Super Dad

"Perrie Where Have You Been ?!" I Snapped "Zayn Chill I Was Just Out With The Girls " She Plays Like Everythings Okay . I Put The Baby Down In Her Crib Because The Drama Was Foaming "Perrie You Have A New Born Baby To Take Care Of ... Not Only Am I PISSED !! But It Upsets Me that I'm Taking Care Of This Baby By Myself !" "Zayn You're Not By Yourself " "Yes I Am !! I'm Only 17 I Can't Do This By Myself .. And I Trusted You .. Just . Just Leave " I Said Tears Rushing down My Face . She Rolls Her Eyes And Walked Out Leaving Me Alone With Little Diana . I Should Have Listened When Everyone Told Me To Stay Away From Her . I Picked The Baby Up Out Of The Crib And Held Her Close . "Don't Worry .. Daddy Is Here"

Zayn Is A Teenage Father With A Deadbeat Mother To Worry About . He Was Left To Take Care Of A Little Girl On His Own When Someone Steps In To Help Him . Will He Manage For Little Diana ?


6. Chapter 5

Danyelle's POV


"This Is It" I Said To Myself "You're Gonna Do Great Love ... You're Dad Would Have Said The Same " My Mum Said Mumbling The Last Part "Yeah .. I Know " I Responded Keeping Myself From Crying . My Dad Reminded Me A lot Of Super Man . He'd Always Save The Day With A Snap Of His Fingers but Since He Died The Whole House Has Been Turned Upside Down . My Granddad And Grandmother Have Ran My Mum Through Hell .. And Blaming Her For My Dads Death . My Mum Has Been Trying To Get Us Back On Our Feet But She Can't Do It Alone . 

   My Dad Wanted Me Here ... And I'm Not Turning Back .

They Told Me To Go On Stage And I Walked Out There Smiling Still Hearing My Mum Scream At The Top Of Her Lungs And The Crowd Yelling As Well 

"Hello Sweetheat " Simon Said "Hello " I Said With A Smile After . "What's You're Name ?" He Asked "My Name Is Danyelle Carter" I Said And The Crowd Cheered . Demi Smiled As Big As Ever "I'm Sorry You're Just So Cute " She Said And Everyone Cheered Again "Where Are You From ?" Demi Asked. I Giggled " I'm From London"  I Responded And One Haft Of The Room Chanted . " Why Did You Come On The X Factor Today ? " Kelly Asked . 

"Um ... I'm Here For My Dad who Has Left us Not Too Long Ago .. And .. I Have A 2 Year Old Son At Home With My Brother And .. Its A Bit Difficult Being In The Position I'm In Now Especially At My Age .. I Just " I Stopped As tears Start Falling Down My Face . Everyone Awes At The sight Of Me "I Just Wanna Sing . I'm Here For My Family " By Then My Face Was Filled With Tears As Everyone Clapped . 

"Okay Sweetheart .. What Are You Gonna Sing ?" Demi Asked .

" Impossible Shontelle  I Said Wiping The Tears Off My Face  "Whenever You're Ready Dear " Simon Said Then mumbled something To The Other Judges . 

I Gave The Cue To Turn My Music On And The Music Started I Wiped The Rest Of My Tears Off And Started To Sing 


♪I Remember Years Ago . Someone Told Me I Should Take 

Caution When I Comes To Love I Did , I Did 


And You Was Strong And I Was Not , My Illusion My Mistake 

I Was Careless I Forgot I Did , I Did 

And Now When All Is Done There Is Nothing To Say You Have Gone And So Efforlessly 

You Have Won You Can Go Ahead And Tell Them 

Tell Them All I Know Now 

Shout It From The Rooftop

Write It On The Skyline ,All We Had Is Gone Now 

Tell Them I Was Happy 

And My Heart Is Broken 

All My Scars Are Open , Tell Them What I Hope To Be 

Impossible , Impossible , Impossible 


(The Crowd Screams )

I Remember Years Ago ,Someone Told Me I Should Take 

Caution When It Comes To Love 

I Did ♪


I Ended The Song With Tears Coming Down My Face But I Was Still Smiling .Not Only Was The Crowd Standing And Screaming For Me But So Was The Judges . 

"Danyelle ..That was ... Freaking Amazing " Demi Said . Everyone Screamed Over The Rest Of What She Said " Not Only Are You So Cute .. But You Have Talent And Beauty And talent Dosent Come Natually Its A Gift From God " Everyone Claps And Screams 

"Giiirrrl You Took Singing To A Whole Different Level With This One" Kelly Said And  Everyone Laughs . I Laugh "When You Were Up There Singing ... I Could Feel You're Pain And It Was Like You Were Telling A Story ... Great Job " She Continued "Thankyou " I Said 

"Just .. You Did So Good Darling .. I'm Pretty Sure You're Dad Would Have Been Starstruck " Everyone Screams "And You're Son Is Probably Sitting On The Couch like .. Thats My Mummy ... Fantastico Danyelle " Paulina Said And I Smiled .

"Okay Now Were Gonna Vote " Simon Said 

"Yes ... Yes Yes Yes ' Kelly Yelled As Everyone Yelled With Her

"Si !!!" Paulina Screamed . "Most Definately Yes " Demi Said After . I Covered My Mouth smiling . I Got Quiet Waiting For Simons Answer 

"Danyelle I Want You To Go Home ...." He Said . It Got Awkwardly Quiet "And Explain To Your Son That You Got 4 Yesses And You're Going To X Factor Bootcamp "  Everyone Screamed And Got Up Clapping And Chanting . I Started Jumping Around On The Stage And Screaming Of Joy "Thankyou So Much " I Said And Ran off The Stage To My Mum Who Was Crying . I Hugged Her As Tight As I Could "I love You Mum " I Mumbled To Her "I Love You Too Love .. You Did Absolutely Brilliant " She Let Go Kissing My Cheek . We Then Walked Back In The Lobby And Everyone Was Clapping And Screaming .Lots Of Mad Clapping And Screaming . Then I Saw That Guy I Saw Earlier Who Was Screaming And Clapping Louder than Anyone Else  .

I Didn't Know If I Should Go Say Hi Or Ask Him His Name And Number But He Was Cute. I Smiled At Him And He Gave Me A Little Wave . He Seemed A Bit Shy Which I Thought It Was Bloody Adorable . Then He Started Walking Toward Me And My Mum And I was Almost Out Of Oxegon But Then---

"Sweetheart Let's Head Home " My Mum Said . I Looked At Him And He Looked Confused As I Walked Out . Now Its Like I Didn't Wanna Talk To him .. I Hope He Understands .


[A.N How Was This Chapter ... I Thought It Was A Bit Better. I Thought About What I Wanted To Write And I Don't Have So Much Writers Block As I Did So I Hope You Enjoy The Rest Of The Story .... You Know When I Update ....( I'm Such A Geek )]


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