How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


49. Alive

    I couldn’t feel anything. I can’t see. I can’t even breath on my own anymore. When I could hear, Louis told me that my body is shutting down so it can save the energy it needs for when the time comes. When I have to brutally murder and eat two humans. When I have to take two lives just to keep my own.


 I feel somebody touch me but I can’t respond to it, my body in a comatose state though I surprising have managed to keep my mind together. Well, the best I could have. The gentle sway of someone carrying me lasts for about ten minutes before I’m set back down in a sitting position. I could feel the slow heart beat in my chest, barely pumping blood through my week body as I wait.


     In my head, I’m nervous. I would say I had knots in my stomach but even if I did I couldn’t really feel them. A gently touch was made to my face before disappearing again, leaving me to wonder what the hell is going on. What’s taking so long? My mind is at war with itself in these moments, nagging and scolding me for being so eager but then saying this is what I was put here for. I was meant to become this and in order to survive and live a long life, this was nessicary. 


    Surprise takes over my mind as a low thumping sound starts to build in my ears, dull and weak at first before quickly speeding up, strong and loud in my head. I open my eyes, blinking a few times as I try to push pass the grey fuzziness and into clear vision. I squint in the bright light, looking up to see five faces staring down at me. I open my mouth to speak but nothing comes out, my throat raw and dry. 


    I look up at Louis, clutching at my neck. He nods his head once before all five boys step to the side, revealing a mirror. Much to my surprise, I look normal. My eyes were darker and I have a dull shadow under them. My hair is dark compared to my skin, the days stuck inside making me pale. Liam is by my said, taking one arm and Zayn grabbed the other, pulling me to my feet.


    I wobble, clinging to their arms as I study my reflection. I’m dressed in a pair of black cotton shorts and a white t shirt, its size telling me it belonged to one of the boys. My toes were bare, my feet pale and small compared to the feet around mine. I tilt my head to the side, causing a deep throb to start in the middle of my forehead. My stomach rolls and a sharp pain starts in my stomach, making me double over and let out a raspy gasp.


    “It’s starting. Go get them.” Louis commands, taking me from Liam and Zayn. He aids me towards the back of the room, facing me towards the door. 


    I look up and around, realizing I’ve never been in this room before. It looked like it used to be white but dark splatters stained the walls, leaving streaks and blotches of brown scattered around the room. Another painful stab was made in my gut, sending me to my knees as a hard cough sent a dark red-black substance to be hacked out on the floor before me. My body started to shake as Louis picked me up, making me get to my feet. 


    “Any damn time now would be nice!” He shouts angrily towards the door just seconds before the boys returned.


    A short woman followed them through the door along with an average man. Her dark hair was in a bun and she looked around the room before her eyes landed on me. Her blue eyes went round as it dawned on her. She back away until she bumped into Harry, who was blocking her one and only exit.


    The man was a bit stocky, his golden brown hair sticking up as if he had just gotten out of bed. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. He looked at Liam who was at his side, confusion taking over his face.


    “What’s going on?” He rumbled, his voice slow from sleep.


    “You’re both about to give a little blood to save a life.” Niall mummered, earning a smirk from Harry.


    “We couldn’t do this in a hospital?” The woman asked, her voice shaking from fear.


    “Nope.” Zayn answered quickly, reaching out to cup her face. 


    She froze, caught up in the sudden tenderness of the man before her. He pulled her close as his hand slid down the side of her face and rested on her neck. She yelped as Zayn made a quick movement before backing away, her hand covering her neck. I closed my eyes as her scent made its way to me, the sweet seductive smell taking over my senses. I groaned, my mouth watering as I opened my eyes, catching her attention.


    “The woman symbolizes my side of you. The vampire side because she’s a female. She’s small and fast, stealthy and seductive. Exactly like a vampire.” Harry starts.


    “And the male stands for your werewolf gene. Strong and independent. Exactly like a werewolf. Now. Eat.” Louis finished for him, the boys backing away from their capture of the evening. 


    “You’ve got to be joking right?” The guy asked, looking at each of us. 


    “You are all out of your minds.”  The woman said, her tone rising high as panic began to set in.


    “Enough. Anna, you have to make the first kill before your body gives out.” Louis stated, his eyes darkening. I swallow, covering my mouth with my hand. My head goes dizzy as I pull my hand back, my own blood splattered across my hand.


    “She’s sick, get her to a hospital.” The girl said, her hands shaking as she pointed at me.


