My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


36. I want in

Before i even walked through the door you could smell paint. I looked up at Harry in confusion, his face showing amusement rather than worry as he opened the door for me. I walked in and instantly followed the strong smell through the house, leading to one of the spare bedrooms on Harry’s hallway. I was almost to the door when i was caught, large hands grabbing the tops of my arms and pulling me backwards.
“You can’t go in there.” Harry’s voice said in my ear as i was reversed out of his hallway. I stuck my bottom lip out, pouting.
“Why not?” I asked as i was towed into the kitchen. He nudged me towards the tall chairs as he got out multiple cooking supplies I sat in silence has i watched him cut up raw boneless chicken into strips.
He fried them in an open skillet, cutting pieces of lettuce into the same size strips. He cleaned up his mess before placing both the chicken and the lettuce into a tortilla before putting ranch dressing on it. My mouth watered. He grabbed two Pepsis out of the fridge, setting one plate and Pepsi in front of my and the others beside me. I grabbed my tortilla, taking a large bite out of it. I didn’t realize how hungry i was.
“So, why can’t i go back there?” I asked, bringing up the very thing he was avoiding. He shook his head, sipping on his drink.
“The paint can be bad for the baby. I wouldn’t risk it.” Harry said, taking another bite. Hm. Is he lying to me? I nodded my head slowly has i chewed on my food, thinking. He’s been acting weird today. First the doctors appointment, the room and now the food.
“My mom wants to meet you.” Harry blurted. I swallowed mid-chew, the food getting caught in my throat. I coughed, trying to get the chicken unclogged from my throat.
“What? Why?” i asked, looking at him like he’d lost his mind. He looked a little worried.
“I told her everything. She knows about the baby, and how you got kicked out-” he started but i cut him off.
“How did you know i got kicked out?” I hadn’t told no one except Liam. Harry looked surprised, i guess from that slipping out.
“Liam might have told me.” Harry confessed, his cheeks a bright red. I scuffed. That’ll be the last thing i tell Liam.
“Okay. When does she want to meet me?” I asked, pushing my half eaten food away from me. I suddenly lost my appetite.
“Tomorrow. She wants me and you to meet her for lunch.” Harry said, also pushing his plate away. I nodded my head, processing the words. I have to meet Harry’s mother because i’m having his kid.
“I think i’m going to go lay down. I’m tired.” I said, not completely lying. I was tired but there was no way i was going to be able to take a nap. He nodded his head, not talking as i slid off the chair and headed to my room.
I have been laying on my bed for the past two hours. Nobody has bothered me, leaving me to think in peace. It was nice up until i heard laughter echoing through out the house. Probably coming from that stupid room that is apparently a “No Nichole’s Aloud” zone. I sighed, rolling over on my back. I lifted my shirt up over my tummy and felt my bump, smiling a little to myself. During the last three months i’ve grown quite attached to my little bump, knowing that inside of it i am carrying a child, protecting it. A soft knock on my door caught my attention, making me yank my shirt down.
“Nichole? Are you awake?” Harry’s voice whispered as he peeked through the door. I waved at him from my spot on the bed, watching him come inside and shut the door behind him. He stood there awkwardly, shoving his hands into his pockets. I don’t see how he managed that with how tight his pants are.
“Yes, Harry?” I prompted, raising my eyebrows with amusement. Why did he look so nervous?
“Do you mind if i stay in here with you for a while? The boys are being loud and i was also going to take a nap. If it bothers you, i can just go watch t.v. or something.” He said, pushing his curls out of his face. I sat in silence for a few seconds before nodding. This ought to be interesting.
I watched has he kicked off his shoes before crawling onto my bed, laying beside me. We stayed like that for a few minutes, the awkward silence settling over us. I mean, it was really awkward. For the past three months he’s been ignoring me then out of no where he’s going to pay attention to me. He has to have a reason.
“What are you thinking about?” He asked, his head turning towards me as his eyes found my face, studying me. I was about to blurt ‘What the hell happened to make you pay attention now” but i went with the less dramatic instead.
“Why does you mum want to meet me?” I asked, turning my head to face him also. He sighed, rolling over onto his side facing me, propping his head up on his arm.
“You are having my baby, her grandchild. She wants to get to know you, to help you with anything and everything. She wants to be in the baby’s life... And, to be honest.. i do to.” Harry said, his eyes dropping to watch his hand play with the hem of his shirt as he said the last words. I laid there in silence, my eyes wide. Did i just hear him right. I sat up, running one hand through my mess of hair.
“What?” I asked, looking at him again. He sat up with me his face a little alarmed and worried.
“I know i haven’t been here for you for the past three months and i can not tell you how sorry i am. I’ve been being a dick to you when you didn’t deserve it. I’m so, so sorry, Nichole. Please just give me a chance at this, i promise i’ll do better and if not we can start form scratch, please just give me a chance.” He said, the words rushing out of his mouth. I stared at him in shock as he rambled on and on.
“No.” I blurted, making him stop talking to look at me wide eyed. Damn it, i didn’t mean to say that.
“W-what?” Harry asked, his face dropping and his usually bright green eyes dulled, loosing there sparkle.
“I mean... I have to think about it, Harry. You can’t just come to me out of no where and expect me to just agree after you’ve been avoiding me, ignoring me and acting as if i, and my baby for that matter, even exists. Is that what you thought would happen? That i would just open my arms wide and act as if none of that happened? I can’t do that. I need time to think about it.” I said quickly as i got off the bed, stuffing my feet into my boots and grabbing my jacket as i spoke. I turned around to face him, pushing my hair out of my face. I caught his expression and my heart shattered. I’ve never seen anyone look so hurt. His eyes were a dark green, the sparkle gone as it was replaced by a new glitter. He wiped at his face, turning away from me. He tried but i still saw the tears. My own eyes over flowed at the sight, my arms aching to reach out to him. Instead i held them to my sides, opening my bedroom door and leaving my shattered heart crying on my bed.

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