How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


7. Definitely Wasn't Denial

I drug myself out of bed, rubbing sleepily at my eyes as i felt my way around my room to the light switch. I yawned, feeling like crap as i switched on my light. I caught movement in front of me and a high pitched scream made its way up my throat and out of my mouth. My feet moved me sideway, sending me sprawling to the floor as my foot stumbled over a random shoe. My knee hit the floor first, catching most of the impact before hands caught me though i wasn’t fast enough to keep from face planting.
I flipped over into my back, scrambling backwards until i hit a wall. My breaths were in short pants as i searched my room, laughing at myself. I. Am. So. Silly. I thought i had seen Harry standing across from me in my room but i had actually caught my reflection in my full body mirror. My imagination kicked in and scared the crap out of me. I sighed, shaking my head as i got up from the floor. This kid is going to be the death of me.
I got ready for school, curling my hair and applying natural looking make up. I wore my black skinny jeans with my red and black plaid button up shirt. I rolled up the sleeves and buttoned all the buttons but the three at the top, showing a little bit of cleavage. My white converses were put on and i hurriedly brushed my teeth, seeing it was almost time to leave. Snagging my bag off the floor i grabbed my keys and was out the door.
I nearly ran through the hallways and busted through the door of my first class. My teacher sent me a dirty look but left it at that, ignoring me as i noisily made my way to the back, where my seat was. I took out a sketchpad that i had put in my bag yesterday, using a pencil that was already at my seat. I drew absentmindedly, letting my hand dart and glide all over the page. Once i was done, i cautiously looked down at my page, shocking myself. It was beautiful. I can’t believe i had created such a picture. I was a little disappointed with myself on who it was of but it actually made the picture even better.
It was a side view of his face, catching his curls and how full his lips truly are. He was holding a rose up to his nose, as if he was taking in the scent. A dark jacket collar poking out from where it was flipped up. His eyes, even in the picture, seemed to be focused on something, like he was in deep in thought about a certain person. It even had a little freckle on the left side of his face, just below the corner of his lips. Just in black and white the picture was beautiful. I was in awe. How can someone this angelic be the exact opposite? I felt eyes on me and looked up to see the teacher staring in shock at my picture.
“Well, Mr. Styles, i think you have an admirer.” She says, snagging my paper up. I looked up in shock, seeing Harry give the teacher his most charming grin. I swear he wasn’t there when i sat down! I looked back at the teacher, horrified that she pointed me out like that. She grinned at me like she was doing me a favor but she probably just ended my life. Thanks, lady.
“Oh, well the feeling is returned. I might as well be her stalker.” He said, looking at me. I shuttered as he winked at me, grinning. I couldn’t help but notice his canines were a tad bit longer than the rest of his teeth.
“Aw, well, see i did you a favor.” She said, winking at me as she set my paper back down before walking away. I stared after her. Favor? FAVOR?! What is she, the match maker?!
“Mm, that is a good picture of me.” Harry rumbled, sliding my picture across the table to get a better look. I rolled my eyes. The conceited jerk.
“Aww, now that’s not a nice thing to say about someone.” He said, his green eyes filled with amusement. Wait. Did i say that out loud?? I don’t think i did. He sighs, returning my paper to me as he turns in his seat, facing me as he leans back against the wall.
“No, you didn’t say that out loud. I heard you though. Your thoughts.” He said casually, spinning a pencil in between his fingers as he stared at me. I shifted in my seat , getting a little squirmy under his heavy gaze.
“So.... You can read my mind?” i asked, not really believing him. He nodded his head.
“Try me.” He said, grabbing the chair between his legs and moved closer, leaning towards me. I sideways scooted in my chair, putting a little distance between us. He grabbed the side of my chair, pulling me even closer than i was before. Hi face was inches from my cheek, his warm breath sending chills down my spine as it fanned out over my neck.
“Think anything. I’ll tell you exactly what it was.” He breathed, his voice low and raspy. My breathing hitched up a notch, not used to being so close to him. Or anybody for that matter. I nodded. Taking a deep breath i let random things pass through my mind, trying to decide on a specific thought. Then i came up with a question.
“Yes. I’m the one in your dreams.” He said, his voice dropping a notch. I nodded my head.
“Again.” He muttered, tugging my chair until i was positioned between his legs. our chairs nearly over lapping. I quickly nodded, my breaths coming in short shallow puffs. I got another question.
“Yes, i can push myself into your dreams. Control them. I can do what i want to you in your dreams. I’m making you dream about me.” He answered, making me jump as his lips grazing my ear. Yet another question.
“I’m suppose to kill. It’s what i do. And i love the fact that you are scared of me.” He said, his fingertips pulling the collar of my shirt down, exposing my bare shoulder. My breath stopped as his lips pressed a gentle kiss on my skin. Something flashed through my brian and i quickly threw it away, hoping he did’t catch it.
“What was that?” He asked, pulling back to reveal a grin. Damn it. Fuck. Me.
“Gladly.” He said, smirking at me. I groaned, rolling my eyes.
“Mm, now that was sexy.” He said, waggling his eyebrows at me. I swatted my hands at him.
“Stooop.” I said, trying not to giggle. I succeeded, keeping a straight face. He sobered from laughing at me, his green eyes focused on me again.
“Tell me.” He said, leaning forward again to press another kiss on my shoulder. I repress the thought, refusing to completely humiliate myself. There’s not way in hell he will ever see that image again.
“Ow!” I nearly screamed, jumping away from him. He snickered at me, smirking as i pulled my shirt down a little more to get a better look at the red mark he had created on my shoulder.
“Ooooow. What was that for?” I asked, annoyed that he had bit me. Wait. He bite me. I began to panic and nasty, scary things started up in my head has i inspected the red mark. He rolled his eyes at one of my thoughts, chuckling.
“No, i didn’t turn you into a vampire. I bite with my front teeth.” he said, tapping his first finger against the two front teeth he used. I sighed in relief.
“Oh, now that’s interesting.” He said, amusement taking over his voice. I snapped out of my trance, realizing i was picture him in a very romantic way, biting me to make me what he is. I shook my head as if i was shaking out the thought.
“So, that’s what you want it to be like.” He said, cocking it head sideways as he studied me. I ignored him, staring down at my picture. It really did look wonderful.
“Stop ignoring me.” He growled, his finger finding my chin, tilting my face up and turned it sideways, facing him. My brown eyes met his green ones, staring right back at him.
“It’s always been something i’ve imagined it being like. Would you rather it be like this?” I asked, thinking of the most cruel and bloody way to be changed. He winced a little bit before sighing.
“It usually turns out that way.” He said, dropping my chin before tapping the tip of my nose gently with his first finger. I nodded calmly, trying to get the gory picture out of my head. Ew.
The bell rang and i shoved my sketch pad into my bag and zipped it up, refusing to look back at the eyes that i just knew were staring at me as i walked out of the door.

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