    “Anna, you must do it quickly. You’re running out of juice.” Harry rumbled, his voice deep and stern.


    “I can’t.” I choke out, feeling my eyes start to water up.


    “You have to.” He snaps, his green eyes sparkling with anger.


    “I can’t kill these people.” I manage, stumbling away from them and using the wall for support.


    “Kill us?!” The woman starts, her own eyes spilling over with tears. I ignore her as she begins to beg, backing into a corner with the guy they had also brought.


    “You’re life depends on it, Anna.” Niall tries to reason, motioning to me before the people in the corner.


    “I don’t want to take their lives, I can’t. I-” I begin but was quickly shut down.


    “You don’t have a choice, Anna!” Harry thunders, his voice echoing off the walls and causing the woman to squeal and cower into the wall.


    “Either you do it on your own or I’ll force you to. Either way, you’re walking out of this room breathing.” Harry threatened.


    “You can’t bully me into everything!” I manage to shout back, my own anger rising up.


    “Guys, while I’m enjoying this, we are running out of time.” Louis says, looking down at his watch.


    “I’m not doing it.” I stated, letting my body slide down the wall.


    “Damn it, Anna. Why do you have to be so stubborn?” Harry snaps angrily.


    He turns towards the woman in the corner, causing her to try to hide behind to male. Harry snatched her arm, causing her to stumble into him. Her voice was high has she pleaded with him, her face red and puffy from crying. Harry’s eyes never left mine as he shoved her at me, her body landing a few feet from me. She rolled over and scrambled away from me, moving back towards the boys.


    “I can’t.” I cry out, wiping angrily at my face. I felt so tired.


    “Well, you’re going to. Niall, hold her.” He rasped, his tone setting Niall into quick actions. 


    Niall held the girl in place as Harry stalked over towards me. I pushed myself against the wall, using a little bit of my energy to kick my foot out, trying to fend him off. Instead of backing away he grabbed my ankle, yanking me forwards. I wiggled, kicking my other leg at him as he drug me across the room, easily ignoring my pathetic attempts to break free. I just don’t have the strength to do it. He dropped my leg before crouching beside me, looking down at me. 


    “We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way.” Harry grumbled, his eyes hard and his tone deep. I glare up at him, making him nod his head once.


    “Hard way it is. Niall, bring her to me.” Harry commanded.


    Niall pulled the girl forward, ignoring her kicking and screaming. Harry wrapped one arm around her waist, giving me time to scoot backwards. Harry huffed before his hands caught my thigh, yanking me down until he was straddling me. I clawed my fingers and swiped up, catching the right side of his face. I will not do this. I’m not worth it. Harry hissed at me, his right hand colliding my my cheek. Pain spread through out that side of my face, making me still from shock that he had hit me. A large hand held both of my wrists together, his nose brushing mine as he looked me directly in the eyes.


    “I don’t care if I have to do this every night, I’m not losing you.” He rasped, his eyes bright with excitement and determination.


    I open my mouth to reply but quickly close it, squeezing my lips together as hard as I could. Harry quickly had the girl by her hair, his tight hold making her bend at his will. She screamed out as he slowly drug his nail down the side of her neck, revealing my future food source. A warm drop landed on my chin as he forced her over me, his weight heavy as he finally sat on me to keep me still. I huffed and turned my face away, shutting my eyes.


    “Don’t make this harder, Anna.” Harry scolded, grabbing my face with his free hand. I clamped my lips shut as hard as I possibly could, holding my breath to keep from inhaling the temptation that dripped from the girls veins.


    He groaned and pushed his fingers into each of my cheeks, grinding them into my teeth. I squirmed, the pain sharp in my cheeks. He managed to squeeze my jaw and my mouth popped open, his fingers using my cheeks as protection as he set them in between my back teeth. Warm droplets made their way up my chin, the last one landing on my tongue. My eyes went wide as my body came alive. The droplet was followed by a few more, making my skin tingle and my body hum. My heart picked up pace, beating fast and strong in my chest. I could hear my pulse in my ears, feeling my cold body grow warmer by the second.


    Harry let go of my wrists and my hands grasped the girls body, pulling her down closer to my face. I let her blood drip into my mouth before placing my mouth over her wound, my teeth clinging to get a better hold. I felt Harry’s weight leave off my stomach as I did this, making me take a a deep breath. I felt amazing. I felt strong. I felt alive.

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