My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


51. Here We Go

“Are you ready to go?” Liam asked, knocking on my door lightly. I turned towards him, smiling.
“You look beautiful, Love. They are all waiting an you to get there, no more procrastinating. It’ll be fun, I promise.” Liam said, grabbing my hand and nearly dragging me out of my room. I sigh, knowing he was right. I’m just worried about the next month. My babies are due in just under a month. That terrified me just as much as it excited me.
He lead me to the car, helping me in before shutting the door. Something was different about him today. He seemed to....glow, I guess would be the right word. He slid in beside me, happily reversing out of the driveway. I squinted my eyes at him suspiciously until he looked at me, laughing at my expression.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Liam asked, taking a left at a stop sign.
“What’s going on. You’re hiding something from me. Something big. I wanna know.” I accused, making him laugh more.
“Alright. I was going to tell you over dinner tonight but I guess we can celebrate tonight instead. Do you really wanna know?” Liam teased, blocking my hand as I smacked his arm.
“Yes, I wanna know!” I said, nearly shouting. Liam laughed and held up one hand in surrender as he drove.
“We got it. We were found, we auditioned and we are signed. One Direction is going to be famous.” Liam said, his voice rising with excitement. I let out an excited scream, going into a happy fit. I danced in my seat, doing my own thing as Liam joined me, though not as crazy because he was driving.
“Aaaaahhhhh!!! I can’t believe it! Im so happy for you!” I say loudly, still screaming inside.
The boys get together almost every night at Zayn’s house and practice on their songs. A few weeks ago they had an audition for some sort of gig and they got it. Apparently some big names were there and now they are a signed band! Harry and Liam have made up but I don’t see Harry much. We only greet each other when we are seen but nothing further than “Hi, how are you.” Every now and then he would ask about the babies but nothing was new. They were always happy and healthy. Harry had came up with the name One Direction and it stuck. They even had a couple of fans already. Just imagine when they get really big. Oh, dear.
“Here we are.” Liam said, pulling into a parking space. I got out still excited about the news.
“AAhhh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. That’s amazing!” I said, dancing around a little more.
“I know exactly how you feel. Go enjoy the party. I’ll be here in time to pick you up. See you then, love.” Liam said, interrupting my dance for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I nodded at him and went through the double doors to my baby shower.
The shower passed by in a blur of baby gifts and thank you’s ending with even more thank you’s and see you soon’s. Liam was on time, as promised. He helped me with the bags, laughing at all the baby stuff.
“Well, at least we will be set on diapers for the first two months.” Liam laughed as we drove home. I nodded my head agreeing with him, yawning.
“You wanna just stay in and watch some films?” Liam asked, sounding a little concerned.
“Yeah, I’m tired. Today has been a long day. Why don’t you go out with the boys?” I asked, looking over at him.
“I don’t want to leave you alone, just in case something happens.” Liam said, his voice telling me that was a stupid question.
“I’ll get one of the girls to stay over with me, or I’ll go over there. Go celebrate. You deserve it, Liam. Let loose, have fun.” I say, trying to sound encouraging.
“I wanted to celebrate with you.” Liam said quietly as he drove, leaving the space between us really silent.
“We can celebrate all day tomorrow if you want. We can go out and catch a film, then go out to eat or we can just plan it all out in the morning and go from there.” I offered, smiling sweetly at him. He couldn’t help but smile back, nodding his head.
“Sounds like a plan. Tomorrow it is.” Liam agreed, pulling into our driveway. He helped me out of the car and got me inside before he pulled his phone out and called.
“Hey, Lou. What are you doing tonight?” Liam asked as he followed me to the kitchen. Grabbing the Oreos and peanut butter, I propped myself up on the counter, listening.
“Oh, well do you and the lads want to go out tonight?” Liam responded, listening quietly for a response.
“She said she was going to get one of the girls to come over and stay with her while I’m gone.” Liam said, obviously talking about me.
“No, we just got home. I will tell her when we get off the phone. So, ya’ll gonna meet me at the bar? Alright, mate, see you then. Bye.” Liam said, hanging up the phone. I raised one eyebrow, waiting for him to explain.
