My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


29. Plans

“Welcome to Starbucks, what can i get you?” Ashley said, looking up at me. Lucky for her, i already knew what i wanted.
“I would like a carmel macchiato.” I said, looking at her.
She nodded her head, writing my name down and going my order to another worker. I stepped aside, letting Liam past me. He order something simple and some sort of weird cookie. I watched Ashley’s face as Liam stepped aside to reveal Niall. Her eyes widened slightly and her cheeks turned pink. Hmm...This is interesting.
Niall smiled sweetly at her, his cheeks turning a tad bit pink also. Oh, now this is cute. He ordered his drink, starting a tiny conversation about it with her, making her giggle.
“What’s your name?” She asked, batting her eyes at him. Niall grinned at her.
“Niall. Niall Horan.” He said, his Irish accent thick. She grinned back at him and wrote it down.
“Well, Niall. It was lovely meeting you. Here’s my number, in case you wanna hang out sometime.” Ashley said, handing him a slip of paper. Niall was grinning from ear to ear, his blue eyes catching her dark ones as he grabbed the paper, purposely brushing his fingers against hers. They giggled a little before i grabbed Niall’s elbow, tugging him towards the back of the store.
“You should ask her on a date.” I said, climbing up into a tall chair. Niall looked at me weirdly.
“Why would i do that?” He said, trying to play it off. I looked at him, raising my eyebrows.
“It’s obvious. You two like each other. Just ask her out on a date. You two would be adorable together.” I said, crossing my arms over my chest as i leaned back in my chair.
“You really wanna start on me about who would be cute together?” Niall asked me, mimicking my position. I sighed.
“Fine. I suppose not. But, i was just giving you a little of encouragement.” I say, sliding down from my chair as my name was called. I watched carefully as Niall got his beverage, grinning as i overheard him asking her to go to the club tonight. She hastily agreed and they made plans. Niall smiled at her one last time before walking towards me and Liam. I bumped his shoulder with mine as we walked out the door, giggling at his reddened face.
“I think you should come with us.” Niall said, turning towards me as we walked down the sidewalk.
“Um, i would love to Niall but one, i’m pregnant. i can’t drink and if i go to the club i will be tempted to. Two, it would be a little awkward for it so be just me with the two of you.” I said, already feeling a little awkward that he had asked me. I refuse to be the sober third wheel of his upcoming date.
“Well, you don’t have to drink and you won’t be alone.” Niall said, shrugging his shoulders.
“Then whose going to go with me?” I asked, looking back at Liam as we walked. He shook his head at me, shrugging a large shoulder.
“Harry. Who else?” Niall said, as if it was silly of me to think anybody else would go with me. I ignored him, pretending that i didn’t hear what he said. We walked home in peace, leading me to believe Niall was just going to go by himself. My hopes were smashed when we walked through the door.
“HAZ!!! GET READY, WE ARE GOING OUT.” Niall shouted through the house, making sure his voice echoed off the walls. I groaned.
“You have fun with that.” I said, walking past him quickly, dodging his grab for me and ended up running smack into the very last person i wanted to see at the moment.
“Whoa, steady there.” Harry said, his voice raspy. His hands were warm on my elbows as he made sure i caught my balance. His eyes caught mine and i could help but be mesmerized. His eyes were a light green today, a soft mossy color as they stared warmly into my brown ones. Someone cleared their throat and heat rushed to my cheeks, embarrassed.
“Um, yeah. So, i have a date tonight and you and Nichole are coming with me.” Niall announced, grinning at Harry before sending me a wink. I rolled my eyes at him and waited for Harry to decline, to say he had other plans or to be straight up rude and say eh would go with anyone but me.
“Alright, what time?” Harry agreed, smirking. My widened eyes went from Niall’s face up to Harry’s.
“Um, excuse me?” I asked, placing my hands on my hips. My question was ignored.
“In two hours so i would suggest you start getting ready.” Niall said, his eyes drifting from Harry to me.
“I’m not going.” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. Once again i was ignored.
