iℕℱiⅈℕiⅈナყ a 1D FanFic

Darcy, Leah, Louisa, Nikki and Zendaya think they have a normal life.......well not really people think they are related to one direction just because of their last names. what happens when they preforms for celebs for a benefit concert with her band mates Darcy Lee-Ann Styles, Louisa Tomlinson, Nikki Horan and Zendaya Malik, are there odds of standing out with those names. And the boys start to wonder 'are they our sisters?'


5. Zendaya

Hi I'm Zendaya Malik and i am not related to Zayn Malik just so you know








Anyway let me tell you about myself

I'm a swifty for life :)

I'm 14 and loving life 

I have black hair, just black hair

And Brown eyes    

12/5/1999 is my one and only birthdate ;)

My hobbies is singing,Gymnastics and drawing 

I like the colour is aqua

I like puppies, thats all i can say

My favourite food is cheese, i don't know why i just like cheese     

I would love to go swimming at the beach but i can't i have a phobia of dying by a shark so i stick to land but doesn't mean I'm not tanned ;) am i right?

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