Stripes of a warrior

Book 1/3

Jaiyana is just like anybody else but still not like anyone in the whole world. She is something more than just human. She knows there is more in the world than what we think.

Cole Hensher would give anything to go back to thinking he was normal after meeting Jaiyana. But he just has to get used to the knowledge of what he is. And what they can and have to do to stop a group called 'the hunters'


3. Chapter two-Jaiyana

Once I was a little ways from the orphanage, I began to run. Even with my heavy backpack, filled with books and school papers, I could run really fast. I reached the school yard in a few minutes. I slowed down in front of the school. People were standing around outside and talking in loud groups. They ignored me as I walked through the large school doors. Their weren't many people in the commons. Mostly because it was still early and because most of the early people are boys who like to hang out in the gym. The halls were eerie and still as I walked to my locker. My locker was located in the far corner of the I opened my backpack and pulled out a journal and a pencil. I opened my locker and threw my backpack inside. Leaning against the lockers I began writing and doodling in the journal. A half an hour later, I could here the foot steps coming down the hall. I quickly threw my journal back in my locker and rummaged through my locker trying to look busy.

"Hey freak!" A voice called from down the hall.

The footsteps grew louder and stopped in front of my locker. I slammed the locker door and glared up at the face of Lourdes Holland. She had hair that was dyed blonde with brown streaks that was straitened out. Her face showed lots of foundation and makeup yet looked somewhat natural. She smirked and looked down at me. I looked at her angrily. I stood up and glared at her. She just stood their smirking.

"Have any strange dreams lately?" She asked mockingly

Only I knew what she meant by that.

"Leave me alone" I snapped back. I had my hands in fists holding back the urge to punch her in the face. I walked off down the hall before she could say anything else. Not paying attention, I swiftly turned a corner and ran into someone.

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