My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


16. Welcome Back

“Where have you been?” Liam asked as i walked through the door. His face was filled with relief for a moment before it turned to anger.
“Out.” I said, walking past him. I’m way to tired for this mess right now.
“Looks like you’ve been to the gym. Your all wet and sweaty. It looks good on you.” Zayn said from his spot on the couch as i walked through the living room. I ignored his hip gyration as i continued on to my room. Liam left it at that, stopping half way down the hall to leave me alone. I was grateful.
Locking the door, i let my bag drop to the floor with a thump before stripping down, grabbing my robe on the way to the bathroom. Hot water soon washed all the sweat off my skin, the scent being replaced with strawberry as i slowly massaged my aching muscles the best i could. I ran my fingers through my hair, watching the suds slowly disappear down the drain as i rinsed my hair out. The water was quickly shut off and the robe was tied around my waist just as fast, trapping the warmth in with it.
Feeling fresh and clean in my black joggers and blue tank top i sprawled out over my bed, letting my screaming muscles relax. I closed my eyes for one minute and i was out.
“Wakey, wakey sleeping beauty.” A soft voice whispered in my ear as i felt my hair being brushed away from my face. I ignored it, swatting the hands away from my face as i squeezed my eyes shut, groaning as my muscles protested against me rolling over to my side.
“Mmm, this is a nice sight,too.” The voice said as its soft touch wandered down my side to lightly cup my bum. I smacked the hand away, my eyes opening to glare at my intruder. They widened, meeting the glistening blue-green eyes. I stared up at him in shock.
“Well, it’s good to see that your awake now, though i was having fun with you in your sleeping state.” He said, his eyes landing on my chest. I glanced down, hastily snatching my tank top up as i discovered it had slid down to reveal more cleavage then it did when i went to bed.
“Oh, come on. Just a little peek.” He teased, raising his hand to lightly brush his fingertips across my chest. Goosebumps appeared on the naked skin, making him smirk.
“So, Harry has told me about you being disrespectful and about you being a little bitch since I’ve been gone. Thanks to you, he has let me move back in with only one rule. I can’t fuck you. It sucks but at least i can touch you. And you can touch me.” He said suggestively, licking his pink lips.
“What makes you think i want to touch you?” I asked rather rudely, rolling off my bed. I put space between us, leaving him propped up on my bed. He followed my actions. I really didn’t want to fight with him today.
He made a go for me, cussing under his breath has i managed to escape his arms once more. I cried out as he barely grabbed my arm, managing to scratch me but hit me hard enough to make me lose balance. I stumbled, hitting a bed post before regaining my balance. His arms quickly wrapped around me, pushing me into the floor.
“You know, if we do this everyday, i would be a fantastic runner.” he said, pinning my arms above my head as he rested between my thighs. I groaned in disgust, trying to put distance between our body as he rolled his hips into mine.
“Mmm.You wanna know something?” He asked breathily, his eyes locking on mine. I laid there in silence, knowing no matter what i said he was going to tell me anyway.
“I know for a fact you would love to touch me.” He said, nudging my head to the side as his lips traveled down my neck.
“You get excited when i touch you. Your breasts get soft and swollen under my touch, you dark pink nips begging to be suckled.” He muttered into my shoulder, slowly leaving little random wet marks as he kissed his way down to my chest. My hands were gathered into one of his above my head while his other hand slowly pulled down the top of my tank top. His tongue left a hot trail down my left breast, dipping into the valley before continuing onto my right. I felt my breath get shallower, my body desperately fighting all the tingling sensations that was rushing through it.
His finger hooked on the left cup of my bra, tugging it down to reveal a taut nip. His eyes met mine, holding eye contact has he lowered his hand, his warm lips covering the sensitive nub. My body exploded with white hot desire as his tongue was swept over it, twirling around the tip. He pulled back, bolding licking it.
“See. I told you.” He said before gently blowing on the wet spot he had created over my breast.
“Harry told me what you did. Giving yourself to him, giving it up like a slut. I know what it’s like. After that first time. You always want it, you need it. Never will be able to get enough of it.” He said, rubbing the pads of his thumb over my nip. My breath hitched up a notch.
“I know you’re aching to be touch. To be caressed. You want me to slowly lick and kiss your aching cat until i make you orgasm.” He said, his hot breath washing over my face has his lips brushed against mine. He was right. I wanted to be touched. But not by him. I whimpered has he slipped a hand between us, his fingertips grazing across the fabric covering my crotch.
“But, i don’t want to touch you right now. You’ll just have to wait.” He said, his lips crushing mine for a few seconds before he rolled off of me and onto his feet, walking out my door. He left me rather aroused and confused for the second time.

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