“Not tomorrow but the next we have a small show to do with the songs we’ve practiced and then right after that we have an interview. It’s going to be like that for the next couple of weeks. Then we will be a studio, working on an album..” Liam said, waiting for my response.
“That’s great! That is fabulous! Ahh, I can’t wait to watch you on t.v!” I said happily, bouncing in the chair I was in. He grinned at me.
“So, who is going to come over?” Liam asked, leaning across the counter. I sigh.
“You do realize that I don’t need a babysitter, right?” I asked, getting a tad aggravated. I’m eighteen, I can handle myself. If I need anything, I’ll call him or one of the boys.
“I do, but I would feel much better about going out if somebody was here with you.” he said, walking around the counter to stand beside me. He swung my chair around so I was facing him, his brown eyes softening.
“I just don’t want something to happen and you get hurt.” Liam said, leaving a lingering kiss on my forehead as he rubbed my tummy. I sighed, giving in.
“I’ll call Ariel. She probably won’t have anything to do with Louis being out with you guys.Besides, we still have to get everything out of the car and in the nursery.” I say, pulling out my phone from my jacket pocket.
“Yeah, we need to start getting that ready. Just a few short weeks and they will be here before we know it.” Liam said casually, leaning down and popping a kiss on my tummy before taking an Oreo from me.
“You got that right.” I muttered, watching him leave the room and head outside to the car.
Liam meant well by the comment, but to be honest, it scared me. I’m terrified about going into labor. I’m a big baby myself when it comes to pain, I don’t like it and I don’t handle it very well. Fer has talked to me about it, trying to prepare me for it but all she did was make my fear worse.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve grown very attached to my unborn children, I can’t wait until I finally get to meet them face to face. But, I don’t think I can deal with something happening to them. What would I do if only one made it out okay? Or both be injured in the process of child birth? What if I didn’t make it out? What would happen to my babies? Who would take care of them? I know these were stupid worries, that everything was going to be okay and even if it wasn’t, Liam would take care of everything.
I snapped out of thoughts when I heard Liam coming through the front hall with his hands full. I giggled and lead him to the nursery, opening to door for him. After all the bags were in, I called Ariel, glad to hear she was on her way over anyway.
Liam left when Ariel got there, leaving us to do our own thing. The night was spent watching half of the movies Liam had stacked on a shelf, mostly consisting of animated disney movies. I didn’t have a problem with that, I love disney.
I slept in late the next morning, or as late as my bladder would let me sleep. Soon enough, I was out of bed and in he bathroom. I’ve never peed so much in almost a full year in my life. After washing my hands, I went into the kitchen for breakfast. Liam wasn’t up yet, still out cold in his room. He came in extremely late last night. He’s gonna be mad when he finds out that I sent Ariel home when I was ready to go to bed.
I made breakfast, consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, toast a blueberry muffins. I didn’t cook a whole lot of each, just enough for me and Liam to split it down the middle. It was a little past ten and Liam still wasn’t up. He must have had a rough night. I finished my breakfast, getting a little worried that Liam wasn’t up yet. No matter how much he had drank the night before, he was alway up by at the latest eleven.
I was washing up my dishes when I heard the front door open and close, heavy foot steps coming down the front hall. I shrugged my shoulder, thinking it was one of the other boys coming by to say hi or something. Instead, I watched the shadow in the hallway get bigger has he walked further into the house, rounding the corner.
“Liam?” I asked, surprised. He turned around, looking just as surprised to see me as I am to see him.
“Nichole? Hey, sweetheart. Did you have a good night last night?” Liam asked, turning to come into the kitchen.
That’s when I realized that Liam had never came home last night. He had stayed somewhere else, and definitely not in his own bed. There was a tell-tell mark around his collar bone of a hickey. As he got closer, he smelled more feminine than he did masculine.
His walk was smoother, he looked more relaxed, like he had gotten rid of all the stress he had been carrying around. Yep. He got laid last night. He didn’t have to say a word, his body had done gave him away. For some reason, my emotions switched out from happy and comfortable to jealous and pissed off. Like it had done with Harry, just not as bad I don’t think.
“Yeah, apparently you did too.” I muttered, walking past him and out of the kitchen.
“What?” Liam asked, following me. I shook my head at him,ignoring the question.
