How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


11. Caught

His warm breath fanned out over my face as he dropped all of his weight on me, every line of his body flush against mine. I felt his every breath, holding mine in. He leaned closer to my face, the tip of his nose brushing against mine as his dark eyes stared into mine. I could see my reflection and i definitely looked terrified. Has i should be. What did i really think was going to happen? That he would unclog my memory and let me go? Or did i come here to prove that i was right about him? Gosh, i’m stupid. “Harry?” I squeaked out, gathering the courage to wiggle one hand free and make my fingers touch his side. He jerked, his eyes closing as head fell hard against my shoulder. I involuntarily screamed, the sudden action scaring me. Seconds later he was raising his head, his light green eyes peering curiously down at me. What the hell just happened? “Yeah?” He asked, like the past few seconds didn’t even happen. I stared wide eyes up at him, not believing my eyes. He’s back to normal and seems to not remember a thing. I shook my head at him, relaxing against the pillow. We stayed like that for a few seconds before we both realized the awkward and inappropriate position we were in. Harry was positioned between my thighs, his body lying flush to mine with my legs nearly wrapped around him. One of his hands still held one of my arms above my head while my other was still gripping his side. I looked down at the spot where our bodies last touched and then back up to his face, blush rising to my cheeks. His green eyes were clouded with lust, sparkling down at me. “Have i helped with your memory yet?” Harry asked, not bothering to move off of me. I shook my head, not trusting my voice just yet. He smirked at me, his dimple popping out. “Do you mind if i save us both a headache and try a different way? If that doesn’t work, i’ll do it the way i was originally going to do.” Harry compromised. I shrugged nodding my head. I didn’t really want a headache and if he could save me from one then i’m up for whatever it is. “Promise you won’t flip out?” He asked, shifting his weight off of me a little. I raised an eyebrow. As long as those pointy teeth don’t break skin i’m good. “I don’t see why i would freak but okay. I promise.” i replied, starting to sit up. His large palm found my shoulder, pushing me back into the comforter. I gave him a confused look but his face went blank as he cautiously leaned forward, putting his forehead to mine. “I need you to trust me.” He said lowly, his voice raspy. I hesitated not sure how to answer when i felt my head nod. He nodded his once, acknowledging my response. I jumped a little when one of his large hands slid underneath my shirt, resting on my hip. His nose brushed against my cheek, giving me goosebumps. His thumb rubbed slow circles. Instead of easing my nerves it just amped them up, my breathing picking up. His curls tickled my face has his mouth brushed against my neck, his soft lips planting a kiss right under my jaw. I tilted my head back, allowing him more access. “Mm, you smell amazing.” He hummed as he kissed the base of my throat. Something flickered in my head, a quick flash of some kind of picture. It appeared but it then disappeared before i could catch on. Damn, looks like he will need to continue. Not that i minded.... His large hand slowly inched its way up my stomach, one finger lightly touching the underside of my boob. His green eyes found mine once more before he slowly leaned down, planting a sweet kiss on my lips. I hesitated before kissing him back, the slow action becoming more urgent with desire. I pushed up off the mattress, pushing him up until he was sitting on his heels with me straddling him. I knotted one hand in his curls at the base of his neck while my other cupped his face, keeping him close as i sucked on his bottom lip, grinding down against him. His body vibrated when he moaned, his hands gripping tightly at my sides. The further this got, the more the images appeared, dark, scary things. His lips found my neck, kissing and sucking on the sensitive skin. I let my head drop to the side, allowing him more access to my neck as his warm hand covered one of my boobs, squeezing it lightly. He nipped at my neck and the memory came flooding back. The moonlight shining through my window, his curls, his eyes, his touch, the bites, the blood. Everything. “Ow!” I shouted jumping back from him. His eyes were wide as he stared at me, seeming to be in shock. My hand found my neck, covering the aching spot. He nipped a little to hard. I pulled my hand back and felt my face drain of color. A medium spot of blood was smeared on my fingers. I tore my eyes from my hand to Harry, freezing. He was fighting it. His green eyes turned brown then green then an amber color as he fought it. “Run.” He chocked out, jerking his body back away from me. I did has i was told, gladly dashing off the bed and out of the room, not bothering to get my shoes. I was almost to the back door when i heard a growl from the back room and a thud. My heart beat fast in my chest as i ran through the house, snatching open the door. I winced as my bare feet hit the gravel though i didn’t stop, pulling my phone from my front pocket as i ran. I quickly dialed the new number, putting it on speaker phone. “Hello?” His voice rang out, sound calm and relaxed. I wish i would have just stayed with him tonight. I wouldn’t be in this mess. “Louis?! Help!” i shouted, catching my balance as my right foot found a small hole in my path. “Anna? I’m on my way!” Louis said, the line going dead. I ran up the driveway, hating that it was so long. It was pitch black, the only thing giving me light was my phone that swung back and forth has i ran. I felt tears stream down my face as my legs began to ache, my speed rapidly decreasing as the adrenaline faded. A figure popped out of no where, scaring the pee out of me. I screamed, back tracking so fast that i fell on my bum, kicking my feet as i tried to get back up and run the other way. Strong arm caught me, wrapping around my arms so they were trapped by my side. That’s it. I’m done for. I’m going to either be dead or undead by the time Louis finds this place and then finds me. I could be six feet under by them. I cried harder at these thoughts, thrashing around as much as i could. “I gotcha, love.” A familiar voice whispered in my ear, squeezing me tighter back into him.
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