My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


40. The Nursery

“Surprise!!!!!!!” Voices yell at me, grinning. I looked around, my eyes going wide. It was a nursery. They have decorated an extra room for the nursery.  I felt my eyes water as i looked around, taking it all in. It was beautiful.

    “You did all this for me?” I asked, looking at the group in front of me. The boys were here as well as Anne and Gemma, Harry’s mom and sister. Ashley, Ariel,Chasity, Sarah and Fernanda were in the front, everybody grinning at me.

    “Well, we did it for the baby. I doubt you can fit into that crib.” Louis said, being a smart ass. I made a face at him, giggling. It looked amazing. The dresser/diaper changing table was made out of wood, as well as the crib and the rocking chair that sat in the corner. I continued to look around, amazed at their creativity.

    “Ya’ll did an amazing job. Thank you.” I said, taking turns hugging everyone. 

    “Whose idea was it?” I asked, looking around the group. They all connected eyes, shifting their feet.

    “It was Harry’s idea. We’ve been secretly working on this for a while now. We ordered everything then started painting. The girls helped with placing everything and the baby stuff.” Louis said, pointing behind me.

     I turned around to see Harry leaning up against the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched me take everything in, a small smile playing on his lips. I walked up to him, wiping a stray tear from my cheek before wrapping my arms around hid waist and burying my face into his chest. He wrapped his arms around my, kissing the top of my head.

    “Thank you.” I whisper, feeling sleepy as his warm body pressed into mine. He gently squeezed me.

    “Anything for you.” He said so lowly i almost didn’t hear him. I sighed, pulling away from him and turning back to find the group staring at us.

    “What?” we both ask at the same time. They all smiled at us.

    “We were just thinking of how cute you two look together. The baby is probably going to be the sexiest baby ever. It’s gonna have Harry’s curls and his mom’s looks.” Louis said, making me laugh.

    “Speaking of “it”, what’s the baby’s gender?” Niall asked, pushing through from the back of the small crowd. 

    “It’s a boy.” I said, smiling. They all grinned, Louis making me laugh when he called it a “Bouncing Baby Boy”.

    “Well, i thought it was going to be a girl.” Liam said, Zayn nodding his head showing he agreed.

    “I alway knew it was going to be a boy.” Harry spoke up, stepping around me to stand in our little circle.

    “Oh, really? How so?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. This ought to be good. He grinned at me.

    “Well, how could it not? Someone has to keep these masculine good looks in the family.” He said as he stroked his face, dramatically flipping his curls away from his eyes. I laughed, shaking my head at the boys has they started picking on him.

    We eventually migrated from the baby’s nursery to the living room, laughing and talking. The girls and I made supper, lightly chattering about the baby and the nursery. After fixing the plates and setting them on the table before calling the boys in, we stepped back, not wanting to get ran over. The females in the house fixed their plates as the boys cleared the kitchen, setting everything down on the table. Clearing our plates, Anne and Fer washed dishes, saying that they could take care of it and rejected my offers to help. I sighed, giving up as i walked into the living room. 

    The boys were scattered all over the living room, couples spotting the living room. Louis and Chasity were play wrestling in the very middle of the room, Chasity currently taking the dominant role and honestly kicking Lou’s ass. Sarah and Zayn were by the window, talking in low voices, laughing every now and then. Niall and Ashley were cuddled up in the single chair we had, managing to watch the t.v. over the chatter. 

    Liam and Harry were  placed in the couch, one at each end. I smiled at each of the boys as i sat down between them, both turning to face me. Anne and Fer eventually filed in, choosing whatever place was open and claiming it as their own. I looked around for Gemma, wanting to see if she wanted to go to lunch tomorrow but she was no where to be found. I frowned, looking around again to make sure.

    “Gemma had to leave. She said bye but i don’t think you heard her.” Harry said as if he read my mind. I nodded my head, frowning again.

    “Anybody want to watch a film?” Louis called out, hushing us.

     We all agreed, piling around on the chair and the couch, while others were loved up on the floor. The hard part was choosing the film. One would want a horror movie, another a romantic movie, one a comedy and so on and so forth. They lightly bantered back and forth, arguing which type of movie would be better.

    “How about we watch a horror movie. It doesn’t matter which one, just grab a case and pop it in.” I said, having to shout a little to be heard. 

    Louis grinned happily at me, snagging a plastic case from the shelf behind him and popping the disk into the DVD player. I guess horror movies had his vote. The lights were shut off as Louis and Chasity darted around the bodies and into the kitchen. A faint popping could be heard as the previews and adds played on the screen, the smell of pop corn drifted into the living room. A few minutes later Chasity and Lou came back into the room, their arms full of separate bowls of pop corn. I was handed a bowl as well as the other ladies, all smiling at the distributers.  The movie began and my attention was lost.

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