“I’m going to get a shower.” Was my response as I entered my room, shutting Liam out. This is going to be a long day.
Two weeks have passed now and the boys have had show after show, interview after interview. Naturally, they came home drunk every now and then but it wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t handle it. I just had to deal with the Giggling Girl Harry, the Hungry Horan, Tommo the Flirt, Zayn the Therapist, and Liam the Lover. Usually, I just stacked them the best I could all into one bed instead of dragging them into separate rooms. Yeah, it was aggravating sometimes, but they got their big break, they can do what they want.
My due date was coming up next week and it was coming quick. Everybody is excited about the big event, always talking about how beautiful my kids are going to be. I was still scared, and getting more and more by the day but I can't change what happened. I wouldn’t change anything, even if I could.
“Are you going to watch the interview?” Liam asked from his bathroom. He was getting ready for the meet, all the boys but one in the living room. My sparrow is gone. He doesn’t hang out much if it’s not important.
“Well, duh! Why wouldn’t I? All of the girls are coming over, so we will be able to watch it together." They will be here any minute, come to think of it.
“Ah, okay. Good. Well, we have to go, love. See you when I get home, yeah?” Liam said, putting on his coat. I nodded my head, following him into the living room.
“Alright, try not to get into to much trouble while I’m gone. See you when I get back.” Liam said, kissing my forehead and leaving with the guys. Ariel pulled up right after they left, her car packed out to the max. Girls got out of the car like clowns would out of a tiny clown car, the line seemed to never end.
“Ah! I can’t wait. We brought food.” Ariel said as Sarah held up bags along with the other girls.
“Yay! Let’s get everything set up before they get back.” I said, ushering the ladies inside. This was the last interview before they start making their album so we are going to celebrate their success so far.
“We’ll do the decorations, you just prepare the already made food. Fer will help you.” Ashley said, taking over. Instead of arguing with her like I usually do, I nodded my head and took the bags of food the the kitchen.
An hour later we were all crowded around the t.v in the living room, watching the boys come into the room. The interview started with questions about their interests and what they want to do with the up coming album. Each gave an intelligent, charming answer, making the interviewer laugh.
“So, now that we are past the wants and dreams, let’s talk about family.” The guy said, watching the boys’ faces.
“Okay, let’s do it.” Niall said, grinning at everybody. The guy nodded his head.
“So, is there anybody special in your lives?” was the question as he searched their faces for a reaction.
“We each have our own girl, with the exception of Liam and Harry, though there’s one girl that’s very close and special to us.” Niall said sweetly as the boys nodded. Harry’s head was down, his eyes focusing on the floor as Liam shot a glare at Niall.
“Oh, I see. Why is that?” The interviewer asked. Nobody spoke for a moment, all looking the the two boys at the end.
“Well, I don’t have a girl friend because I don’t need one. The one I had wanted turns out to not feel as strongly about me as I do her. She loves me, I know this, but it’s just not enough.” Liam said quietly, not making eye contact.
“And this girl, she’s the one that has stolen every heart in this room in some sort of way?” The fellow asked, looking around. They each nodded.
The living room was so quiet that you could hear a pen drop. Every set of eyes was glued to the t.v.
“How has she managed to do that?” He asked, pure curiosity sounding in his voice.
“Well, let’s start like this. We wasn’t always so nice to her. Despite everything we’ve done, everything we’ve said, she’s forgiven us. She has become one of my best friends. I wouldn’t trade her friendship for anything. Through the past few months, she’s become part of our small family and has held a very special place.” Niall said, his Irish accent thick with emotion.
All of the boys nodded, looking a tad bit ashamed of their past with me. I wiped at my face, and glanced around. Good to know I’m not the only girl crying.
“What place does she hold?” He asked, digging deeper. Everyone turned to Harry, quietly asking permission to tell. He sighed, looking directly into the interviewers curious eyes.
“She’s almost nine months pregnant with my kids. She’s having twins.” He rasped, his eyes shining a little bit brighter as he said the words.
As soon as he said those words something happened. My lower area was soaking wet. I looked down, finding my pants wet. I stood up, pain shooting through my legs and lower areas.
“I think my water just broke.” I choked out, fear consuming me as I started panting. Here we go.

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