“Are we riding together or are we meeting there?” Harry asked Niall, ignoring my glare at him.
“I’m taking her out to eat before we go to the club, so we will meet there an hour after we leave here.” Niall explained. Harry nodded.
“Why am i being ignored.” I said, not really asking but i got a response anyway.
“You’re not being ignore, princess, we all hear you perfectly. We just choose not to acknowledge your words.” Niall said before returning back to the conversation at hand.
“I call that being ignored.” I muttered, pushing through them and into the kitchen.
I found some bagels and cream cheese and made myself a lovely snack, taking it back to my room. Moments later i was sprawled out on my bed, laying on my tummy as i flipped through the pages of the book in front of my, chewing on my bagel and sipping on my Starbucks beverage. I heard footsteps down my hallway but i ignored them, wanting to be left alone.
“ Why aren’t you getting ready?” Harry asked, leaning up against my doorframe with his arms crossed over his chest.
“Because i’m not going.” I reply without looking up, taking another bite of my bagel.
“Yes, you are.” He said, walking into my room and to my closet. I looked up, watching him.
He opened my closet, going through the clothes hanging up. He shifting through everything before spotting something he liked.
“Here. Wear this one with these.” He said, pulling it out from the rack and grabbing four inch velvet black heels from the bottom of my closet.
“I’m not going, so unless you’re going to wear all of that then i suggest you put it back where you got it from.” I said, returning from to my book as i popped the last bit of bagel into my mouth.
“You’re going to get up and start getting ready or i will make you.” Harry said, his voice serious. It made me glance up.
“And how do you plan on doing that?” I asked, closing my book and sitting up. He smirked and started towards me. I slid off my bed, dodging his arms as i ran out of my room, giggling.
“I’m not going!” I yell as i run, screaming in mid-giggle as Liam pops up in front of me.
“BEEP BEEP!” I shout, darting past a confused Liam. I hear Harry’s chuckle as I run through the living room, putting the couch between us. He stopped on the back side of the couch with me in front. I gasped for air, laughing at Harry’s hair. It was sticking up and a little back from i’m running after me. Gosh, i’m out of shape.
“You’re going with me tonight.” Harry stated, pointing at me before pointing at his chest.
I shook my head, giggling as he tried to sneak past the couch. I took off towards the kitchen, sliding on the tile floor with my socks. I caught my balance just in time to turn the corner, going around the island counter in the middle of the kitchen. Harry nearly caught me, his fingertips brushing my side but i escaped, laughing as i run into the living room again.
By now, all the boys was standing in the living room, by the far wall as they watched our little catch-me-me-if-you-can game. I was just about to go around the couch again when i saw harry jump over the couch, totally cheating. His arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me off the ground as i laughed.
“YOU CHEATED!!!” I yelled, squirming. Harry’s laugh vibrated against my back, his breath hot on the back of my neck.
“Come on, let’s go get ready.” He said, toting me off towards my hallway. I turned to look at the boys.
“You all are just so much help. I really appreciate it.” I said, making them laugh as i stuck my tongue out at them.
Louis mimicked me, acting like a little kid as he stuck his thumbs in his ears and wiggled his fingers. I rolled my eyes at him. We made it to my room and i was tossed on my bed. I landed with a bounce, my hair going everywhere. Water started in my bathroom and hands found my ankles, tugging me to the bottom of the bed.
My socks wear yanked off my feet and my jeans were unbuttoned and pulled off all in ten seconds. I was pulled off the bed and caught just before i hit the ground, dropped to my feet before my shirt was snatched up and over my head.
“Hey, hey, hey. I can undress myself ya now.” I say, feeling cold as the air hit my warm skin.
“yeah, well, thanks to your little escapade around the house, we are twenty minutes behind schedule.” Harry said, grabbing my sides just under my armpits and lifting me, toting me backwards like a child. I huffed as he set me back on my feet.
“Alright! I’ll get ready.” I said, smacking his hands away from my half naked body when he reached for the waist band on my panties. He chuckled, giving me a wink before he walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him.    
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