My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


11. New Things, Same People

“Can we go somewhere...a little more private?” I asked, receiving a short quick nod before being led through the crowd and out the door. Soon we were home, Harry continuing to drag me through the house and to his room. My hand was let go and i felt sudden wide awake and completely sober as i stood in the middle of Harry’s rather large room. A loud clicking sound was made, along with the sound of soft footsteps behind me before hot hands wrapped around my waist. He nudged my head to the side, his lips massaging my neck as his hands finding their way down to the hem of my short dress.
“You don’t know how bad i wanted to rip this off of you earlier. When you sat down into the car, it was like your panties were playing peek-a-boo, teasing me with something i can’t have.” He mummered against my skin, his words sending a white hot flash of wanting through my lower areas.
“But, i can have it. right?” He said, his voice low and raspy in my ear. My mind screamed no but i felt my head nod, agreeing with him.
“I want to hear you say it. Use your voice.” he said roughly, grazing my neck with his teeth.
“Yes.. you can have it.” I breathed, loosing my will as my eye closed under his touch.
My eyes shot open as the dress was quickly pulled over my head, leaving me standing in front of Harry in my matching panty/bra set and high heels. I felt him step back from me, staring at me. His green eyes darkened to almost black, his eyes lingering on my bum. I turned around to face him, feeling uncomfortable under his inspection. what have i gotten myself into?
“Holy fuck, Nichole.” He said,swearing a few more times as his eyes roamed everywhere. I felt my face heat up from embarrassment and my eyes dropped to the ground. Sudden hot hands were on me, gently caressing my sides as he pushed me back towards the bed. My tummy erupted with butterflies as he pushed me back onto the bed, instructing me to lay on a pillow as he slid my aching feet from my lovely heels.
Harry followed me onto the bed after stripping down to where he was in nothing but his black boxers. He grabbed my ankle, placing soft and gentle kissed up my leg. He stopped just below my crotch, starting the same process with my other leg. Harry’s tongue traced different designs on the insides of my thighs, making me softy moan as my gender began ache for his touch. Skipping over my gender, his lips creating goosebumps over my skin as he kissed his way up to my face.
“I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good.” He stated, lightly kissing the tip of my nose. I just nodded, my mouth slowly parting has he kissed the valley between my breasts. His hands went under my back, unclasping my bra and discarding it. I fisted his curls in a tight hand as his warm mouth found my nipple, gently running his teeth across it. My body tingled as pleasure pulsed through my system, making me eager for the next steps. He pulled back, lightly blowing on the wet spot he created on my chest. I moaned, arching my back as little as he kissed his way down my tummy.
“I want to taste you. Can i?” He asked, his lips skillfully finding my sensitive spot through my lacy panties. My breath stopped, my hand tightening its grip in his hair. He moaned in pleasure, still waiting on my answer.
“yes.” i breathed, wiggling a little for more connection. He hooked his index finger on the front of my panties, sliding them down my thighs and onto the floor somewhere. He kissed my belly button before proceeding, his hot mouth planted on my area. My back arched off the bed as he slowly licked me, starting from bottom and torturing me with his slow incline towards the tops, making me twitch as he flicked my center with his tongue. I moaned loudly as he repeated this action, sending shock waves through my body. that’s when i felt it. the feeling of it gathering in my belly. My breath got shallower as it built, making me shout out in surprise as i climaxed, yanking on the curly hair i had tangled my hands into. He slowed his actions, taking his time. My hips stilled and my eyes felt heavy. Harry raised his head, looking at me as he licked my excitement from his full pink lips. His eyes closed and he slowly reran his tongue over his lips.
“God, you taste amazing. clean. pure.” He said, kissing my center one more time before slowly sinking a finger into me. Soft moans continued to come out of my mouth, wincing a little as he added another finger. He pumped in and out slowly, gaining speed. Pleasure built up, making my mouth form an ‘o’ shape as i released, my body shaking from excitement.
“Good girl.” Harry muttered as i opened my eyes to see him watching my face. He crawled up to me, his body positioning itself between my legs.
“those are the faces i want you to make when i bury myself into you.” He said, grinding his groin against mine. I felt my eyes widen as how hard it was, biting my lip as Harry softly groaned into my neck. His boxers were quickly taken off, his thick male part pressing into me. I breathing almost stopped as he reached over beside my head, pulling out a square package. I watched him tear the package open with his teeth, throwing it into the floor as he rolled the sheer latex onto his length. My eyes avoided his manly area, occupying themselves with the back of my eyelids. Curly hair tickled my face as Harry repositioned himself.
“Open your eyes,love. I want to see your facial expression when i go in.” He said, kissing my cheek. I did as he said, opening my eyes. My chest rose and fell quickly as he readied himself, lightly rubbing the tip of his member against my area.
My nails dug into his back as he pushed him, making me whimper in pain as he groaned, biting his lip. He stilled, allowing me to adjust a little before continuing. His hips separated from mine only to roll back in, making me wince. His pace grew faster though he kept it easy. Soon, the pain was fading away and pleasure slowly began to take its place.
“Are you ready?” harry asked as he pumped, nibbling on my neck. I nodded, preparing myself.
Harry pulled back a little before thrusting in faster, making me drag my nails down his back he he deepened his thrust, hitting a sweet spot with each movement as he brushed against my nub. For the third time on a row, electricity built up in my center, sending my body into land of pleasure as i released, biting down onto Harry’s shoulder has he rode me out.
A few short moments later i heard harry’s breath get shallower, his pants getting a little high pitch,his moans coming quicker until he thrusted hard and fast, moving his hips hard against mine until he released, his warmth spreading through the condom.
His thrusts eased up and slowed, soon coming to a complete stop as he collapsed on top of me. His curls are dripping sweat, his body glistening in the soft light of the room from sweat. He slowly pulled out, moaning a little as he did so. He discarded the now used condom into a nearby trashcan, rolling off of me into the mattress beside me.
“Well, what do you think?” He asked, his head flopping over to look at my face. I smiled sleepily at him, feeling content and even a little sore already.
“It was...amazing. I have no words to describe what i just done.” I said, not afraid to tell the truth.
“Good. You’re mine now. When i want it, i will get it. no matter, where we are or what time it is.” He said, pulling the mess of sheets and covers over us before tugging me back against him to where my bum was pressed against his thighs. I sleepily nodded, not processing his words has i quickly drifted into sleep.

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