My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


33. Girl Time

After my crying episode was over and i had a shower i laid curled up on my bed, snuggled into Liam’s chest. His fingertips brushed up and down my arm, comforting has my eyes cried their last few tears. About two hours later my phone began to ring, making me dash over to it. Maybe it’s my mom calling to apologize. A wave of disappointment hit me when i read the caller ID.
“Hello?” I asked, waiting for a reply.
“Hey! Are you going to train tonight?” Ariel asked. I sighed. How in the hell am i going to tell her i got impregnated by my bully.
“Um, i can’t train anymore.” I said, feeling tired as i walked back over to the bed, climbing up to sit on the edge of it.
“What, why not? Are they making you stop? If they are, i’ll be right over to kick their sorry as-”She started but i quickly interrupted her.
“No, they aren’t making me stop. I’m making this decision. For me.” I said, hoping she would understand and leave it at that. I’ve never had such luck.
“Why?” She question, suspicion rising in her voice. She still thinks i’m being told to stop.
“Um, okay, how about this. I’ll meet you at Starbucks in an hour and i’ll explain everything.”I said, giving her the details on which Starbucks.
She agreed and hung up, throwing a quick “see you soon” in there. I sighed, clicking end. I sighed, sliding off the bed and walking towards my closet. I picked this out and put it on, running a brush through my long waves before sliding the hat into place and popping on some watermelon lip smacker. Receiving an approving look from Liam I grabbed my phone and headed out.
I walked into Starbucks, locating the redhead and her friend. I walked over smiling at them.
“We was just about to go get something. Are you getting anything?” Ariel asked, looking up at me. I nodded.
“Okay let’s go.” We ordered our beverages, taking them seconds later and returning to our seat.
“So why can’t you train anymore?” Ariel questioned, looking at me over the rim of her cup. I sighed. Confession time.
“i’m pregnant.” I stated bluntly, making her choke. I waited patiently as Ariel regained her breathing, wiping her mouth on a napkin before speaking.
“Well, congratulations.” She said, her face a little shocked.
“If there is anything to congratulate about the baby’s retarded father, hateful grandmother and judgmental bitches, then thank you. The only thing good coming out of this is that i’m continuing on my family blood line and i’ve gained a few more friends that i thought would never be nice to me.” I said sarcastically, taking a sip of my drink.
“You’re going to have so much fun raising a baby.” Her friend said. Fer, i think is what she said her name was.
“I have one of my own with my boyfriend Andy. My little boy is about six months old now.” Fer said, smiling encouragingly at me.
“Don’t get me wrong, you are going to have to adjust everything after the baby is born. There will be times where you want to sit down and cry and give up but you won’t. If you are strong enough to carry a child for nine months then make it through delivery, you can raise a child. And it always helps to have friends that you can depend on. Even though she’s my cousin by marriage, Ariel is like my sister. She’s been through everything with me.” Fer continued. I smiled back at her, feeling a little better about my situation. Maybe it won’t be that bad, if i have the help i need to make it bearable.
“I really needed that.” I said, smiling. We continued to talk as we finished out drinks off, even after that.
We talked about how Fer was Latin American, explaining her beautiful skin and curvy frame. She truly was a beautiful women who had recently had a baby. We talked for hours about Fer’s baby, their careers and how i can to have a child. Dark started to settle in and we said our goodbyes, heading off in different directions. I quickly walked home, happy and content for the time being.

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