How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


28. Bites

I whirled around, facing the way the scream had came from. A door was flung open and a girl came running out, headed right for me. She was still looking over her shoulder so she didn’t see me when I opened the door next to me and slipped in. I waited until I hear her loud foot steps before jumping out, catching her off guard and yanking her into the room. My hand clamped over her mouth before she could scream, my other hand motioning for her to be quiet.


    Her green eyes were wide in fear, her breath hot and fast over my hand. Her red hair was knotted and messy, her bangs hanging in her face. She was in a pair of panties and that was it, a thick red stream of blood coming from her shoulder, running down from the wound in a dark red liquid. 


    We both held our breath when we heard slow, heavy footsteps coming down the hall towards us. I could feel her start to cry as her attacker neared, making me silently tell her to shut up once again. She held it in, being extremely quiet as the foot steps passed us, not giving any of the doors a jiggle or anything. They must be very confident.


    Once I was sure we were alone, I removed my hand from her mouth, stepping back to give her some room. She stared at me, still pressed flat against the wall I had her pressed into. Her green orbs eyed me suspiciously, like she expected me to bite her or something.


    “I’m not one of them. I’m kinda under their protection at the moment.” I explain, watching her relax a little bit.


    “Are you okay?” I ask, softening my tone. She stared at me for a second before she shook her head slowly, her bottom lip quavering as she started to cry. 


    I quickly took her into my arms, making sure her cries were muffled just in case he came back. I let her cry for a few minutes before pulling her back up to face me. I made her make eye contact with me, begging her to pull it together.


    “Who was it? Who was you running from?” I asked, snapping my fingers in front of her face when her eyes wondered off from mine.

    “Tell me his name.” I say, shaking her shoulders a little. Yes, I know, this isn’t really a way you should treat someone who was attacked and in shock but I needed to know. I don’t know why but I felt like I needed to know that it wasn’t who I thought it was.


    “I-I don’t know his name.” She stuttered out, looking around the room in confusion.


    “How did I get here? Where am I?” She asked, her voice getting louder and stronger as she spoke.


    “Shush! He’s going to find us!” I warn, trying to get her to stop shouting.


    “Who is going to find us? Who are you? Why did you take me?” She said, not lowering her voice as she yelled these things at me.


    “I’m trying to help you, please stop yelling!” I say in a loud whisper, begging her to be quiet.


    “No! I want to go home. I’m leaving.” She said, stumbling towards the door. 


    “You can’t leave!” I say, not bothering to be quiet either.


    “Don’t touch me!” She shrieks, pushing me away when I reached for her. She yanks open the door, running out before I could grab her.


     Cursing idiotic people, I run after her. She makes it almost to the stairs before I tackle her, landing us both on the floor. She squirms and screams, making me quickly straddle her back and clamp my hand back over her mouth so her yells were muffled.


    “He’s going to find us if you don’t stop! Do you want to die?” I hiss in her ear. She stopped moving, her head still tilted up towards the stair case as I was bent down by her ear.


    “Good job, Anna. I was beginning to think I had lost this one.” A familiar voice said as slow, heavy footsteps came to notice. I looked up, my jaw going slack as blue eyes twinkled at me.


    I slowly got off of the girl, helping her to her feet before placing my body in front of hers. He raised his eyebrows at me, amusement clear on his face.


    “Don’t tempt me, love. It’s hard enough already. Just hand her over and go on about your business.” His warned, motioning towards the girl. His act of kindness dropped as seconds went by and I still hadn’t moved.


    “Move or I’ll make you move. I promise you, you won’t like it.” He threatened, his voice deep and husky.


    I thought quickly, looking for something I could defend myself with. My mind remembered the letter opener I had in my back pocket, making me mentally smile at how I thought ahead. I pull it out, pointing the sharp end towards the vampire. He glanced down at it, raising one eyebrow at me.


    “Really? That’s all you got?” He said, chuckling at my lame attempt to save the girl.


    “It’s better than nothing.” I say, slowly pushing the girl back with my body. He can easily get around me, I’m surprised he hasn’t done it yet. He’s faster than me.


    “I’m done playing games, Anna. Give me the girl or I will take her from you.” He said, a confident look replacing the amused one.


    “I’m not gon-” I couldn’t even get the rest of the sentence out before Niall darted forward, his fangs bared at me. 


    His large hands gripped the front of my shirt, easily lifting me off of my feet and tossing me to the side. I groaned as I hit the wall, sliding down to land on a small table before rolling off of it and hitting the ground. My body instantly began aching, my head pounding from where it had hit the wall. 


    My eyes shot open when a high pitched scream echoed off the walls, catching my attention. I didn’t have to search long until my eyes landed on the girl. Niall had her by the hair, yanking her to her feet from where she had fallen. He suddenly looked at me, giving me a sick smirk before yanking the girls head back, exposing her neck. She cried out and flailed her arms around but it was no use. He had her exactly where he wanted her.


     I watched helplessly as his eyes darkened and his teeth extended to their full length. Niall never broke eye contact as his teeth sank into her neck and he began to feed.


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