How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


56. Heated

Anna’s POV.


I walk over to the bed as he sits up, shifting to where he is sitting on the end of the bed. I stand between his knees as his hands rest on his lap. I step closer, my forearms resting on his shoulders as my finger lightly twisting and tugging on his hair.


He reaches his left arm out, his hand slides over my hip, putting pressure on my body before sliding his touch up, his fingers sneaking underneath the hem of my shirt to find the sweet skin on my back. He splays his hand across the valley of soft skin and puts light pressure against it, pulling me near him. His other hand holds a light squeeze on the back of my mid thigh where he guides my leg over his own, silently inviting me to sit while his green eyes stare into mine.


“Yes, Anna.” He rasps.


Harry leans his head towards me, just enough to graze my soft lips with his own., inhaling my breath slowly. His lips gently touch mine, places to soft butterfly kisses before pressing his soft lips onto mine, fitting the together slowly. I shift forward, my lips meeting his as I use his shoulder for balance, slowly straddling him, my fingers holding a light grip on his hair. He tilts his head to the left to fit our lips tighter and better together, the small part in his lips lightly sucking on my bottom one. I lower myself onto him, the front of my body lining up with his as my tongue brushes against his bottom lip, my fingers tightening in his hair.


His large hands quickly press onto my cheeks the instant he feels my tongue on his lip, keeping my head still as he slowly smears his lips over my tongue, his mouth pushing and sucking on mine. I let out a small sound, my fingers removing themselves from his hair to travel down his sides, gripping the bare skin tightly.


I hear his breathing change as he moves his head just a little lower than mine, nudging my jaw with the warm skin of the bridge of his nose and cheek as he slides his lips towards my neck where he places a series of hungry kisses. He takes in small parts of my skin between his heated lips, his lips on my neck as he travels to my earlobe. He tugs gently with his lips, his teeth lightly nibbling on the sensitive skin.


A chill goes down my spine, a tingly feeling starting in my tummy and working its way down from his actions. My bottom lip is taken between my teeth as my fingers move over the warm skin, roaming over his chest and stomach before sliding up his sides, my nails pressing into his back as my eyes flutter shut. He puffs out his chest against my hand has I make contact, his arms twitching momentarily has a dominant hands sneaks back under my shirt, exploring the soft skin.


I arch under his touch, eager for more contact as my hands move over his exposed body, my lips planting soft kissed on his shoulder before moving towards his neck, my teeth grazing the smooth skin. His muscles tense under my touch, his arm wrapping around my waist, lifting me as he turns his body and dropping my dead weight beneath him onto his bed. My cheeks are pink with heat as I let my eyes wonder over him, taking in the details before locking eyes with him, my tongue appearing to wet my lips  as I nudge him towards me with my legs. My heart beats hard as my chest rises and falls with my quick breathing.


He licks his lips as he shoves a hand between my thighs, lightly grabbing under one as he pulls my leg further out, his lustful eyes focused on the movement as he repositions himself between my legs. He lurches froward, forcefully bringing our lips together again as his breathing harshens as his hand jolts through my hair, grasping it in a desperate attempt to hold me down. He hungrily forces his tongue between my lips, slowly tracing the inside of my lip with the tip of his tongue.


I gasp at his acton, my hands immediately finding his sides as I close my eyes, my lips moving against his for a few seconds before I nip at his bottom lip, taking it between my teeth seconds later to lightly tug on it as my body arches up against him. Harry’s body tenses above me has he holds himself over me. A deep sigh comes from his throat, sounding close to a whimper, his breath fanning out over my lips. With one smooth motion he slides the shirt covering my body up and over my head, revealing the new skin for a few seconds before his burning skin presses against mine, sweat beginning to  appear in different areas over his skin. I roughly kiss back, a small sigh being made as I lightly wrap my legs around his hips, pressing him closer against me as my nails dig into the skin on his sides.

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