wiped my hand off with the sheet beside me. His eyes stayed closed as he slowly regained his breath, a small smile playing on his lips. I leaned forward and pushed his hair off of his forehead, giving him an unexpected kiss before climbing off of him, heading towards the door.


“Wait, you’re not staying?” He asked, lazily sitting up.


I turn and face him, raising an eyebrow as I take in his appearance. He looked worn out but happy.


“Only if I get my turn.”

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