How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


16. Anger

Harry’s POV
I leaned forward, eyeing the two girls putting on a show in the middle of the dance for. I felt my eyes go wide and my jaw drop when I recognized the dark headed one. Anna slid her hand down the blonde’s side, gripping tightly at her waist has the blonde knotted her hands in her dark hair. The kiss ended and Anna smiled shyly at the girl, earning a grin from her. I couldn’t stop my feet as I walked towards them, ignoring the glares I got has I shoved past people.
I walked around the inside of the crowd, making sure Anna couldn’t see me as I came up behind her, pulling her body back against mine, grinding on her. She took her newly learned skills and used them expertly, working her bum against my groin. I let out a throaty groan, dipping down to place a light kiss on her shoulder. My eyes glanced up to see the blonde staring at me in shock until her expression changed to anger, glaring at the dark girl in front of me.
“That was quite a show you put on.” I purred in her ear, making her freeze. She didn’t look back, knowing exactly who it was. I forced her body to move, not wanting to make a scene.
“It’s okay, love. I’m not here to hurt you. Actually, I didn’t know you was going to be here. But, since you are here, I would like to apologize. I’m sorry for what happened earlier. I didn’t mean to get out of control. I’m so sorry I put you through that.” I said, resting my cheek against hers has we danced.
She turned towards me and wrapped her hands around my neck, her eyes meeting mine in the dim light. She placed my hands back on her hips, rocking side to side slowly to the fast paced beat of the song. We were the only ones slow dancing, catching a few weird glances from people.
“I understand that it was an accident. I didn’t mean for it to get out of control but it did. But, there’s one positive thing about that situation.” She said, her chin tilted up on my shoulder.
“What could possibly positive about that situation” I asked, trying to get on the same thinking train. I kept getting glimpses of what happened and nothing seemed positive about it. I could tell she was trying hard to not think about something but I caught a slight glimpse of silky boxers. What the hell?
“You had enough control to stop yourself from coming after me.” She said, her voice gentle as we turned in a slow circle.
She was right, in a way. I had help with that. The boys showed up just in time to help me reign it in. If I would have went after her and killed her, she would never be mine. She wouldn’t complete the change her body is about to go into and she would be lost forever. I can’t tell her what’s going to happen to her. It kills a little part of me everyday now. I know how lonely and confused I was when it all happened until someone finally clued me in on everything ad taught me what I needed to know to survive. I know exactly how it feels after that. Everything is heightened and the first few meals were the toughest and usually the deadliest until you get it right.
“I guess you’re right.” I say, sweeping my curls out of my face. She smiled up at me until her gaze shifts over and I follow it. Louis was standing on the outer edge of the crowd, watching us closely. He seems protective over her. I wonder if he knows yet.
Bonny’s POV
I stepped forward as the one I’ve been looking for stepped up behind the girl I had been dancing with. He wrapped his arms around her waist and start dancing with her, his lips finding her ear. Her eyes widened as he spoke, her body not moving. You could tell that the fnext first movements were forced, getting more sincere as he continued to talk to her. Her face softened and she turned around, her body pressed up against his has she spoke to him.
Anger took over my emotions, my glare focusing on where he touched her. Harry was gentle with her, his touches on her body soft, gentle. It was obvious that he cared for her. This only pissed me off more, my face turning hot as I watched the two slow dance to a fast paced song.
She needs to get going. To leave. to disappear. It was crystal clear to me that this bitch was going to be around for a while. She’s standing in my way of happiness and I just can’t let that happen. She can’t have him, he’s mine. He may not see that now but he will.
I stomped off of the floor and headed to my house walking. I needed to cool off so I could think when I get home. The last thing I need is to lose another employee because of my anger.
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