My Bully

Nichole Mercer doesn't do much. School and then home. All that changes when her mom leaves for six months and she's stuck in the same house as her bully..


28. Encouraging Speeches

A soft tap on my door caught my attention, making me shove my covers back and slid off my bed. I brushed my bangs away from my face, opening the door. My eyebrows shot up, surprised at the boys standing in front of me.
“Peanut butter and Oreos?” Niall said, raising a jar of peanut butter and a pack of Oreos.
I stared at him for a minute before stepping back to let in. He brushed past me, climbing onto my bed. I shut the door behind him, curiosity clawing at my brain. What did he want? I sat Indian style across form him, watching him as he opened everything. I watched has he grabbed a cookie from the packet and dipped it into the jar, scooping out the peanut butter before popping the entire thing into his mouth. He grinned at me, his cheeks poking out a little form the cookie. I giggled, shaking my head at him.
“Here. Try it.” He said, handing me a peanut butter covered cookie. I nodded, taking it from him. I nibbled on it, savoring the taste. Surprisingly, i liked the taste, shoving the rest into my mouth.
“So, Harry told me that you’re having his baby.” Niall said, popping another cookie into his mouth.
I nearly chocked on mine, gagging a little has i tried to swallow the chewed up bits i had in my mouth. I ended up coughing for the next two minutes has i tried to get the cookie to unclog in my throat. Niall watched m quietly, not seeing that i was truly about to choke. I coughed a couple of more times before swallowing the rest of the Oreo, shaking my head.
“It’s not Harry’s baby. It’s Liam’s.” I say around tiny coughs, making sure my throat is clear. Niall’s eyebrows furrowed, looking at me questioningly. I sighed.
“Me and Liam had sex two nights ago. I took five tests the next day and they all confirmed it. I’m gonna have a kid.” I said, grabbing an Oreo and scooped up peanut butter before nibbling on it. I didn’t wanna risk chocking on it again.
“Hm. I believe it’s Harry’s baby. You can’t just become pregnant the day after having sex. It takes time for your body to recognize it and start the process.” Niall said, surprising me.
“Since when did you become a profession when it comes to being pregnant. Or anything having to do with babies for that matter?” i asked, watching him put two cookies in his mouth. This kid can eat, the big mouthed heifer. He shrugged his shoulders at me as he chewed.
Last year, one of our teachers was pregnant and went into labor during class. Everybody was spazzing out and trying to calm her own while someone tried to get the ambulance here and notify the people in the office. While people was helping get her more comfortable and breathing with her, Niall was in the very back of the class room, leaning back in his chair watching. He showed no interest in what was happening.
“I don’t know. I guess i kinda picked all this up when i was talking to my mum and my sister when we found out she was pregnant. It’s a baby boy. They’re going to name him Theo. He’s gonna be a little heart breaker.” Niall said, his irish accent thick has he spoke around chewing the cookie. I nodded my head, grabbing another cookie for myself. We sat in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the snack he had brought in.
“Why do you want it to be Liam’s baby so bad? Why can’t you just accept that it’s Harry’s?” Niall asked, breaking the silence. I sat quietly for a moment, thinking. I sighed, shrugging one shoulder.
“Liam is......I think Liam would be a good daddy. He’s sweet, kind, loving. If he doesn’t understand something he tries his best to get more knowledge about it.” I say, hoping he would just drop it.
“And you don’t think Harry is all of these things?” Niall asked, his blue eyes studying my face.
“To be honest, i don’t know. All he’s ever done to me is bully me. Him and Louis have always treated the dirt they walked on better than me. Louis would physically hurt me and Harry would insult me on a daily basis. Put me down. Made me feel worthless. I was drunk when i gave it up to him. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I just prefer Liam over Harry, when it comes to the baby.” I said, avoiding his gaze has i prepared another cookie for myself.
“Harry does care about you,Nichole. He may not show it to you, but i see it on his face every time he looks at you. It’s in his eyes. In the way he acts around you. You see him being a jack ass but me and the rest of the boys can see it has him not knowing how to act around you. There’s a reason why he never physically harmed you. He almost killed Louis when he did what he did to you that night. I had to be the one to tell Lou that he had to leave. He cares about you. He just has a hard time showing it.” Niall said, taking one of my hands into his, rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand. Surprisingly the action calmed me. I nodded my head, processing his words.
“I would love to believe you,Niall. But i can’t unless i hear these words out of Harry’s mouth.” I said, my brown eyes meeting his bright blue ones.
“That may never come, you realize that, right?” Niall asked. I sighed and nodded.
“If he wants me to believe it then that’s what it take.” I said, wanting to end the conversation about Harry. Niall nodded.
“Yeah, i know.” He said. Silence fell over us once again though he continued to hold my hand, rubbing light circles over the top with this thumb.
“I want some Starbucks right now.” I said absentmindedly, thinking about a carmel macchiato.
“If you want to, i’ll go with you. I want to go to Starbucks to.” Niall said, closing everything before sliding off the bed. I agreed, following him to my door. He suddenly turned, wrapping me up in a tight hug.
“Everything will work out, Princess. It might take a while but it will.” He said gently in my ear. I nodded, surprising myself by snuggling deeper into the hug.
After about two minutes, he pulled away, giving my hand a slight squeeze before opening the door, nearly running into Liam. Liam looked surprised to see Niall coming out of my room, a questioning look on his face as he looked between Niall and me. Niall grinned at him, nudging him with his shoulder before walking off.
“Hi..” I say, walking back into my room,leaving the door open in case he wanted to come on.
“Hey. What was all that about?” Liam asked, pointing his thumb over his shoulder to the door. I shrugged.
“ He just showed up at my door with Oreos and peanut butter. So i let him in and we snacked while we talked. It was nice.” I said, pulling a black long sleeved sweater out of my closet along with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.
I stripped down from my yoga pants and t-shirt and shimmied into the skinny jeans, hopping a little to pull them up and twerked a few times to loosen them up a little. I ignored Liam’s chuckle, pulling out my black flat heeled knee high boots, tugging them up after tucking the ends of my pants into them. I brushed out my hair and grabbed a jacket along with my wallet.
“I just came in to tell you that we have a doctors appointment next week. You look nice, by the way, where are you going?” Liam asked, watching me apply eyeliner.
“Me and Niall are taking a quick trip to Starbucks. And WE have a doctors appointment?” I replied, looking at him questioning.
“Do you really think that i would let you go to the doctor by yourself?” Liam asked, walking towards me. My head dropped to the ground.
“I know what you are thinking. Yes, i will be here with you through everything that’s going to happen in the next nine months. Even when we both know it’s not mine.” Liam said gently, cupping my chin to make me look up at him.
My emotions when crazy, my eyes tearing up at him. He wiped a stray tear away, kissing my forehead. He pulled me into a hug, playing with the ends of my hair as he spoke.
“You know, he really does care for you. More than i ever could. He would be good for you. Let him in. He may not show it at the moment, but he needs you just has much as you need him. He loves you.” Liam said, not using any names but we both knew who he was talking about. Harry. I nodded my head, pulling away from him when i heard Niall call my name.
We walked out of my room, meeting Niall in the hallway. He walked right up to me, his hand cupping my cheek as he wiped underneath my eye.
“No more crying, okay?” He said, wiping the eye liner he had gotten from my face onto his jeans. I nodded, smiling up at him.
“Do you mind if i come? I want to get something,too.” Liam asked. Me and Niall agreed, waiting on Liam to grab a jacket before filing out of the front door.    
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