My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


20. The Agreement

“Who are you?” she asked, her piercing gaze locked on Harry. He turned his attention to her, eyes roaming over her. Jealously formed in the pit of my stomach as he gave her his charming flirty smile, his dimples making him look adorable. I quickly fought it back, refusing to let myself think of him as anything but a rude, hateful bully who knows no personal space.
“Harry Styles. And who are you, beautiful?” He asked, his left eye dropping her a wink. Ariel’s cheeks turned a slight pink but she didn’t hesitate to tell him off.
“That’s none of your concern. Why are you here?” She asked, placing her hands on her hips as she eyed him. He dropped his smile, obviously not liking being immediately rejected.
“I followed her here. She said she was going to the gym to stay in shape and i thought it was a great idea. Gotta keep these babies.” He said, smirking as he lifted his shirt and pointed to his toned belly.
“Well, this is a private class, so you will have to come when the entire gym is open.” Ariel said, pointing at the door. He sighed, crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly as he eyed us.
“You look like you need help. She’s hard headed and stubborn, and all your doing is taking it easy on her when you are training. She needs someone who isn’t afraid to bull dog her ass into the ground. She needs to toughen up and your not helping her. Just because she can throw a punch doesn’t mean nothing in a real fight if she doesn’t know what she can take and what she can’t.” He said, his jaw set as he studied Ariel’s face.
She was quiet, silently mauling over what Harry said. Her face was blank as she stared back at him, seeming to be in a staring contest with his sparkling green eyes. She nodded her head once, copying his stance with her arms crossed over her chest.
“Okay. You’re right. She will be here everyday at seven. Come with her. She can use you for a punching dummy.” Ariel said quickly. My eyes were glued to her face.
“What?!” I nearly shouted, making them both jump with my sudden out burst. Harry smirked at me as Ariel ignored me, giving Harry the details about how he would be used in training me. I through my hands up in the air, letting them fall back down to smack the sides of my legs. I slid through the thick ropes of the arena, stomping off to the girls locker rooms. Once behind the thick wooden door my fist slammed into the first metal locker, my blood pumping hot and heavy through my veins. Pissed off was nothing compared to what i am now.
I marched over to the sinks, trying to calm my breathing as i stared at my reflection. My light brown hair was dark with sweat, small droplets freckled my face. My golden brown eyes were wide and a purplish looking bruise was started to show on my cheek. I shifted my head to the side, my fingers lightly brushing agains the purple hickey that decorated my neck. I shook my head angrily, angry with Ariel.
Why would she agree to let Harry train with me? Yes, i get to punch him and take everything out on him and call it practicing but he can just as well hurt me back, saying he’s making me tougher. Did she not read my body language towards him being here?
I quickly turned on the cold water, splashing it over my face with hopes that it would cool me off a little. The sounds of the locker door opening and closing echoed through the room and i turned to see Ariel sauntering towards me. I leaned back against the sink, crossing my arms over my chest.
“I know you are angry with me but before you quit, let me explain why i did this.” She said, raising her hands in front of her chest, palms facing me. I glared at her, clamping my mouth shut to keep from being a smart ass. She took my silence as permission for her to continue.
“I know that Harry is the one or one of the people that have been doing this to you.” She said, pointing her my cheek though her eyes landed on the hickey on my neck.
“But, i think it would help you to learn his weaknesses. Your anger towards him will help fuel your strength to know his ass out. Doing this will give you a chance to beat the hell out of him. He won’t be able to get mad because he knew exactly what he is signing up for.” She explained calmly. I stood silently, locking eyes with her. I hated it, but i knew she was right.
“Okay.” I said, nodding my head slowly as i took a shaky breath. She nodded back.
“Well, come on. He’s waiting.” She said, motioning for me to go through the door and outside to the waiting Harry Styles. Great.

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