My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


26. Judging

I slurped loudly on the Salted Caramel Mocha i had in front of me, making people send me annoyed glances. I ignored them grinning to myself as i took a bite out of a slice of Marble Pound cake that sat on the table in front of me. Starbucks was packed today, some with screaming kids and others taking pictures of their food, probably for Instagram or something along those lines.
I finished with the cake quicker than i thought i would. I stood, returning to the counter to order more food. I glanced at the clock, deciding to get a couple of things and leave.
“Are you ready to order?” a sugary sweet voice said, making me turn my attention to the girl in front of me. Ashley stared at me with an amused expression on her face. I mentally shook myself, looking at the menu.
“Um, i would liiiike.....a Cheesecake Brownie,a Chocolate Croissant and an Iced White Chocolate Mocha all to go please.” I say, pulling a credit card out of my wallet. She took it from me, giving my order to another worker as she scanned my card. She handed it back to me.
“Name.” she said, her fingers darted over the screen in front of her.
“Nichole.” I stated, walking off after she nodded. Minutes later my order was ready. I took it and left Starbucks, waving my bag at another cab. It stopped and i slid into the back seat, giving him instructions to drop me off at the mall. Ten minutes later i was walking around, wondering through new stores. I came across one store that caught my eye, though i tried to ignore it i ended up pushing my way through the crowd to get to it.
I stepped through the doors, looking around at all the stuff. Baby clothes were everywhere. Cute little girl clothes was right in front of me so i walked forward, gently caressing the soft fabric. I couldn’t help but wonder what i will have. What will his/her name be? What will he/she look like? Will they have my eyes and Liam’s smile? Or look like Liam with my personality?
I absentmindedly rubbed slow circles on my belly. I know i wasn’t showing but i couldn’t help but feel a connection between me and the little one that i was now carrying. I continued to look through out the store, making a complete circle before walking back outside. I shopped for the better part of the day, buying more converses and flat soled shoes while i was at it. I also managed to stock up on yoga pants and joggers along with some stretchy shirts. Gonna need those later. I managed to down my drink and eat all the food i had bought at Starbucks hours ago and my stomach was growling at me. I used to not eat so much but in just one day there’s been a dramatic change in my appetite,beings i’m eating for two now.
I stopped at a little restaurant, picking a table outside to wait for my waiter. He came got my order and went, just to return ten minutes later with all the food i had ordered. I ate quickly, checking the time. I have just enough time to run to the book store before my curfew kicks in. I rolled my eyes at myself. I have a curfew. Ugh.
I paid my ticket and located the nearest book store, searching its shelves for new reading material. I don’t know what exactly i was searching for but i found my self down the baby isle, looking at books about pregnancy. Despite my better judgment, i ended up getting four different books on being a mom and how the pregnancy should go. I took them to the counter, my cheeks heating up as the lady eyed me after looking at the books.
“The Pregnancy Countdown Book, What to Expect when you’re Expecting, Guide to a healthy pregnancy and The mother of all pregnancy books.” She read out loud, making my face turn hot. Why did she have to go and do that?
“Are you pregnant or something?” The lady asked, eyeing my belly before staring at my face as she bagged the books. I ignored her question, handing her cash for the books. Just has i grabbed the bag and was about to walk out she snorted, making me turn around to look at her.
“It’s people like you that make me have no hope for the next generation.” She said, looking at me in disgust. My eyebrows shot up.
“Excuse me?” I asked, stepping back towards the counter.
“It’s people like you that give me no hope for the future generations. Sleeping around, getting pregnant then bumming off your parents when you have the little abominations from pre-marital sex.” She sneered at me as she looked at me through judgmental eyes. My jaw dropped. Did she really say that to me?
“Okay, one: my baby is not an abomination. yes, the pregnancy wasn’t planned but it almost never is.Two: You helped RAISE our generation, so what we do reflects who raised us. Three: I’m not bumming off my mother, i’m actually living with the father of my baby. He is the only help that i receive. And four: before you go and judge somebody by their personal life, make sure your own back door is clean before trying to tell someone else theirs is dirty. I make mistakes and i mess up, but that’s me being a human. I’m not perfect but i also know you damn sure ain’t perfect either.” I said, turning on my heel and stomping out of the store. How dare she judge me like that.  
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