How sweet the Taste

With a world full of mysteries, secrets and lies, how certain are you that you aren't apart of something beautifully dangerous? Something incredibly supernatural? Anna was fairly certain from a young age that something just wasn't right.


25. A day without threats.

Supper was fabulous. Niall was the most polite and Zayn had been the quietest one, leaving Liam to be the flirty cheeky one. It was odd. By the way they look you would definitely think that Zayn would have been the one trying to seduce me all through supper.


    I neatly dodged all of Liam’s sexual questions, being extra careful to not make eye contact with him for more than two seconds, just enough to acknowledge him speaking to me. I was surprised when my bite mark didn’t go into flames on my side, instead it stayed the same temperature as the rest of my body. Not once did it feel even remotely warm. It must be only for when Harry gets near me.


    Niall was the one who explained it all to me, about Bonny and Harry. Apparently Bonny and Harry used to go to the same college hundreds of years ago, having most of the same classes. Vampires then were like today, supposedly non-existent. After Bonny figured out that Harry was like her, she tried to connect them, bond them together in some weird ritual vampires do when they choose a “mate”. Harry didn’t want Bonny in that way and rejected her offer, abandoning the bonding ritual. 


    According to the boys, Bonny went crazy with hatred for any girl who came near the curly headed boy. She killed many girls, leaving Harry alone with just the guys, cutting him off from any sort of love life. The boys finally got him away from Bonny, leaving the US for the UK just to get away from one crazy person. He ended it there, leaving me hanging as he stirred the left over food on his plate. He’s hiding something from me, I can feel it.


    “So, Bonny is, after all, a crazy person that Harry has rejected.” I say, summing it all up. 


    Zayn nodded his head, not meeting my eyes as he took a sip out of his second glass, making my tummy roll as he set the glass back down, licking the red substance off of his lips. The realization of the thick looking liquid made my stomach turn, leaving to to try and keep my supper down. I swallowed hard and closed my eyes, tilting my head down as I took a deep breath, breathing slowly.


    “Are you feeling ill, Anna?” Niall slurred, my eyes meeting his some-what concerned baby blues.


    “I’m fine, I just can’t really breath.” I say, giving him a shaky smile as I tried to take another breath. The harder I tried to breath, the harder it got. It felt like the corset was constantly tightening, allowing my lungs to get only a little bit of air.


    “Suppers over, we can take a walk to the balcony if you like.” Niall said, pushing himself away from the table. He was at my side within seconds, pulling my chair back for me to have room to move.


    I gratefully took the hand he offered me, balling up the napkin in my lap and setting it on the table as I stood. Niall looped his arm around my waist, supporting most of my body weight as he led the way outside. The large double glass doors opened, a gust of cool air splashing on my face.


    The full moon shone brightly on the balcony, providing easy light to see ahead of us. Niall stopped by the iron railing, releasing my hand. I brushed my finger tips across the rough cement of the railing, taking slow breaths. We stood there for a moment, allowing me to try and catch my breath.


    “It’s to tight.” I nearly gasp, my hand resting on my stomach as I try to take another deep breath. What’s gotten into me? Why is this bothering me now?


    “The corset? Turn around.” Niall said, motioning for me to turn my back towards him.

     I did so, trying to ignore the chill bumps that appeared over my skin as his finger tips brushed along my back. A slight ripping sound was heard before my corset was dramatically loosened, allowing me to gasp for air as my arms help up the front of my dress. Once my breathing was back to normal, I turned around and watched Niall slip off his coat. I held my breath as he stepped into my bubble, our bodies just seconds away from touching as he put the clothing around my shoulders. 


    “Thanks.” I mutter, feeling a little flustered at his closeness. He didn’t back away from me, standing close enough to where I could feel his body heat.


    I glanced up at him, finding his blue eyes sparkling down at me despite the darkness off the night. The moonlight made his blonde hair look white, his normally creamy skin pale. Something inside me reacting to the sight before me, making me reach up. My fingers grazed the softness of his face, tracing the cheek bone before repeated the action on his jaw bone. He stood perfectly still, his dark eyes glittering down at me as I traced his beautiful face.


    I cupped his face, my thumb brushing over his cheek. His eyes fluttered close as he leaned into my hand, encouraging me to continue. I released the jacket I had been holding to me, not caring if it fell off as I reached up with both hands. I lightly traced his eyes and over his eyelids, down his nose and into the small dip between his nose and his top lip. I tilted my head to the right, feeling brave and confident. Where was all of this coming from? My teeth took my bottom lip between them as I slowly traced his soft lips with my thumb. He pressed a gentle kiss onto the pad of my finger, his eyes opening again. 


    My heart beat hard at how close he was, the intimate seconds ticking by as we just kinda stared at each other. I dropped my hands, letting them dangle by my side as I waited. For what? I have no idea. I expected something to happen but I just don’t know what. I don’t really know what I want to happen.


     In the very back of my mind, I kinda expected him to attack me. To bite, to feed. But, I quickly dismissed the idea of being attacked again, instead of thinking on positive things. He could just say your welcome and goodnight before leading me back up to my room and locking me in there. He could.


    Instead, his own hand found my face, repeating each action I had done to him barely minutes ago. I found my own want start to build, making me lean into his soft touch. Instead of kissing his thumb like he did mine, I nipped at it, earning a low chuckle from him. He cupped my face, quickly tilting it up to press a kiss onto my bottom lip before repeating the action to my top one. 


    Instead of jerking away, I stepped closer to him, our bodies now touching in almost every place. I rest my hands lightly on his waist as his found my hips. Niall gently pushed me back, turning me a little as he pressed my back into the railing. His lips never left mine as he bent down, slipping his hand underneath the layers of my skirt. Gripping my legs, he lifted me up onto the balcony edge, positioning himself between my knees.


    This was when he deepened the kiss, his hand sliding down to my lower back to push me closer to him. I eagerly abided, wrapping my arms around his neck as I fist his blonde hair. His kiss travels to my cheek then to my neck, his tongue instantly finding my weak spot. I tilt my head further back, allowing him more access.


    “Anna.” He mummered against my throat, his voice husky and deep.


    “Hm?” I hum back, not trusting my voice.


    “I want you to remember something.” He continues, nibbling on my earlobe.


    “What’s that?” I half whisper, caught up at the want that was nearly driving me crazy.


    “This isn’t the only thing I can make you want to do. Do as we say without giving us any trouble and you’ll be fine.” He says, leaning back away from me to look me in the  face.


    Before I could react I was back on my feet, the dress pulled down and in place with his jacket around my shoulders again. I scanned over the balcony and found no trace of the irish boy. I jumped a little when the double doors came open, revealing Zayn with a smug and amused look on his face. My cheeks were on fire as he winked at me, silently telling me he knew what happened.


    “Niall said it’s bed time.” He said, motioning for me to come along. I sighed and did as I was told, looping my arm through his as he led me through the large building. Why can’t I go a day with vampires without being threatened?

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