My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


17. The Offer

I numbly got up from the floor, trying not to think about what will happen to me on the daily basis now that Louis moved back in. I checked the clock, seeing that it was ten thirty in the morning. I must have slept hard, my bed barely having any wrinkles on the comforter. I sighed, groaning has my tummy growled at me.
“Oh my gosh, Nichole. Grow some balls...” i muttered to myself has i walked out of my room. I walked through the house, listening for the usual noise the boys make all in one day. It was oddly quiet, leaving me a little suspicious about their plans for the day. I jumped when i heard a door slam, coming from the front of the house. I stopped in my tracks, listening. It seems that someone was going outside rather than coming in. I sighed relief.
I strutted into the kitchen, doing a funny little walk as i swung my hips a little more. A random song popped into my head and my mouth opened as the words began to flow from my mouth. I danced around the kitchen, singing loudly as i managed to waist all the random energy my body had given me to abuse. I rummaged through the cabinets and the fridge, settling for a turkey sandwich. I quickly ate, humming the song as my mouth was occupied, dancing in my seat. Placing my now empty plate into the sink i put up what i had strung out before wandering into the living room. To my surprise i found a radio, clicking the on button. A catchy song poured from the speakers, the beat steady and low.
Soon enough i was twirling around the living room, rolling my hips to the beat. I felt myself giggle as i spun, sticking the perfect pose before dipping down and slowly raising up, rotating my hips in a circle as i done so. Sadly, the song came to an end, letting me hold the perfect ending pose as i thrown my hands up in the air and my head back, laughter rolling of my lips as i fell onto the couch, tired from my little exercise.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” a low voice said from one of the many halls. My head shot up from its perch on the arm of the couch, looking for his face. Liam was propped up against hall entrance, his arms crossed over his chest as i small smile played with the corners of his lips. My face shot up in flames. I thought i was the only one home. He walked over tot he radio, lowering the volume a little so a conversation could be held but you could still hear the music.
“Uh, yeah, i guess.” I said, sitting up on the couch, adjusting my legs to where i was sitting on my feet. He sat right beside me, his sudden weight making me slid down a little, bumping into him.
“Well, hello.” He said, smiling at me. I felt my cheek go darker.
“So, how are you feeling?” he asked, looking me dead in the eyes. That question could have so many different answers.
“About what?” i asked, tying to get him to narrow the question down to a certain topic.
“Well, how is your, uh, body feeling?” he asked, sparing me the direct question. I sighed. My body was feeling tired, energetic, a tad dizzy and slightly aroused still from earlier...
“Better than it was.” I stated bluntly, not wanting him to know the details.
“Good, that’s good.” He said, nodding his head as he turned to look at a blank t.v screen. Something’s up..
“So, do you feel any cravings?” He asked, facing me again. I raised an eyebrow, thinking. What the hell is wrong with this kid.
“Why can’t you just asked me a simple detailed question instead of leaving me questioning what would be the right or decent answer?” I asked, getting slightly annoyed.
“Okay. Fine. Do you feel the need to repeat the actions you’v had with Harry but at a sober state of body?” He asked bluntly, catching me off guard. Oh. It all made since to me now.
“Oh, um... I don’t know?” i offered, shrugging. I’ve never thought about it unless i was forcefully aroused.
“Well, you should think about it. And when you answer it, come and find me.” He said, staring me right in the eyes. My eyebrows shot up. Was he seriously saying this?
“Um, okay.” I said, randomly and rather loudly clearing my throat. He nodded, grinning at me before standing and walking back down his hallway. I listen to his door click shut. Sitting perfectly still on the couch i thought : What the hell just happened.

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