My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


48. The Box

I laughed as Liam swatted Niall away, refusing to eat off the spoon Niall was trying to shove into his mouth. Tears were rolling down my face as a string of cuss words came out of Niall’s mouth when Liam flipped them over and pinned Niall to the floor, making the ice cream drip into his blonde hair. I clapped when Liam got up triumphantly, grinning.
So far, my birthday was probably one of the best I’ve ever had. My family made me laugh and smile more than I had in years. l was currently waiting on my cake when cheers erupted from behind me. I turned to see Louis carrying the cake. He set it down on the table in front of me and I laughed. Even though I was eighteen, I thought it was cute and it kinda fit the moment.
“You like the cake?” Louis asked, an amusing look on his face. I giggled nodding my head.
“Well, good.” He said before they all started in on the birthday song. I sat quietly, swaying from side to side as I listened, giggling.
“Make a wish, sweetheart!” Louis said from my right side as people got their cameras out. Flashing started but it didn’t bother me any.
“Blow out the candles, princess!” Niall said. I nodded my head, leaning forward to blow out the candles. I looked up just in time to see Liam snap a picture of me, grinning at the result. I closed my eyes and blew out the candles, making a silent wish.
“Time to cut the cake. C-section, yeah?” Zayn said, holding up a very sharp looking knife. I laughed, shaking my head.
“I hope not!” I said, taking the knife from him.
Liam then took the knife from me, saying the birthday girl needs to get the first piece. I grinned at him and watching him carefully cut the cake. When the cake was handed out I ended up in another fit of laughter, watching Niall and Louis. Niall had managed to get a boob out of the cake.
“I want the nipple!” Louis was shouting, reaching for Niall’s piece of cake. Niall laughed, dodging out of the way.
“No, I had it first!” He shouted back, running around the room trying to get away from Louis’s grabbing hands.
“There is no nipple! Just sit down and eat!” I said laughing, watching Louis pout as Niall took a huge bite out of the cake.
We talked and ate, enjoying the cake and ice cream Liam and Louis had cleverly picked out. After all the paper plates were thrown away and the mess was cleaned up, Fer declared it present opening time. I prepared myself as I moved to the couch, trying to decide which one to open first. I picked up a small one wrapped in pink zebra print paper, ripping the wrappings off and opening it.
“Oh, I love it! Thank you, guys!” I say, motioning towards Louis and Ariel. I held up the necklace, showing everybody. I loved it.
The next box was slender but long, hinting on clothing. I saw it was from Fer and knew I was going to love it. I tore open the package and lifted the lid, grinning at what was before me. I pulled out a black sweater dress. I thanked her and went on toe my next gift. I lightly shook it, hearing it thump around.
“We kinda went on our similar tastes. She helped pick them out.” Ashley said, pointing towards Fer. They grinned at me as I opened the box. Shoes!
‘Oooh, my gosh they are beautiful!” I said, bouncing a little. I continued to open gifts and people, surprised that non were related to my baby condition. I came to another box, seeing it was from Liam. I smiled up at him as I opened it. My eyes went wide and all the girls cooed at the piece before me.
“I got it for you because it reminded me of you. I know princesses are usually Niall’s thing, but I couldn’t leave it there knowing it was meant for you.” Liam said, sitting beside me. I grinned at him, giving him a tight hug.
“I’m in love with it. Thank you so, so much. It’s beautiful.” I said, slipping the ringonto my right hand and down my middle finger. It fit perfectly.
“Any time, love.” Liam said, kissing my cheek. Louis and Zayn picked up all the wrapping paper, taking all of my gifts to my room, with the exception of my new ring.
We were now seated around the living room talking and watching the telly, the air happy and warm. I was chatting lightly with Ariel and Sarah about the baby when the doorbell rang.
“I’ll get it. I need to stretch my legs anyway.” I say, patting Liam on the shoulder. He nodded his head and sat back down to continue the conversation he and the boys were into.
I yawned, seeing it was dark outside and almost eight at night. Wow, my party lasted longer then I thought. All day! I stood there silently for a moment, watching the rain poor down on the window glass. I loved it when it rains. It makes me sleepy. I proceeded onto the front door, wondering who might b coming in the late. I opened the door and my breath got caught in my throat.
“Harry?” I said, watching as the boy turned around, his green eyes wide as if he was surprised to see me here.
“Nichole.” He responded, running his fingers through his damp hair. I took in his appearance.
His curls were darker with rain, his shirt and jeans damp from running through the weather. His eyes were wide and moss green, his face looking a bit tired. Actually, everything about him seemed tired. Like he hadn’t slept in days.
“W-what are you doing here?” I asked, leaving the door wide open as I stepped out of the house, standing almost directly in front of him.
“I wanted to wish you a happy birthday and to give this back.” He said simply, stuffing one hand in his jacket pocket as his other hand held out what looks like one of my jackets.
“Oh, um. Okay, thanks, I guess.” I said awkwardly. For some reason, I had expected something else.
“And one more thing.” Harry rasped, pulling a little box out of his pocket. The bod was small and cube shaped, the black top looking of velvet. Please do not let this be what I think this is, I thought, silently praying. This is the last think I need to decide right now.
He popped open the top revealing a beautiful, one of a kind necklace. I gasped, touching the little bird on it. I grinned up at him, twirling around as he took it out of the box.
“I had it specially made. I’ve always though you smelled like flowers and vanilla. I didn’t think any other flower would be as beautiful as a rose to represent you. The bird is something I thought of, a reminder of me. It looks kinda like the ones I have on my chest. And if you look inside.” He said, clasping the necklace around my neck before turning me around.
“You will see a picture.” He said softly, taking the necklace and opening it. On one side of the locket as a picture of him, his light green eyes sparkling as he grinned up at me. On the other side was a miniature version of the sonogram picture of my twin babies. It was beautiful. I fought back the tears as I continued to look at the locket. It was beautiful, special to me.
“I won’t ever take it off. I promise.” I said. I heard footsteps behind me and we both turned around to see a concerned Liam heading our way. He walked out of the door, shutting it behind him as he faced us.
“I was wondering what was taking you so long, love. Is everything okay?” Liam asked, kissing my temple and wrapping a strong arm around my waist as he stared hard at Harry. Harry didn’t back down but it was obvious he didn’t want a fight.
“It’s Nichole’s birthday, so I thought I would come by and see her. I also had a gift for her.” Harry said, motioning towards my chest where the heart shaped necklace hung underneath my shirt. Liam nodded his head.
“A call saying you was coming would have been nice. We would have saved you some cake.” Liam said, pulling me towards the door.
“Um, there’s still some sandwiches and ice cream left if you would like to come in and eat.” I offer, swatting Liam’s hands away.
Harry shook his head, looking down at his shoes before returning his gaze to me.
“Nah, I need to get going. I gotta go grocery shopping. I just wanted to give you those. Happy birthday, Nichole.” He rasped, his voice sounding sad. He kissed me on my cheek gently and nodded at Liam, bidding his goodbyes. I watched him get into his car and leave.

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