How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


14. Almost There

Harry’s POV.
“Damn it!” I shouted, the words echoing off the walls to fill the house. Speaking of my house, it was a mess. Pillows were ripped and torn to bits. Half of my vases were broken against walls. You don’t even want to know what my room looks like. Everything is broken, just keep it at that.
“At least you had the strength to stop yourself from killing her, mate. She’s alive and safe. Don’t worry about it any more.” Niall said, making me face the blonde. I growled.
“That’s not my point! I didn’t lead her here for me to scare her off! She’s supposed to get interested, she’s supposed to want to stay here, with me. I can feel her right now. She’s in somebody else's home, somebody else's arms. This was not supposed to happen!” I said, my voice working its way up to a shout.
“Lad, do you really think it’s a good idea to be around her while she’s still human?” Zayn asked, running his fingers through his dark hair.
“Well, I can’t exactly change her into one of us. I gave that up when she was wee little. You know I can’t change her. Who ever changes her before it’s her time has ownership over her. I won’t do that to her even if I could.” I say, trying to get my emotions under control.
“I could change her for you.” Liam said, making my blood boil. Before I knew it I had the boy pinned to the wall by his throat, growling right in his face.
“She will not be under your control. She will not be changed before it’s her time. None of you will so much as look at her. Let me catch you even thinking about it and I’ll rip you to pieces and laugh as you piece yourself together.” I say, letting go of Liam’s throat to face all of them. They nodded their heads at me. Good. We are all in understanding.
“Well, what are we going to do?” Niall asked, making me shrug my shoulders. I really don’t know.
“I’m going to watch over her until it’s her time to change. Then I’ll take her under my wing and teach her everything that she needs to know. When it’s all over, if she wants to stay she can, if she doesn’t then she can leave.” I say, sitting down on the couch beside Zayn.
“Are you going to be able to let her go like that?” Zayn said quietly, asking the very question I hated to even think about.
“I hope I can.” Was all I said. We sat in silence for a while, thinking about what had happened when Niall broke the peace.
“Anybody wanna go get drunk?” The Irish accent slurred, sounding already half way there.
“Yeah. I need to get my mind off of this. Let’s go.” I said, standing up. I stopped when I felt all eyes on me.
“I think you need to change out of those clothes. She’s still on you and if you start to sweat the scents will mix again. Go change, we will be outside.” Zayn said, pointing towards what used to be my room. I nodded my head and followed the hallway back.
After the door was tightly closed, I stripped down naked. I grabbed my shirt, hesitantly putting it to my nose. Anna smelt amazing. Not just the scent of her blood, but the smell of her skin, her perfume. Like flowers, like cinnamon. The scents mixed well, creating one addictive, seductive smell. I quickly through my clothes into the dirty clothes and slid into fresh ones. I really need to get my mind off of her, at least for tonight.
Anna’s POV.
“So, have you ever been clubbing here?” Louis asked, rolling onto his side to look at me. I was currently laying on my tummy, exposing my bare back with the covers covering my bum, my arms above my head under the pillow I was laying on. My hair was a mess but I was happy, content. I smiled at him, shaking my head no.
“Well, I think I have just found our next activity. You feel like going?” Louis asked, grinning at me as he poked me in the side.
“Yeah, but there’s just one little problem. I don’t have anything like that to wear.” I say, knowing the exact kinda clothes that’s needed to go clubbing.
“That’s okay. I think I have something that will fit you. My sister is about your size.” Louis said, hoping up out of bed and sliding on a pair of gray joggers. He disappeared out of the door and emerged a few minutes later with clothes in hand. He grinned at me, tossing everything on the bed.
“Go take a really quick shower and get dressed. I’ll be in the bathroom across the hall.” Louis said, starting out towards the door.
“Why do i have to rush?” I asked, getting out of the bed as well. I quickly located Louis’s boxers and slid them on. They were silky, smooth on my skin but big as well. I grinned at Louis and turned around slowly.
“I told you I could wear them better than you.” I said smugly, sticking my tongue out at him. He grinned at me walking forward.
“True, but I like them better off. Go take a shower before I change my mind about going out.” He said kissing me on the lips before leaving the room again. I giggled but did as I was told. Time to have fun.
Bonny’s POV.
“So he’s going clubbing. This is perfect. I’m ready, let’s go.” I said, flipping my blonde hair over my shoulder as I got into the car.
“Yes ma’am.” The driver said, heading towards the down town area.
I watched the scenery pass by, excited. I finally get to meet Harry once again. He will be thrilled to see me, it’s been years since the last time we met up. When we leave here, we can go back to my place and have a little bit more fun than normal people can. I smile at the window, surprised to have arrived so soon.

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