My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


30. Suck it up and Deal with it

I felt sexy. And it felt great. I examined myself in my full body mirror. I had a short black dress on. The top was see through lace, so i put on a tight red tank top underneath it, giving the outfit a little color. It had a thick black belt around the waist, just underneath my boobs, outlining my small waist. My legs looking long and elegant with the four inch black heels i wore. My hair was in loose, sexy waves, hanging down my back. My eyes were a smokey color and i had on clear lipgloss, my lips already pink and full. Damn, i looked hot.
I smirked at myself as i thought about what Harry would think of me when i walked out my door. I quickly pushed that thought from my mind, refusing to think about him. I found a silk black clutch, putting my phone and my money in it before walking out of my bedroom door.
Low voices and laughter could be heard at the end of my hallway, making my stomach fill with butterflies as i hear a raspy voice. I scolded myself for being to silly. Confidence is the key. I held my head a little higher, showing i’m proud of the way i look. I walked down my hallway, turning the corner and followed the voices to the front hallway by the door. When i turned the corner, the entire conversation stopped as they gawked at me. My confidence had a quick downfall, smashing to pieces as i felt the need to go back to my room and never come out again.
“Wow.” Harry chocked out, his eyes taking in my outfit. I looked over my dress, making sure there wasn’t anything that wasn’t suppose to be on it.
“You look amazing, Nichole.” Liam said, smiling reassuringly at me before kissing my cheek.
“Aye, come on, Payne. She’s my date, let me have her.” Harry said, placing a possessive hand on my waist before pulling me into him. Butterflies went crazy in my tummy, making me let out a nervous giggle. Harry smiled a small smile before checking his phone.
“alright, let’s go.” He said, opening the door for me.
An hour after we got to the club Niall and Ashley showed up, grinning and looking all “cute couple”-ish. Ugh. They made me sick. For the past hour i’ve been sitting in this stupid booth drinking water while Harry drank his as off and danced with just about every girl here.
“Where’s Haz?” Niall yelled over the pumping music. I didn’t even look up from my water bottle as i pointed to the dance floor. I didn’t want to see the next girl, I know they’ll be either lip locking each other or basically dry humping the other.
“Ugh. I’m sorry, princess. This completely contradicts what i told oyu earlier.” Niall yelled.
“Ya think.” I muttered, grabbing my clutch and getting up from the booth.
“Where are you going?” Nialler asked, looking a little worried. I pointed behind him, to the bar. He sighed heavily and nodded.
“I understand. Here, take Ash with you.” He said, motioning for Ashley to follow. I didn’t wait for her as i walked to the bar, hoping she could keep up. I climbed up into a chair, watching Ashley do the same. She looked hot tonight to.
Her black jeans were hiphuggers, low around her hips. She has a silver belt through the loops, though it was obvious it was just for show beings her pants were skin tight. Her Shirt was black and long sleeved though it was low cut and a halter neck. Her dark hair was in a high ponytail, also doing the sexy loose curl look and had silver hoop earrings. Her make up was done much like mine. She was a cute one.I ordered my drink, and she got the same.
“So how do you like Niall?” I asked, trying to start a conversation. She grinned at me.
“Oh, he’s a sweetheart.” She started and it went form there. She kept most of the conversation going, an easy talker, just making it easier for me. I didn’t really feel like talking but i wanted to be friends with her, for Niall’s sake. We went through many different drinks, sometimes venturing from our comfort zone to try something new, for hours.
“So what’s your story?” She asked, taking a sip of her drink as she looked at me. I blinked. What?
“What you mean?” I asked, sounding a bit slurred. Maybe i shouldn’t drink this one. But, then again, i already ordered it, so why waist it?
“I’ve told you all about me. I wanna hear about you now.” Ashely said, crossing her legs at the knee. Ugh, gosh. Now it’s my turn to give the life story.
