My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


12. The Rough Time After

The next morning was hell. I shifted in the bed, wincing as pain shot through my legs and to my groin. I opened my eyes and immediately regretted it. Sun shone brightly through the thin curtains, making my throbbing head hurt even worse. I rolled over, careful with my movements. My eyes widen and my stomach dropped as my eyes connected with dark curls, his beautiful face half buried into the pillow he was cuddled up to has he laid on his belly. his back was bare, revealing the tell-tell red marks decorating his back, the covers barely covering his round bum.
My mind slowly connected the dots and my stomach twisted, sending me flying out of the bed and into the bathroom just in time to empty my stomach into the toilet. With shaky hands i flushed it down, turning on the bathroom sink. I splashed my face with the cool water, trying to wake myself up better. I wiped my face off with the fluffy hand towel beside the sink before creeping back into Harry’s room. He was still asleep, though he had rolled onto his back, revealing yet another mark on his shoulder in the form of teeth marks. My face flamed with embarrassment as i silently got dressed, shimmying into my dress. I tiptoed over to his side of the bed, watching him as i silently grabbed my heels, walking backward to the door. I sighed in relief as the door made a low clicking sound behind me, telling me i had managed to get out and not wake him up. I walked through the house, hoping to avoid any of the boys. My hopes was crushed as i walked through the living room to my hallway. Niall was passed out on the couch, one of his arms hanging off the couch as he laid on his stomach. He was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of fitted jeans. Liam caught my eye has he came out of the kitchen, taking in my appearance. He stopped in his tracks, standing there silently staring at me. His face softened.
“Are you okay,love?” he asked quietly. I feel my eyes water and my head dropped, facing the floor as i shook my head. Strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me in close for a tight hug. He rubbed my back,holding me as i quietly sobbed into his blue shirt.
“Let’s go get you cleaned up.” He said gently, picking me up bridal style and toted me into my room. he sat me down on the bed, disappearing into my bathroom. The sound of running water drifted to my ears as Liam reappeared digging through my dresser. I numbly let him pick out my clothes, not caring as he pulled out my underwear and a different color bra. He laid my under clothes on top of my black yoga pants and a baggy sweat shirt.
After placing my clothes somewhere in the bathroom he came back, picking me back up and toting me to the shower. He set me on my feet, standing back to look at me.
“I need you to trust me.” He said, nodding once as i slowly nodded after thinking about how he never really did anything to me.
“Raise your arms up.” He said, pulling my dress back over my head and let it drop to the floor. I was quickly undressed and placed in the shower.
The hot water felt good against my aching skin, rinsing away all the sweat and nastiness from the night before. Liam stripped down into his boxers, pulling to shower curtain behind him before he grabbed the strawberry shampoo. He poured the smooth substance onto my soaked hair, massaging it in softly. He rinsed my hair out, repeating these actions with the conditioner. he turned me around, making me face him as he grabbed a washcloths, gently washing the make up off my face.
he grabbed the body wash, lathering it up before rubbing it across my shoulders. He bathed me in slow circles, making sure to be slow and gentle against my tender areas. His soft touch lathered the soap onto my bum, massaging my sore muscles. Liam slowly dropped to his knees, covering my legs with the strawberry scents of my body wash. I winced as he gently rubbed the cloth against my area. His eyes looked at my face apologetically.
He quickly finished, rinsing the rag out before pushing me back into stream of hot water, rinsing the soap off my skin. The water was shut off and a warm dry towel was wrapped around me.
“I’m going to go get you something to make you feel better.” Liam said as he stripped from his soaked boxers, wrapping a towel around his waist quickly so he wouldn’t flash me. I nodded, pulling the towel closer to me as he walked out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. I dried off, sighing as i slipped the last of my clothing in place.
I just walked out of my bathroom when Liam reappeared in dry clothes holding a large glass of water in one hand and some Tylenol in the other. He handed me the medicine and i popped the pills into my mouth and washed them down with water. he grabbed my elbow, towing me over to my bed.
Liam pulled me onto my bed, letting me bury my face into his shoulder as he wrapped me up in my blankets. We laid like that for hours, not saying a word but laying in the peace and quiet. Soon my eyes drifted clothes and i was back into a deep sleep, feeling safe and content in his arms.

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