My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


9. Trouble Already

Liam’s P.O.V

“Go get Nichole.” Harry demanded has he walked by me. I sighed, standing up and stretching before walking out of the living room and down her hall, thankful that i was walking instead of running. I pushed through her door, expecting to see her still sitting on her bed, being the sassy little thing she is and ignoring Harry’s orders.
“Harry said come-” My words came to an abrupt halt has my eyes found a pair of smooth, tan legs. My gaze slowly ran over her body, starting at feet and following her long legs past her thick thighs that peaked out from under her short dress and up her tiny waist to her chest before finally meeting her golden eyes. I cleared my throat before speaking again to make sure it wouldn’t crack.
“Harry said to come on. We are waiting on you.” I said. I watched her spray on some perfume before leading her out of the room and to the car, locking the door behind us. I watched the boy’s faces as i stepped aside, letting them get an eyeful of Nichole. Niall’s eyes popped out of his head, traveling up and down her body until Harry cleared his throat, giving him the evil eye. Niall suddenly became extremely interested in retying both of his shoes though i could see him sneak glances up at the girl in front of me. I notice that Zayn kept his eye son his phone, trying to ignore all of us as he walked around the car and got in.
“Get in.” Harry snapped, smacking Niall in the back of the head as he winked at Nichole. I stifled a laugh, not wanting to get in trouble with Harry right now. He has a temper problem, obviously. I sat in the back with Zayn and Niall, leaving the front seat to Harry and Nichole, being the gentleman i am. I watched Nichole struggle to keep her dress down as she went to slide into the leather seat. She tugged and yanked on the fabric, trying to get it low enough to not show anything. She held it down the best she could has she lowered herself into the car but it wasn’t enough. We all got to see the crotch of her lacy black panties, making my gender jump a little. Niall shifted in his seat beside me, trying to get a little leg room so he could adjust himself without being noticed. Zayn muffled a groan while Harry looked back to glare at all of us for looking.
She muttered a long stream of cuss words, pulling her dress back down as far as it would stretch. She sighed, setting her clutch over her thighs to try to cover more skin.
“Well, at least you got the short part right.” Harry said, shifting into drive and heading off towards town. She glared at him.
“What, this isn’t tight enough for you.” she said bluntly, motioning to her sides.
“No, it’s not.I would make you change into something else if we wasn’t late.” Harry said, staring at the road. It was obvious he was trying not to stare at her chest.
“Hell, if it was any tighter i wouldn’t be able to breath, much less sit in this car.” She said, rolling her eyes at him. He ignored her remark and focused on driving to the club. Minutes later we was parked and getting out of the vehicle.
Nichole was the first one out, giving up on trying to keep her dress down. My heart skipped a beat as her dress rose up, showing the bottom of her bum. Harry’s eyes stared after her for a minute, before smirking as she yanked her dress back down.
We eventually made it to the door was we walked behind Nichole, trying really not to glance down at her bum. Niall couldn’t do it to save his life, earning many glares and deathly stares from Harry. I tensed as a long cat call was made, seeing some guy walk up to Nichole.
“Hey baby. What would you say if i asked if i can take you home with me tonight?” the guy asked, grabbing her upper arm. I swore underneath my breath as Harry stopped beside Nichole.
“She’s with me.” He said bluntly, looking like he was about to break the guys wrist for touching her. The guy looked up at him and immediately backed off.
“Okay,man, my bad. She just walked up her alone so i thought she was riding solo.” He said, his eyes darting down to Nichole chest.
“Well, she’s not, so fuck off.” Harry said, shoving the guy back. He stumbled a few feet before he regained his balance.
“You wanna go?” the stranger said, bowing up at Harry. I rushed in between the two, catching a look of relief from Nichole.

“No, we would like to go inside. Thanks though.” I said, pushing Harry towards the door. Harry grabbed Nichole, placing a possessive hand on her lower back as he walked, keeping her close. This is going to be an interesting night.

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