My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


42. Movement

    I ended up curled up in Harry’s side, his arm wrapped protectively as my head rested on his shoulder. My eyes was on the screen but my mind was somewhere else, thinking about the baby. What was I going to name him? I began to think of names trying to put two names together that would sound right.     Before I knew it the movie was over, the credits rolling with some creepy song in the back ground. Everybody yawned as they stood up, reaching towards the ceiling as they stretched. I was wide awake and everybody else was tired. Lucky me. Harry gently moved out from under me, standing and stretching with the others.

    “Ya’ll are welcome to stay here for the night. Mum, i have a spare bedroom on that hallway.” Harry said, pointing behind us on my hallway.

    “Uh, no you don’t.” I said confused. My room is the only room on that hallway.

    “She can sleep in your room and you can sleep in mine.” Harry bargained, grinning at his mom. She smiled back at him before looking at me.

    “Where are you going to sleep?” I asked, standing up and stretching my arms in front of me.

    “Well, in my room of course. Make yourselves at home.” Harry said, kissing my forehead before leaving the room.

     I just stood there, soaking in the fact that I couldn’t argue with Harry in front of his mom and he knew it, so I really didn’t have a choice. I sighed, slowly shaking my head. After my good nights I showed Anne to my room, letting her borrow what ever she needed. I grabbed some comfortable night clothes and said night night to Anne, closing the door behind me as I walked out. I made my way into Harry’s room, walking in before quickly retreating, closing the door so I couldn’t see. I manly chuckle could be heard before the door was pulled open and out of my grip.

    “What’s wrong, love?” He asked, smirking. I glanced over him, my face turning red as I snapped my head up. He was still completely, gloriously and wonderfully naked. I kept my eyes on his face, his expression rather amused.

    “You’re naked.” I stated, wiggling my fingers to keep my mind busy. He grinned at me, resting his forearm on the door frame above his head.

    “You’ve seen me naked before.” He said, his voice low and raspy as his green eyes glittered at me.

    “That was a very, very long time ago.” I stated, wiggling my toes as well. This was not working!

    “And your point is?” He asked, raising an eyebrow with an über sexy look on his face. I sighed. He was right, though I would never admit to it.

    “Go put clothes on and then come open the door.” I said, carefully pushing on his bare chest and closing the door before he could respond.

     Seconds later the door was pulled open and I walked in. Harry was walking towards the bed in nothing but a pair of black joggers that hung low around his hips. I stood there for a second, watching his muscle contract beneath his skin as he walked. I shook my head slowly, trying to get these dirty little thoughts out of my head. I’m five months pregnant, I don’t need these thoughts.

    I walked into the bathroom, stripping out of my clothes. I slipped on my black yoga pants and a baggy sweatshirt, sweeping my dark curls to one shoulder. I looked in the mirror and surprisingly liked what i saw. For the first time in a while, actually. My cheeks were pink and my dark eyes were bright, sparkling back at me. I wasn’t a pasty white but a smooth, comfortable white, not the blinding kind. Even I could see the light glow. I smiled a little before turning off the light and walking back out into the room.

    Harry was already in bed, laying on his back with the covers pulled up to his hips, leaving his torso bare as he hands were behind his head while he watched me. Butterflies started in my stomach as I walked to the bed, climbing in the opposite side. I felt him roll onto his side, resting his head on his hand while he stared at me.

    “Can i help you?” I asked, looking over at him. The butterflies got stronger, moving faster as he inched closer. 

    “Yes, actually you could.” He mumbled, his face getting mighty close to mine. 

    My breathing stopped when his lips met mine, sending a shiver down my back as a need started to build. I kissed back, the action gentle and sweet. He pulled back, his dark eyes sparkling down at me. My heart stopped when something bumped my rib gently, making me stop breathing as i waited for the action to be repeated.

    “What, what’s wrong?” Harry asked, noticing my change. My eyes caught his, feeling wide in surprise.

    “I think my baby just moved.” I whispered, my hands instantly pulling my shirt up to pressed softly into my belly.





Authors note...

sorry it's taking so long, my dad is being a jerk so i ca only write and upload chapters during school :( you all know how difficult that is.. i'll update when i can tho they might not be very long :( i'm sorry!!!! i hope you like it, please comment!



-M xx

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