My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


5. My Savior

“Louis, open this fucking door!” His voice boomed, beating on the door so hard it rattled. Louis cussed under his breath, quickly removing himself from my bed and snatched on his shorts. I sat up, covering myself with the blankets the best i could. Before he could reach the door, it flew open and a very pissed off Harry blocked his way out. Louis quickly back tracked, backing away from the door.
“What did i tell you, Lou? What did i fucking tell you?!” He yelled, his green eyes going black with anger as he hit the wall beside him, punching a hole through it. He looked around the room, his narrow eyes meeting my wide ones before landing on the knife that was still laying on my bedside table. His deathly glare returned to Louis.
“Did you threaten her?” He said, looking at his old friend with pure hatred in his eyes. Louis look stunned, to shocked to speak.
“Did you?!” Harry said, pointing to the knife. When Louis didn’t answer fast enough Harry lunged for him but didn’t make it far. Liam and Niall held him back while Zayn gathered Louis, keeping them far apart as Louis left my room. Liam and Niall talked to Harry in low voices, making it hard to hear. One of them finally said something that caught his attention, making his eyes snap back to me. He pushed away from the boys, stalking around my bed. I pulled my covers around me tightly, preparing to get yelled at. Harry stopped in his tracks and glanced at the other two.
“Go back to bed.”He said, returning his attention to me. The two boys left the room, closing the door behind the. Not two seconds after the door shut the covers was snatched from my grip and i was yanked off the bed by the top of my arms. Harry’s eyes darted everywhere, holding my arms out to check for marks or cuts. I tried to cover myself but he smacked my hands away, turning me quickly to finish his inspection.
He yanked his white button down shirt over his head, sliding it over mine just as fast. I quickly pushed my arms through the sleeves, glad he was so much bigger than me for once in my life. His grip found the tops of my arms, squeezing tightly. His face came inches from mine once more.
“Did he hurt you?” He said, studying my face. I muttered a no but ws interrupted by him.
“Did he hurt you?!” He yelled, squeezing my arms so tight i thought he was cutting off blood circulation.
“No, but you are!” I yelled back, instantly regretting it. I flinched, waiting for his reaction. Instead of hitting me or cussing me out, his face softened and his hands fell away from my arms.
“I’m sorry.” he said quietly. We stood there in silence for a minute before it all hit me. I was almost raped. I tried to hide my tears but ti was to much. They poured down my face and i couldn’t hold it in anymore. Harry’s hands found my arms once more but he softly pulled me into him, wrapping his arms around my shoulders has i cried into his bare chest. Minutes later he was sitting on the bed, holding me in his lap as the last of my tears slipped down my cheeks. My eyes got heavy and my breathing evened out, his heart beat nearly putting me to sleep. I felt him gently lift me up, placing me on the bed before removing himself from it. Seconds later he was at my feet, slipping my legs through my underwear. He slid them up and over my bum, swatting my hands away when i tried to take over.
I expected him to leave, but instead he slid off his jeans, climbing into bed with me in just his boxers. I rolled over on my side, my back facing him thinking he would do the same. Instead, warm arms wrapped around my waist pulling me back into him. He kissed the back of my head and didn’t move after placing his chin on the top of my head. I listened to his breathing and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep feeling oddly safe in his arms...    
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