“Well, let’s see. I live with my mom, my dad ran out on us when i was real little, so there’s nothing to miss in that department cause i never really knew him. My mom is away on a business trip, so i’m staying with five idiotic boys until she gets back, which will be in about five months. I’ve slept with two of them already, loosing my virginity to none other than Harry Styles,”I said, pointing to the curly headed jerk that was grinding with some blonde with fake tits. I mean, hey. It was obvious. They didn’t move, like, at all. Horrible job, that surgeon did.
“I also slept with Liam Payne, who is currently not here at the moment. I got pregnant and thought it was Liam’s until Harry, the dream smasher he is, brought it to my attention that i missed my period way before me and Liam hooked up. Your boyfriend has become my best friend over night, besides Liam. Both keep telling me that Harry cares about me and all that bullshit and when i start to believe it just even the tiniest bit, he does something like this and totally ruins it.” I said, turning in my chair to point to the dance floor. I hadn’t noticed that she was extremely quiet as the story of my life slowly morphed into a rant.
“I mean, if he cared about me so much, wouldn’t he ask me to dance with him, at the least? Or to actually come up to me and tell me something? I have no job, my mother supplies all my money, and she’s gonna cut that off when she finds out i’m pregnant. She’s going to kill me. I have no idea what i’m going to do when the baby comes, i have nothing figured out. At all. Not one bit. But, yea, that’s my life story up to date. All in a little nutshell for ya.” I say sarcastically, chugging the rest of my drink down before looking at her. Her eyes were sympathetic but the words that came out of her mouth wasn’t.
“Stop bitching and take control of the situation.” Ashley said. My jaw dropped. What did she just say?
“What?” I nearly shouted. She held my glare with her gentle eyes, not backing down. Hm. I like her.
“All i’m hearing is you bitching about things you can change but you choose not to. Yes, i understand that it’s frustrating and hard but it’s not going to get any better if you continue to mope and groan about it. Grow some balls and show them what you’re made of.” She said, shrugging a shoulder as if we was casually talking about shoes. She was right. I needed to grow up. I’m going to be a mom and i have nothing planned out,even though it’s months away. But months fly by. I nodded my head, feeling a little bit more sober than before.
“You’re right.” I said, shaking my head at the bar tender as he asked if we needed anything. I was already going to pay for this in the morning. No need to make it worse.
“Of course i am.” She said cockily, making me smile. I sighed. I needed to get home.
“Alright. I’ma start with the mom and baby thing before i even think about touching the baby daddy subject. I need to go home though.” I said, slipping down from my stool. She took one lat sip from her drink before following me.
“Niall, i have to go home.” I shouted, reaching the booth. Niall was talking to a group of guys. He looked up at me in confusion.
“What, why?” He asked,standing up. I stood closer to him so he could hear me.
“I need to take care of some stuff and i’m sleepy.” I half way lied. I’m wide awake. Niall sighed and nodded him head.
“Wait, before you leave i want you to watch something. Watch Harry and i’ll be right back.” Ashley said before pushing trough the dance floor towards that DJ. Seconds later she was talking to him. She said something and he nodded, stopping the music. She grinned at me and pointed to the dance floor, telling me to watch Harry. I nodded, finding the curly kid.
“Hey, we need a Harry Styles. Where you at, Harry?” The DJ asked after everyone stopped being loud and was listening. Harry looked slightly confused and i giggled at his expression. The blonde chick was still standing right in front of him, her body flushed to his. It was actually kinda gross the way it looked.
“Come on, raise your hand. Can we get a spotlight please?” he asked, searching the crowd. Harry hesitantly raised his hand, a spot light finding him seconds later. The DJ grinned, chuckling as he shook his head.
“You might wanna back off this one, Blondie.” The DJ said into the mic.
“Why is that?” The blonde shouted back, grinning up at Harry as she did so.
“Because his baby momma is headed home.” Her face dropped and she hurried away from Harry’s side like he had some type of disease. Niall’s laughter erupted from behind me and i even let out my own giggle. Harry’s face was priceless.    
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