My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


3. Unexpected Intrest

i locked my bedroom door and got a quick shower, afraid that one of the boys would break in just to torture me. I laid in bed quietly listening to the noise coming from what seemed like all through the house. After a couple of hours later, a door slammed and the noise was taken outside. Straining my ears, i sighed in relief of hearing car doors shut and vehicles start.
I slid off my bed, grabbing a baggy hoodie and pulled it on over my short cotton shorts and tip toed to my door. Minutes later i was out of my room and slowly walking through the house. I could feel my heart in my throat, beating hard and loud. All of the lights were still on so i was worried one of the boys was still home.
I managed to find the kitchen just in time to hear my tummy growl, yelling at me for not feeding it. I looked through the cabinets, grinning to myself as i found boxes upon boxes of pop tarts. I stood on my toes, reaching for the opened box of hot fudge pop tarts. My stretched has far as i could, my fingers barely brushing against the box.
“Need help with that?” A voice called from behind me, making me jump and hit my elbow on the counter. I yelped and held my elbow, knowing it was going to bruise. I looked up, spying a mop of curly brown hair.
Harry walked into the kitchen, his eyes trained on me as he did so. he stopped directly in front of me, his face a blank slate. His scent surrounded me, warm and masculine as he reached above my head to easily grabbed the box i had been trying to get. They plopped down onto the counter with a loud thud, making me jump.
“Why are you wondering around my house?” He said, not bothering to give me space as he towered over me. I barely came up to his chest. I stared at him gray shirt, trying to calm my breathing. He’s never been this close to me before.
“I got hungry.” I said quietly, not sure of his reaction. He stood there, not saying a word for a couple of minutes.
“You thought we all left, didn’t you?” He said, tilting my chin up with his finger. My dark brown eyes reflected in his green ones and i could see how white my face was. It was definitely noticeable that i was terrified. I slowly nodded my head, feeling the butterflies return.
“Louis told us what you two did. That was very whorish of you, Nichole.” He said, releasing my chin. My eyes quickly lowered back down to where i was staring at his shirt. I swallowed the lump in my throat.
“I’m sorry.” I said, not knowing what else to say. He chuckled, making me wonder why.
“Well, the way i see it is if you’re going to whore around with one why not do it with another. You’re a whore anyway, so you shouldn’t mind.” He said, closing the cabinet above my head before placing me on the counter. Flash backs from the earlier events with Louis ran through my brain and i felt my body start to shake. Harry has never gotten this close to me. He wasn’t the physical type. He’d rather hurt you with words than anything else. He positioned himself between my knees just as Louis had, the only difference was he didn’t have to pull me into him. The counter was small so our bodies was basically touching everywhere.
He found the bottom of my hoodie, pulling it up and off to reveal my white tank top. His eyes locked on the bruise on my left breast and he growled. His sudden ager scared me, making me want to hop down and run back to my room, lock the door and never come out again.
Large hands wrapped around my thighs, picking me up so i would have to wrap my legs around him. I arms naturally hooked around his neck as he toted me out of the kitchen, shutting off lights has he went. I wiggled trying to get down but my actions got me slammed into a wall. Harry’s body pressed into mine and his hot breath found my cheek.
“I wouldn’t wiggle like that if i was you. You could make it way better for me and way worse for you if you keep on.” He said before continuing through the house. We reached the last door on one of the many hallways his house had and he slammed the door behind us.
I was suddenly airborne, flying through the air before landing on a bed. I quickly sat up, scooting towards the center of the bed before one of my ankles was grabbed and i was yanked back town to the edge. Harry’s and cupped my cheek before his lips crushed mine. My eyes widened in surprise, not expecting this kind of reaction from him, of all people. The bad part was that i liked it way more than i should have. My body unfroze and i did the very last thing i would normally do. I kissed back.
His lips moved expertly against mine, showing the true virgin i was. A shiver ran down my spine as his tongue glided over my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I granted it, surprisingly pulling him closer to me as i did so. He groaned, pushing me back further onto the bed, his lips never leaving mine.
My head hit one of the pillows and i tugged on his shirt. He got the hint, sitting up quickly to yank his shirt off. It was thrown somewhere in the room. This was just enough time for me to clear my head. What. The. Hell. Was. I. Doing. His legs nudged mine apart and his hovered above me, kissing my cheek and slowly down my neck. I pushed on his chest, trying not to notice how firm it was under my touch. He froze, pulling back to look at me.
“What, am i not good enough for you? Is that it?” He asked harshly, sitting back on his heels. I laid there silently, not knowing what to say. His green eyes darkened and he placed his hands beside my head, his face coming only inches from mine.
“What, am i not doing it right?” He said his nose bushing against my cheek, nibbling on my ear afterwards.
“Am i not rough enough?” He asked as his teeth grazed my neck. My heart was pounding in my chest, i could hear it in my ears. He suddenly pulled back, looking me in the eyes.
“If i can’t have you, nobody will.” He said softly, “Especially Louis.” He got off the bed, walking to his door as i sat up. He opened it and motioned for me to leave. I sat there stunned for a second before sliding off the bed and hurrying out of his room. Hunger forgotten, i went straight to my room and locked the door.    
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