My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


35. First Time

He cleared his throat, his cheeks a light pink. He took his time, staying silent has he figured out how to say what ever he wanted to tell me. He sighed, running his hands through his already messy curls.
“Nichole, i want to ask you something.” Harry said, looking directly at me. I nodded my head in encouragement.
“I will understand if you say no, i won’t blame you. I haven’t exactly been here through this whole thing.” Harry rambled, not getting to the point.
“Harry, what is it you want to ask?” I asked, getting a tad bit aggravated. Get to the point already.
“Can i go to the doctors with you today, instead of Liam?” Harry asked, his green eyes studying me.
“Um, you’re gonna have to talk to Liam about that. He’s been taking me and he knows where it is.” I said, a little confused and curious. He’s been ignoring me, getting drunk, bringing home random girls and NOW he wants to come to a doctors appointment with me?
“I already did. He said it was fine that he was doing something else today anyway. he already gave me directions and the time and all that.” Harry said. My eyebrows shot up in surprise, not expecting what he just told me. Since when was Liam to busy to go with me to a doctors appointment?
“Oh, um okay. Yeah, that’s fine. I need to get ready.” I said awkwardly, standing with Harry. He nodded giving me a nervous smile.
“Yeah me to. Let me know when you’re ready.” He said, giving me a nod before heading off towards his room. I stood there for a minute, soaking up the short conversation we just had. Why does he want to start coming with me now? I shrugged my shoulders and started to my room.
Forty five minutes later i was out of the shower wearing something cute and casual, hiding my little secret. Nobody has seen my baby bump except Liam, but apparently that’s about to change. I blow dried my hair and straightened it, not bothering with my make up. I quickly learned to not wear make up to these appointments because, for some odd reason, every time i see my baby on the ultrasound screen, i cry. From happiness, i know that much. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my phone and a jacket, leaving my room to find Harry.
I found him in the kitchen fixing something, his back towards me as he stirred something. I walked into the kitchen, climbing up onto one of the tall chairs by the counter. He finished stirring what ever he was stirring, throwing the spoon into the kitchen sink before turning towards me. He handed me a black coffee cup containing some caramel looking liquid.
“It’s hot chocolate. It’s a cold outside so i thought maybe you would like something warm to drink before leaving.” Harry said shyly, sipping on his own cup.
“Um, okay. Thanks.” I said, taking a sip. It was delicious. Almost better than Starbucks. Almost. We finished our cups in silence, placing them in the sink before he grabbed the keys and lead me out to the car.
Twenty minutes later we was being called into the back of the doctors office, the nurse smiling politely at me before she laid eyes on Harry. Her smile became a little more than friendly as her eyes roamed over his body before back up to his face. I felt my temper rise, making me stop and wait on Harry.
“Come on, this is your baby to, hurry up.” I said, making sure to say it nice and loud. Sure, it was a little demanding and rude but at least now she knows he has a baby. He picked up pace, following me to our designated room. I got in there and did as i was told, laying down on the cold chair as the doctor walked int.
“Ah, Nichole. Where’s Liam?” The doctor asked, using our first names. I sighed.
“I asked the same question. But, i’m ready when you are.” I said, unbuttoning my jacket and letting it fall to the side. I felt Harry’s eyes on my tummy but i ignored him as i raised my shirt, revealing my baby bump.
The doctor squirted some gel on my stomach,making me jump a little at the coldness of it. He flipped on the machine and grabbed the handle to the little thing and laid it on my belly, spreading the sticky substance over my skin. An image started to appear on the screen and my hand was tightly grabbed, catching my attention.
I ignored the gesture for a few minutes, staring up at the screen. The baby is actually starting to look like a baby. Sweet, happy tears streamed down my face quietly. I finally tore my eyes away from the screen to look at my hand. It was being tightly squeezed by another, his large grasping mine tightly. I looked up at his face and my heart melted.
Harry’s green eyes shone brightly as he stared up at the screen, his face in complete awe at the picture before him. His eyes over flowed with tears as a small smile played on the corners of his lips. I gave his hand a gentle squeeze, his eyes flickering to mine. I grinned at him and he grinned back, squeezing my hand back.
After that the doctor said the baby was healthy, smiling at me as he told me we could determine the gender the next visit. I nodded my head, wiping the last of the gel of my stomach. We thanked the doc and was on our way home.    
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