My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


32. Mom, I need you

Nichole’s P.O.V
I woke up tucked into Liam’s side, his arms wrapped protectively around me. I shifted, rolling onto my side to look at him. He looked so peaceful, so sweet. I untangled one of my arms, reaching up to play with his hair. He shifted under my touch, his head ending up on my chest while one arm was slung over my tummy. I settled back into my pillow, thinking as i played with his hair.
I need to get my act together, to figure out what’s going to happen. I need to start making plans for when the baby comes, to find a place for us. What was i going to do when school starts? Will i take classes until i can’t walk through the halls with house my tummy bumping into someone? Or will i just get a job instead? Where was the baby going to stay after it’s born? I shook my head at myself, my eyes taring up.
I’m so lost. I don’t know what to do. I’m just seventeen, i don’t know how to raise a baby. Sure, i’ve babysat a few kids but not very long periods of time. I know it’s not the same. I’m just a kid about to have a kid. It’s father doesn’t have anything to do with me, doesn’t act like he even cares that i’m having his child. I need so many things to happen and get done but no one to rely on. Sure, Niall and Liam are my closest friends at the moment but i’m not going to expect them to step up and fill Harry’s shoes as the baby’s dad, or anything close to it. I’m not going to put that much pressure, that much responsibility. I’m on my own.
I felt something rubbing on my stomach, snatching me out of my thoughts. I looked down to see Liam rubbing his warm hand over my belly softly. My heart instantly melted when i heard his voice.
“It’s going to be okay, you know.” He said, his hand till rubbing back and forth over my belly. At first, i thought he was talking to the baby until he stopped rubbing my tummy to tilt his head up, looking at me.
“How? I have nothing figured out. Once i tell my mom she’s going to kick me out and cut off my money supply. I have to get a job and i don’t even know what’s going to happen when school starts. I’m lost and i don’t know how to fix it.” I said, feeling myself start to panic a little more as the reality set it.
“Shh, it’s okay. I’m here. I will always be here.” Liam said, moving up to lay on the pillow, pulling me into his arms, resting his cheek on the top of my head.
“I can’t just throw all that responsibility on you,Liam. It’s not your job. It’s not right for me to expect you to help out.” I said, snuggling deeper into his embrace.
“I know. But i will be here for you and the baby. No matter what. I’ll help you with everything. I promise i will be here until you tell me to leave your side.” Liam said, playing with a curl by my waist. I sighed.
“I hope you’re prepared for a life time of me annoying you.” I said, smiling as he chuckled.
“I’m ready for what ever you are going to do. I’ll be here.” He said. We laid like that for a while, enjoying the comfortable silence has he gave me time to think. After a while i sighed, pushing up away from him. I slid off my bed, groaning as i noticed i was still in the clothes i was in last night.
“Should i take a shower before i call my mom or after?” I asked, turning to face Liam.
After, showers help you relax.” Liam said, shrugging a shoulder. I nodded, taking a deep breath and exhaling loudly as i located my phone.
“Do you want me to leave or stay?” Liam asked, taking in my nervous state. I was already shaking at the thought of telling my mom i was pregnant.
“Stay. I don’t know how this is going to go but i’m pretty sure it’s going to end badly.” I said, starting to pace at the end of my bed. How was i going to tell my mother that her only child is pregnant with her own child at seventeen? How did other girls do it? Hey, mom, guess what! I’m pregnant? I doubt it very seriously.
“Just take deep breathes and you’ll be fine. I’m right here.” Liam said, ditching my bed to stand my beside me, holding my hand.
I smiled gratefully up at him and took a deep, shaky breath. I held it in for a minute before releasing it, dialing my mothers number before i talked myself out of it. The phone rang and rang, making me hopeful that she wouldn’t answer, my stomach starting to return to normal. My hopes were smashed as her voice filled my ear.
“Hello?” She asked, her voice sounding tired. I wonder what time it is there.
“Hey, mom.” I said, my stomach turning as i tried to find a quick way to tell her she had a pregnant seventeen year old.
“Oh, hey honey. How are you doing?” She asked and a million things popped into my head. Stressed out. Worried. Scared. Etc.
“Good.” I chocked on my lie, the shakiness starting to show in my voice.
“Nickie, sweetheart, you don’t sound good. How are you feeling?” My mother said, her voice sounded worried. Sick. Nervous. Terrified. Etc.
“Mom, i have to tell you something.” I said, gathering a little bravery from Liam’s encouraging hand squeeze.
“what is it? Is everything okay there? Are they bullying you or being mean?” She asked. Well, no. Not anymore anyway.
“No, mom, they aren’t being mean to me. More than nice actually.” I said, not completely lying. I haven’t seen Louis or Zayn in a while and Harry is being a dick. But, other than that, it’s fine.
“Then what’s wrong, hun?” My mother said, not even remotely prepared for the words that just spilled from my mouth.
“Mom, i’m pregnant. I’m having a baby and i’m terrified, i don’t know what to do, i really need to here. I need your help, you know what to do. Mom, i’m so lost, i’m not prepared for any of this, it was an accident and i’m so sorry mom. Please, please come home.” I blurted, speaking quickly so she couldn’t interrupt, my eyes releasing the tears they had been holding back since i found out i had a baby growing inside me. I waited quietly as my mother processed these words.
“You’re pregnant.” She said slowly, processing my quick confession. I nodded my head, before i realized she couldn’t see me so i gave a blunt yes.
“Oh, honey it’ll be okay. I’ll make you an appointment and we can take care of this. Then we can go back to normal and forget it ever happened.” My mother said, sounding as if she just solved all of the mysteries of the world.
“What do you mean go back to normal, mom, i will have a baby.” I said, not catching on.
“Well, you can possibly be considering going keeping it, much less actually going through with the birth. How would you take care of it? Nichole, i love you, but i’m not going to help you if you have this thing.” She said, her motherly voice turning cold.
“That’s actually exactly what i plan to do. And the baby isn’t a thing, he’s your grandchild. And i’ll find a way to support me and him both if you aren’t willing to help me.” I said, my anger starting to build. She had me when she was sixteen, who is she to judge me by my actions.
“Where’s the father? Do you actually know the dad?” She sneered. I gasped at her comment. I’m not a whore, hell, i’ve only slept with two people!
“Yes, i know EXACTLY who the father is, thank you. And he’s willing to support me AND the baby.” I stated rather rudely. She scuffed at my come back.
“Then you won’t have a problem with packing up your room and getting out of my house then, would you?” She said. My heart was beating fast in my chest and my ear were hot, showing just how pissed off and hurt i was. My own mother just kicked me out.
“Not a problem. I won’t bother you anymore. Bye.” I said, clicking the end button. It was quiet as we stood there silently. Well, that didn’t go as planned. I didn’t plan on getting kicked out but i knew, on some level, that it would happen. I was abruptly pulled into a tight embrace, Liam burying his face into my neck as i cried. We stood like that for what felt like forever as i sobbed. I now had nowhere else to go.

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